• Could Use A Little Help..
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how did i do [img]http://i.imgur.com/BiVEW.jpg[/img]
I think with the outcome you're expecting you'll be disappointed unless you can talk that one friend with the professional-looking camera into taking a closeup pic of you.
[img]http://i.imgur.com/vmZox.jpg[/img] Was the best I could do with what was provided, I just could not get the right colour...
shit, dude.. if you can't grow it , go to a decent costume/theatrical shop and buy one; then retake the pic and shade it with photoshop or similar... only way it'll look right without serious dedicationfrom a photopro,
Not at all possible to get a good result with such a tiny low quality picture of you. Grab a camera and get a good close up. Then someone might be able to make something good for you.
There's three new pictures that'll work better, hopefully :)
The quality it still too bad, don't take these with your webcam. I honestly think the current ones you've been given are the best results you can hope for.
That's hilarious.
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