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This story was created by me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter looks to a woman and I exclaiming," We need to get out of here...but how?" The woman turns to him, responding "We can try Brooklyn, I heard rumors of safety there." I grunted looking down," No, it's still not safe there. We need to be somewhere open and free. Space." Peter looked at me as if I were insane "How the hell do you expect us to do that?" I looked to him as if I were a famous explorer "I have a plan." Peter looks quizzically at me "And what might that be?" I returned my gaze to the ground, pondering this "Have you heard of the rumors...About Area 51?" Peter's look almost completely shifts, he looks at me in a way an adult would a child making up tales "What about them?" I looked to him "I know this for a fact. They are real. I intend to get inside and find a ship." Peter continues staring "Are you retarded? Even if I did believe you how would we get past the defenses and infected?" I responded as if I just answered the meaning of life "Area 51's defenses were deactivated when the infection started. We sneak into the base after we find some armed people in case we are spotted. Find a habitable world to live on with proper environmental control and start a new colony. A new life." That was a year ago. Most of us died just trying to get out of the city. Eventually the others also deserted or died. I am the only one left of the entire group of 50 people. Now I am stuck in this fuckin city alone. No one ever listens to me. I feel that there is no one left in this shithole, only the infected and me. But I will get out, I will resist from the infected. I will be saved. This is my story of how I got out from my imprisonment. It started 3 months ago a man in some black cloaking bestowed supernatural powers upon me. Powers to move objects without a single touch. With the help of my powers, I was able to fend off the infected. This man watched over me, this man saved me from certain death. It were as if I was his only son. but a month ago he was killed. I think not. This man is my wonder and if he could give me powers then he could certainly come back to life. Now this is where it gets interesting. I started my journey, I left my comfort zone but I didn't expect something to happen. A woman with glowing red eyes started chasing me. I couldn't believe I knew who she was. She wanted to go to Brooklyn...it was the one with me in the beginning. I ran as quick as I could into the alley nearby. I used my powers to block her from me. I tried to get into a door in the alley. As soon as I got in there I found a map out of nowhere. It was of the city's subway. I quickly found a way out of the city. A zombie came near me and I holstered my shotgun and killed it. Next i found a tunnel to the subway. I jumped over some rubble only to find 3 dead bodies lie down on the floor. Poor souls, didn't even have a chance. I went through the tunnels and found a few weapons and ammo. I got out of the subway and into the sewers. I traversed the sewer until five different infected surrounded me. I was just about to die when a few shots were fired. It was a few Jackal Company soldiers on patrol. "What are you doing down here?" the soldier asks. I replied " Escaping from an infected." The Jackal soldier nodded "Right, stay safe." That was close. I almost was killed. As soon as I got out of the city I hotwired a car nearby and drove like a bat out of hell. I went as far as I could until I ran out of gas. Looks like I'm walking. I walked a few miles until I found a camp that was filled with survivors. I spent the night dreaming of my freedom. My new home. I was in heaven in my mind and in hell in the real world. The camp was attacked that night by the infected. I defended the camp with great pride and my powers. Still 5,900 were killed. I continued my journey after narrowly escaping through a back exit. I had just reached Area 51 when I saw the infected close in on me. I ran to a nearby car that already had keys in it. I drove straight to the hanger and found the ship and went in. I started it up and drove to the open sky then I flew into the air and then straight to space I went as far as I but I couldn't find a world. So I returned home only to find a entirely different place. This place was conquered by aliens but it was still Earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am planning to make a second but I need help. My Email is [email]apassant@charter.net[/email]
It's not bad. A few grammatical, mechanical, spelling errors here and there, but that's normal. Also, who's Jackal Company? Identify these people who save the protagonist, and tell us who peter is.
The Jackal Company is a survivor helper of the infection. Also I just lost my error checker so I need a new one.
Why is it that you posted the story twice? Skimming right through it I can see that you repeated the entire story about halfway through the OP.
Woops I had to copy it from my files and I must have copied it 2 times
My inner troll's opinion: "This.. This isn't your story. THIS. IS SP-!" Nah, nevermind. :D I've never played Half Life, I confess, but am I wrong in thinking that is what this is written about? I kinda like it.. Bit short for a short, but it came across as unique, too. What do you need help with?
i came here thinking this was about FFX, but i was wrong :/
I'm sorry but how and why are there people saying 'this is ok' it's full of Gramatical errors, you also have a rather dragging way of introducing speech into the story, "I responded as if I just answered the meaning of life" what? Also I was verry confused as to how this guy can just hop into an alien space craft and just zoom off? You also make no effort at describing the inards or infact even the outer apearence of the craft? This is any wrighters dream, the imagination that could be put into use here! An imagination which you clearly lack. All so read that shit about you loosing your spell check? Even if you have ( which I doubt ) that's no excuse not to proof read? Shape this thing up, re-wright it and re-post.
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