• CORS (Collection Of Random Shit): My first EP
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[url=http://tirde.bandcamp.com/album/cors-collection-of-random-shit][img]http://www.1337upload.net/files/cors_banner.png[/img][/url] [url=http://tirde.bandcamp.com/album/cors-collection-of-random-shit]CORS (Collection Of Random Shit)[/url] After few months of work and countless amount of scrapped songs, I got done with my first EP. It's mostly Dubstep and Drum and Bass. [b]Tracklist:[/b] 1.Lord Router 2.Lord Router (Simssi Dubstep Remix) 3.Possessed (feat. sami) 4.Sweet Corner 5.Mauri feat. Torsti&Kalevi - Lieksan Metiltä (Tirde Dubstep Remix) 6.Hanging Fortress If you like it, you can pay for it if you want to. Or you can just download it for free by paying 0 dollars. Sadly bandcamp limits the free downloads to 200, but I think I'll upload a .zip when the 200 download limit is exceeded, if ever. Tell me what you think about it!
Lord Router (Simssi dubstep remix) wasn't good at all IMO, it's in many ways it's just the same track with some horrible wubs placed over it.
IMO Possessed sounds really nice, but the guitar is a tad muddy. Otherwise it's a great song. Good job man! :buddy:
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