• Behemoth Sketch Squad!
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A new sketch, every single day! [url]http://behemothsketchsquad.blogspot.fr/[/url] That's the challenge me, and other guys from the behemoth forums have decided to give a try. Get ready for Mechazeep Mondays, texan Thursdays, Fel friday ... wait did I just skip two days Bah who gives a shit Yours truly is first in line, starting with Scarabix Sundays! In this first week, we will introduce ourselves! Criticism is welcome, and it's actually the #1 reason I posted it here. With that said, I'm awaiting feedback!
Having a hard time reading the text tbh, but the concept is interesting.
[QUOTE=Radley;36592738]Having a hard time reading the text tbh, but the concept is interesting.[/QUOTE] I had a little scanner with the issue, also has to do with my terrible hand writing. Also, mechazeep monday released.
Alright, week one and two are done with! For those who want to dwelve into the archive, here's a guide: [B]Week 1[/B]: introduction. Complete, save for Wednesday [B]Week 2[/B]: cats. Complete, save for Tuesday Upcoming: [B]Week 3[/B]: vidya. Awaiting deadline [B]Week 4[/B]: "how to tell a ____". Awaiting deadline. [B]Week 5[/B]: scares. Awaiting deadline.
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