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[URL=http://s13.invisionfree.com/Epic_Squared/]Our clan[/URL] is getting a new website, and me and my friend have some ideas going. Yes, our logo colors and font are [i]inspired[/i]. [b]Idea 1:[/b] [media]http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/955/header2wfh.jpg[/media] [b]Idea 2:[/b] [media]http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/2047/thewebsite.png[/media] [i]About:[/i] Not finished, still needs alignment and resizing of the starbust background [muuuch larger waves, like 10-12 visible waves, just imagine them scaled up] Rounded corners and other finishing touches like slight shadows would also be implemented. [b]Conclusion[/b] It would be helpful if you could supply some constructive criticism, these are by no means final, and are nothing but mere images of what the layout would look like.
second one is cooler
[QUOTE=Perfumly;16323955]second one is cooler[/QUOTE] .
Definitely the second one.
Layout of the second one but colors etc from the first one.
Second one looks more interesting to the eye.
[QUOTE=latirCole;16324449]Second one looks more interesting to the eye.[/QUOTE] If by interesting you mean painful then yes. [editline]11:53AM[/editline] Why is everything so fucking massive [editline]11:53AM[/editline] Also, coolvetica sucks
they are painful to look at and impractical. think smaller too
[QUOTE=Uber|nooB;16324659]If by interesting you mean painful then yes. [/quote] It's better than the first though
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