• Death Grips (It Goes It Goes It Goes It Goes....GUILLLOTIIIIINE.....Yahhh) :}#'[&¬'/~
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My insides....sweet jesus...
I think Culture Shock may be my favorite song.
mmmmm Black Google.
[img]https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/483865_357108707667648_170869886291532_1073280_1117166284_n.jpg[/img] Money store cover, straight off their facebook. TRACK LISTING 01 Get Got 02 The Fever (Aye Aye) 03 Lost Boys 04 Blackjack 05 Hustle Bones 06 I've Seen Footage 07 Double Helix 08 System Blower 09 The Cage 10 Punk Weight 11 Fuck That 12 Bitch Please 13 Hacker
[quote]On the cover you have an androgynous masochist on the leash of a feminist sadist who's smoking. The sadist has carved Death Grips into her bitch's chest. There is an overly confident quality to the woman smoking and a calmness to the androgynous masochist.[/quote] [quote]We consider ourselves feminists, we fiercely support homosexuality, transparent world leadership, and the idea of embracing yourself as an individual in any shape or form. Acceleration is a mantra, we're not a political band, we are freaks and outsiders. It was important to project that message and energy through the artwork of this album. This is free thinking and eternally open-ended music… [The cover] is like an ambassador to the sound.[/quote] "The band's second 2012 album, NO LOVE, will be out this fall. They say they'll be touring and playing often, with a focus on "visual and conceptual expansion within our live sets" and "experimenting with a lot of new things in video, sound, and general creative concepts." Awesome.
[QUOTE=AK'z;35204733]cool.[/QUOTE] Why'd you have to be so wrong.
[quote] an androgynous masochist on the leash of a feminist sadist who's smoking[/quote] How do they know she's a feminist and how is someone with tits like that androgynous?
I hope they tour.
Touring is good.
[QUOTE=T.F.W.O.;35206631]I hope they tour.[/QUOTE] yep. [url]http://www.last.fm/music/Death+Grips/+events[/url] If they ever come anywhere near me, I'm straight there
ok, which one of these is real? I'm guessing the actual art is the Rick Ross cover.
One could be the back, one could be the front. One does have the tracklist afterall
The one I posted is the back. Go look at Third Worlds
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W43aQxzjyeM&feature=youtu.be[/media] THE FEVER (AYE AYE) howd you know cuz i was there yeah that shit go came prepared set it slow rolled anticipation grow slow deviated septum blow hole sugar cane ko ko aye, aye, pass the dro my way or no way twenty fo no 25-8 thought you knew suicide lane fuck you grab my crotch, whats my name been round the block hangin scumbag slangin pay dirt cave in takin no prisoners no escapin wash brain hook nothin im sayin aye, aye, know what im sayin i got the diamonds, scrapin, sidin, wastin my life in altered states dem back it up, i got the fever sprayin execution witch fingernails clawin through dem crawlin through dem tunnels loosin touch with everything im doin aaarrrggghh... mass confusion cant make more electrocution half cocked full tilt rabid dog filth aarrrggghhh know what im sayin fuck it upside down in a soft top bucket screamin shred it i got the diamonds, scrapin, sidin, wastin my life in altered states dem back it up, i got the fever let me off, screeching halt concussion blinding not my fault ankles tied to cinder blocks aye, aye by any means necesserated blade cut me sewer drain grated bubonic plague spreaded faceless lurking in the deadest spaces on your knees, black goat anus christo anti clan of shameless came ta whip those into shapeless here we go, devastated here we go... diamonds scrapin the marrow, out my core whos in the mirror whos at the door someones there wasnt there before ceiling connected to the chord pull it, pull that shit i got the diamonds, scrapin, sidin, wastin my life in altered states dem back it up, i got the fever
holy fuckin-[i]hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng[/i] So I found out that the MC's name is Stefan Burnett and he's a pretty talented painter. [url=http://bowsandarrowsvintage.blogspot.com/2010/07/at-den.html] Have to scroll down a bit to see his stuff.[/url] [url=http://34hummingbird.blogspot.com/2010/07/2nd-saturday-stefan-burnett.html]some more info.[/url] [url=http://34hummingbird.blogspot.com/2009/06/if-you-do-me-ill-do-you.html]even more info![/url]
He looks like a cool guy actually, just from the videos and stuff I sometimes wondered if his music was an actual reflection of his personality, which some of it might be but you know what I mean. Nice paintings also. Can't wait for the new album, I really like it when bands are provocative and original. If they ever become popular, I really hope they keep their personal lives and such very secretive, that adds a whole level of mysteriousness.
Get got is still my favourite.
Hope to god they tour the UK.
[QUOTE=The Castro;35403268][url]http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF6E0B1E5DD23EF11&feature=view_all[/url][/QUOTE] [url]http://thirdworlds.net/retrograde/[/url]
[QUOTE=The Castro;35406332][url]http://thirdworlds.net/retrograde/[/url][/QUOTE] Jesus christ how horrifying
[QUOTE=The Castro;35406332][url]http://thirdworlds.net/retrograde/[/url][/QUOTE] ha play all.
[url]http://thirdworlds.net/shows.php[/url] FUCK YES [editline]4th April 2012[/editline] Pick a date facepunch we're going.
No dates in the pacific north west :(
They're apparently playing Field Day in London, which I may be going to. Sweeet
3 shows during my final exams, great!
In other news I pre-ordered The Money Store today! Can't wait!
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