• Video game Arcade and Internet Cafe - Obsolete or still useful?
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Internet Cafes are mainly for LAN if you ask me. So It's really fun to go with some friends (Sometimes they own a desktop so they can't haul it to your house) As for arcades. They should stay. Some of the best times of my childhood was in them.
Really to me you cannot beat the feeling of playing a game in an arcade just all your focus on the cabinet, getting the high score and or beating it while spending as little tokens or quarters as possible. But really that is more of a nostalgia thing. I think they do hold a place in culture and are not obsolete usually depending on where you live, but thats just my opinion. [IMG]http://www.exotica.org.uk/mediawiki/files/3/30/Street_Fighter_III_-_2nd_Impact_(cabinet).png[/IMG]
A portion of my late childhood was spent at a local Internet cafe, and I don't regret it one bit. Gamers played on LAN most of the time, which made gaming much more fun. It had an outstanding community that constantly held tournaments, events, and lock-ins (when you game until dawn, featuring tournaments and prizes). Here's a video of their first lock-in: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLA0j9rtlQo[/media] Unfortunately, they're closed now...
Well going by how new Tekken games are usually released on arcade machines before they're released for consoles I would say arcade most probably isn't obsolete.
I had an awesome Gaming internet-cafe where I live called Launchpad, it used to be a great little place with alot of games, all you had to do was fill out some info like name and such for registration and boom, your in. It was funded by the council, bit weird to me though how a town council funds a LAN cafe... But down the road the owner whom I've known for years had to move the cafe because the building was old and leaked water from the ducted cooling shorting out 4 of the 16 Asus gaming rigs. So they moved and now the council turned the whole place into a tween socialite mosh-pit full of Facebook, screaming kids and One Direction beaming out of the radio. I check in on the owner here and there just to talk about gaming and reminisce about the days back then, pretty much all they have now is Warcraft 3 and Xbox whom I unsurprisingly own everyone in the place at. But I think good internet cafe's are great and wont go out of style anytime soon, it's a good place to meet and greet other people who share interests.
I'd say its obsolete. Especially internet cafe's, who doesn't have internet at home nowadays? A shitload of people even have 3G and there's wifi everywhere (Trains, shitloads of restaurants, schools) so yeah. Arcades, meh. I'd say obsolete. It costs shitloads to play a game. Imo, I wouldn't pay for it. Unless it gets cheaper or something, haha. But even then, I'd only go for arcade machines. If I wanted to play CS, for example, i'd rather go home and play it there on my own PC with my own setup and mouse/keyboard. Not to mention the horrible protection on those computers. Keyloggers errywharrr :V Edit: though I must say, arcades in Japan do look really sweet :D
Video Game Arcades are still awesome imo
I would kill to have access to a [I]good[/I] arcade. Screw tickets and screw overpriced useless prizes. I wanna shell out shittons of quarters and have a grand old time playing Galaga while surrounded by friends going "YEAH ZAP EM BUHBLAM ALRIGHT!" Mechanically? They're absolutely obsolete. you can condense entire arcade buildings into a single console nowadays and its loads cheaper to do so. But they're still fun as hell.
oh god i miss lan partys
It's all a matter of undertaking and execution. (It's in Japan, however.) My local LAN Gaming Center shut down awhile ago, I do miss it.
[QUOTE=Penguin-Man;35621074][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScOfA_y_Hmc[/media] It's all a matter of undertaking and execution. My local LAN Gaming Center shut down awhile ago, I do miss it.[/QUOTE] That is pure genius. Cheap accomodation with an internet connection and lots of stuff to keep nerds occupied. Honestly if they had those over here in the UK I would use the shit out of them during breaks, especially if the prices were agreeable.
Internet Cafes are good if you are on a trip to check out mail, facebook and in my case, Facepunch. Arcades are maybe more forgotten. I like the retro feeling you get from playing one, even though there are few here in Norway.
they're opening a Game Lounge in the national media museum in bradford, i live 1 train ride away so it should be fun to visit and spend some more money
Internet cafes and Arcades are a more social form of gaming. You go up town, grab (item), then piss around in an arcade with any spare money. and maybe buy a few drinks. So no, not obsolete.
idk about anyone else. but I fucking love arcades, and I suck at most of the games, now thats saying something, cause I usually hate everything I suck at.
[QUOTE=falloutguy;35762159]idk about anyone else. but I fucking love arcades, and I suck at most of the games, now thats saying something, cause I usually hate everything I suck at.[/QUOTE] I remember one time I used $20 of quarters on Turtles in Time. I had so many lives I had about 50 (I think) left over after I beat the game. The arcade here is still open and I'm glad for it.
putt-putt sometimes does this cool thing where all arcade machines are set to infinite free play and you just pay a one time fee to enter the building
Woops, accidentally voted yes instead of no. Anyway, it depends on what you mean by internet cafe. I love one PC gaming place where I sometimes hang out with friends sometimes and play things like LoL or Company of Heroes together. Having your friends there in the same room makes things much more fun and it ensures that everyone has all the same games and can play. As for arcades, personally I don't really like them but there are a few around my city and they still get shitloads of customers so they're obviously not done yet. [editline]1st May 2012[/editline] this is Melbourne, Australia, btw
In Florida, "internet cafe" is actually a code word for sleazy gambling places. So in that case, I say trash 'em because all they're good for is sucking away what little money people like seniors still have. They're scum. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("This is not debating - Read the rules sticky." - Megafan))[/highlight]
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