• If You Could Completely Forget a Movie, Then Rewatch it, What Would it be?
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Suppose there was a device that allowed you to completely forget the plot of a move and everything that had to do with the movie. Then say you were allowed to rewatch the movie you chose to forget. What would it be? Post what movie you'd pick and why. My choice is Animal House. It was so goddamn funny the first time, but after the first time it's not as funny.
the usual suspects
The Hangover Forrest Gump
Lucky Number Slevin just for that twist ending.
American History X, Fight Club or Terminator 2.
Zombieland. I read about the plot by mistake and had it ruined before seeing it.
This is a pretty good idea for a movie thread. Saving Private Ryan- I'd love to be able to watch that beach landing for the first time again. The Matrix- Whoa! Double Indemnity- My favorite film noir. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer- I'd like to see that again, not knowing what I was in for.
Fight Club Or eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, just because that movies about forgetting stuff
if i could erase my memory of all movies ever, id watch The Greatest Show on Earth so i could get the "wow" of the train wreck like those audiences way back when did.
[QUOTE=Membrain;20566010]brazil[/QUOTE] Good times, that's like one of my favorite films! Too bad my respect for Jonathan Pryce went out the window after [I]Tomorrow Never Dies[/I] man I hated that movie!
Apollo 13. Those last few minutes are STILL one of the best suspense moments in cinema. Also Serenity. I fucked up and saw it after only watching half the series, I wish I could have watched the whole series and then seen it for the first time.
District 9
Aliens, so I could relive the insane nightmares I used to get from those things witch I now worship.
Definitely Fight Club
Fight Club
Fight club
scince someone spoiled a part to jurassic park for me. Then the movie for me would be jurassic park
Fight Club, The Sixth Sense or Lucky Nr. Slevin
Pulp Fiction, just to go back to that one scene with Butch and Marcellus. [i]"WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO MARCELLUS?!"[/i]
The Matrix Trilogy. and [QUOTE=Deri102;20568934]Pulp Fiction[/QUOTE]
The Hangover definitely.
Alice in wonderland... Except without the rewatch part. no seriously, Avatar as much as story was... weird the CGI was amazing and I liked it the first time I saw it and would like to do feel that again :-)
Pulp Fiction
The Fifth Element
Hmmm, probably the Lord of The Rings series.
ERm...I'm tempted to say Predator, I don't watch a lot of films, but I remember wondering what that thing was that was watching Arnold in blue vision, as I called it then. Now that I know it's a predator, the suspense is sort of spoilt.
The Iron Giant. [b]<---[/b]
Lord of the ring trilogy, Coraline, Jurassic Park, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare before Christmas, Finding Nemo
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