• Do you think America is doomed, or that it hit a bump in it's progression as a nation?
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Far from it. We have gone through civil war with +400,000 lives lost and we are still here. The economy does what it wants, and we have been through rougher patches. Corruption, however, is a problem in all nations. While we are still around, and will be for awhile, there are things that if left to fester can become severe issues.
As always, america will be filled with conflict due to the freedoms brought on from it, and these conflicts can cause stagnation. But you cannot stagnate forever, and america has shown time and time again it can change to match the circumstances it has imposed upon itself. But this does not mean, in the grander scheme of things, that america will never fall. All countries fall, due to a variety of reasons. The problem with america, like the above poster stated, is corruption. All the time everyone is worried that something is wrong with something in america, and this is what keeps it on its toes.
[QUOTE=Rocko's;34101088]America has been through this before, tons of times. The Great Depression is a fine example, did America collapse? Nope, it got out of debt and got over the depression. Were basically in The Great Depression: Episode 2: Depression Strikes Back[/QUOTE] Lets just hope America takes notes from Valve on when to release the third episode of depression.
Politics in America is so backwards. It seems that perhaps Karl Marx is right, and we'll experience a downfall before we make any progress.
[QUOTE=wizard`;34072464] Oh and ask ANY Russian in 1986 (5 years before the fall of the Soviet Union) if they expect the total collapse of the USSR in 5 years time, 99/100 will say no.[/QUOTE] Ok that's not really fair, considering how restricted information was and how authoritarian the government was. People still didn't believe it was happening, and I don't mean they were surprised, I mean they denied the reality AS it was collapsing so yeah. [editline]12th January 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Scoooby;34109889]Politics in America is so backwards. It seems that perhaps Karl Marx is right, and we'll experience a downfall before we make any progress.[/QUOTE] The Moral Majority and neocon shit came out of the 80's, eventually people will get sick of it and it'll get better. All of the old people will die off, basically.
ron paul is the best presidential candidate but that's like being a better hitler
We won't fall. We'll get crippled, and limp everywhere for the time being, but we won't fall. I doubt the greedy corporations and banks will let this country fall so low that it gets bought out by a future power. [url]http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123051100709638419.html[/url] Of course this is from 2008.
Not doomed. Simply just needing a good wake-up call. [editline]13th January 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=a203xi;34039964]Republicans dont like change though, so we're fucked.[/QUOTE] Democrats won't fucking quit bitching about Republicans long enough to even change anything worthwhile and instead just sit there and circle jerk. This two party system blows hardcore. Seriously fuck both of you shitty parties.
America is the Iran of the western world
[QUOTE=swift and shift;34206349]America is the Iran of the western world[/QUOTE] Not really.
no its not
I like going through these kind of threads and looking at all the posts by the people who live outside the U.S. It's funny that some of them bash the United States for no good reason. As for the OP, America isn't "falling". It just has a fractured leg and it needs a crutch. I'm not going to lie, we do have some problems with the economy and such. But the United States isn't "at the point of no return" or whatever.
America have been through worse times? Yeah sure.. But it does not make any sense at all to make a future prediction just because of it. In my opinon it sounds like something that would further divert ones focus away from the real problem. Where did you folks hear this in the first place?
After reading fox news comments for 2 hours, I feel like the country is on the verge of collapse. You will not believe how dumb (and in extreme cases, fascist, authoritarian, and genocidal) those people can be. Despite this, I do believe things will get better eventually.
new revolution. rise up folk!
i have no idea how non-citizens can sit there and say our country is going down the shitter. until all the political garbage starts effecting every american's personal life, how are you able to make an assumption? this isn't the first time we've had a shit president/congress, or a "recessed" economy.
I don't see the U.S. going anywhere in my lifetime, we may trip a few times, but we'll always be able to prop ourselves up with blind patriotism, oil, and explosives. Besides, if we begin to slip away, you can bet that we'll take everyone else with us. :v:
Even with Obama this stupidity still occurs, the only thing left to do is leave the US. Clearly there is an overwhelming amount of problems with the US at the moment. All you can do is leave if you have the ability, save up and move out. If Australia was this fucked I would move out.
