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Hey guys, So basically the objective is to expand upon your castle, and capture enemy land/war with others, expand your power, Et Cetera. Although you're not restricted to this. You can be peaceful too, or focus on economics. The game is set in the Medieval Era, and mostly V1 is to see how popular the thread will get (If any). The Major units that will play roles in this game (Just to guide players slightly on what units would be typical to use) are: Soldiers (Knights, Militia, Archers Etc.) Diplomats Equestrian soldiers (No, not My Little Pony!) and so forth... The Rules are below: [release][B]1. Save your pictures as .png, and use RELIABLE image hosters. This means hosters that don't convert the quality of your image, or re-size it to where the original picture is unviewable (Thumbnails with links to the original picture are okay) 2. DO NOT start with a huge army. You can start with 4 knights, or 6 Melee militia. After that, every Castle or settlement you capture you may have the additional. You can disband units to trade off for better ones, or disband better units for a bigger number of weaker ones, etc. 3. You may build small villages in the outlying area of your Castle so you can make more units without conquering, but you should take an amount of declares to build it. There is a minimum wait time of 6 turns to fully establish control over a village after it is built (Full control must be held in order to recruit Soldiers.) 4. Diplomats are there for a reason. If your soon-to-be ally is across the map, act like it is so, and take a few turns for the diplomat to get to him in order to engage in diplomacy. 5. USE DECLARE. Declare is a method of turn-taking where you "Get in line" to post your update. If someone has declared their turn before you, you must wait for them to finish. 6. Be REASONABLE. Your faction's soldiers should always have strengths and weaknesses. You can't have fully armored man-fortresses that move at the speed of sound. 7. You may put variation in your faction's soldiers, essentially by tweaking their strengths and weaknesses. I.E. A faction with heavy armored, heavy swinging knights, whom although are very cumbersome and slow. 8. Don't take MASSIVE amounts of actions in a single turn. Spread all your amazing, devious plans across a few turns or so, not just one. 9. Try to make your pixel art decent. No two second shit. Photoshop effects are annoying to remove too. [/B][B] 10. Militia, By standard are tactically and physically inferior to Knights, and drop quite easily. However, they're easy to deploy, and can be trained faster than knights (Two knights should be trained over 3 turns, while Militia can be levied one unit per turn.) 11. Soldiers should be no bigger than 28 pixels tall. 12. Do not exceed 2 stacked declares. Ever. 13. PM me to request an addition to the rules. 14. Have fun! [/B][/release] I'll start. [IMG]http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/3176/feudallordsv1.png[/IMG] The Castle of Duke Kenneth Wilshire II is established. It is named Brimheart. His garrison currently consists of his newly formed Knight Order: The Order of the Castle of Brimheart and Duke Wilshire. Shortly, The Order of Brimheart, or simply the Brimhearts. (The format is Side-scroller)
10/10 Will declare later on.
[IMG]http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/3176/feudallordsv1.png[/IMG] The Brimheart Knights leave the castle, to observe the area. Meanwhile, a village has been commissioned by Duke Wilshire near the west of the Castle.
Declareth on thy Forum Game. [URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/feudallordsv1.png[/IMG][/URL] Just barely Visible, there is a castle, far east of the first castle, it is occupied by Knights, but are too goddamn lazy to get out, so they sent some militia to patrol the castle, a Archer and 2 Swordsmen in each Group.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/feudallordsv11.png[/IMG] A small castle established up in the higher plains of the land. It is the hold of the Great and Extremely Modest Lord Matthias. Having just finished his Hold, he is now making his knights learn about the surrounding lands, like the usual weather, what plants grow, etc.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/feudallordsv12.png[/IMG] Now that the knights have studied the surrounding area for the Great and Extremely Modest Lord Matthias, he starts to build a village for his subjects to live in, now that he knows the local plant types. He focuses his efforts on getting his village and farm running.
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