• I've Managed to Psychologically Scar an Ant
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you may actually have more free time on your hands than me that isn't normal
[QUOTE=s0beit;44790629]you may actually have more free time on your hands than me that isn't normal[/QUOTE] Putting a plastic cap on an ant that visits daily doesn't take that much time.
[QUOTE=dai;44730418]it's a fungus, called cordyceps. a fake human-adapted mutation of it is what the zombies in "last of us" were caused by, though it's speculated the real fungus is terrifyingly close to being mammal compatible and it's not too far-fetched[/QUOTE] But what would it even accomplish if it affected humans, everyone hangs out their house windows or climbs onto their roof before turning into an exploding corpse?
That's okay. I've managed to psychologically scar an aunt.
[QUOTE=FullStreak12;44725285]Can you provide a link?[/QUOTE] [URL]http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=932513[/URL] It was a tic. I trained it to love all peoples regardless of class and sent it into the world to sew the seeds of rebellion. keep in mind this was when I was an edgy 14(?) year old and thought I had unique political beliefs.
[QUOTE=Justin Case;44719304]I wonder what happened to Garrys giant ant farm he was building[/QUOTE] Isn't that how Facepunch got started?
You need a control group. Try this with other ants and see how they react.
[QUOTE=ZombieWaffle;44720385]It was too buggy, so he gave up on it.[/QUOTE] So it's like rust?
[QUOTE=Spherexd;44716074]On one occasion, I accidentally crushed its back left leg. Ever since then, whenever it started climbing up my desk, that leg would twitch as if it couldn't grip the surface. That was one way I could confirm it was the same one. I also accidentally crushed its top right antenna. Today, an ant started crawling up my desk. And guess what? Its leg was twitching, and it was rubbing its injured antenna. This fucking ant. [/QUOTE] Poor ant.
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