We face several problems. Unemployment, National Debt, Health care, and elections. The unemployment problem is starting to recede. It seemed to flatline in 2011 stuck at 9% but from October to New Year's the number dropped from 9 to 8,5%, so hopefully we'll be able to keep up this trend. We need to dig the medical insurance industry's claws out of the country altogether. 70 years ago a doctor could come to your house and your family just had to pay whatever they could, rather than being piled on with inflated bills so you can waste hours trying to get the insurance company to actually be useful and pay for the damn thing. Most doctors have an extra nurse that isn't used for anything but dealing with the insurance companies. The insurance companies themselves are these large businesses filled with mostly people who have never operated on anyone before. Their one goal isn't to make sure you're nice and healthy, it's to maximize THEIR profit. That's why we pay thousands more than anyone in Europe for the same treatment. The National Debt is literally a growing problem. My opinion is simple. Raise taxes and cut spending, what we raise taxes and cut spending on is completely up to debate. For my view on elections, watch videos made by YouTube user CGPGrey.
From what I've learned in my American and European history courses, America goes through recession and economically great times in cycles. This has been going on literally as long as the country has existed. People always freak out, it can last a decade or even two, but it always comes out of it. The same is true of Europe. The explosion of the Internet and sensationalism in the news has, in my opinion, brought all this panic and overspeculation we all are freaking out about.
Only by recognizing our faults can we begin progressing as a nation. Unfortunately for Americans, they aren't that bright and not too fond of admitting they're wrong. I would like for America to get its act together, but right now it's not looking good at all.
All empires fall, America might very well be in it's twilight on the way down but it's not necessarily a bad thing. We need to get our act together, get rid of the corporate control of our senate, maybe add some more socialistic things with better Medicare and unemployment benefits, rethink our military and invest in education. America can very well stay influential and powerful, but we need to scale it back, we aren't the world's police, and we can't afford to go out and try to "fix" other governments when our own is so flawed and our infrastructure is close to falling apart we need to renovate the home front.
I don't think anyone's doomed.. And America's doing great, you got a lot of people and a lot of you hopefully are working or are trying to produce shit, making the heart of your country beat! Or you could say you have your market. What is stupid.. really stupid about Americans is as it seems to me is some conservative old farts who thought they'd reinstate public hanging, which is basically as crazy as crucifying; Both are agonizing, both are set hanging, both are organized. So no.. That's almost like funny. He literally is an American in 2012, sitting comfy in his home presenting ideas and methods of the people back in about a hundred years. It's "scientifically" pointed out that history indeed WAS violent. For example, a simple hunter-gatherer was 40 times as likely to be killed as today's human
Compared to the Great Depression, things aren't really that bad.
America in the classical sense is doomed. Or, rather, it's dying off. We've begun to move away from the ideology of a republic, becoming more of a capitalist society with an elite oligarch ruling over us. A lot of our current political system is bullshit. Buying your congressmen is far too easy, regulatory capture rules the bureaucracy, and any chance of political movement is retarded by the friction of both parties' pedantry bullshit. America today, though, isn't doomed. We're continuing forward as partial captains of industry, we've managed to slightly pull ourselves out of a recession. Our economy is slowly regenerating. However, it's a much different atmosphere.
Nah, well just get in some war, make big bucks.
We survived a civil war and a great depression worse than the Great Recession that we're starting to crawl out of. For the most part, all of the things that we're dealing with now, we've dealt with before. The only added element is the general selfishness that's been added to our culture. And yes, we have dealt with corporations having too much control. Teddy Roosevelt fought it, FDR fought it, Jimmy Carter fought and Bill Clinton fought it, along with many other names. If you think it's become worse, it may have slightly, but consider this: marijuana is illegal because William Randolph Hearst didn't want to compete with the hemp industry. [editline]4th February 2012[/editline] The only thing that doesn't show a lot of hope is the lack of what Barrack Obama has been able to accomplish. That's the biggest red flag, but right here in the states, the economy is becoming slightly better and Barrack Obama just quoted the Bible appropriately, taking something that conservatives have been using as ammo for a while. If other democrats do the same thing (which should be easy because Jesus was extremely liberal), we can take the selling point of conservatives away.
I don't think it's doomed, per se. However, i see them as USSR 2.0, a super power about to collapse. Right now, the US has 700 military bases in more than 150 countries and that alone is costing them 1 trillion dollars a year. Needless to say, i don't think US's current policy is sustainable. By cutting those military bases alone, they can pay off their debt in 15 years.
Could be worse, the USA could be a small island off the coast of mainland Europe, the name escapes me though...
Atleast our unemployment rate is dropping. Have some good news my fellow Americans god knows people only like to exploit the bad news. [url]http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-03/payrolls-in-u-s-jumped-243-000-in-january-unemployment-rate-drops-to-8-3-.html[/url]
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