• If You Could Completely Forget a Movie, Then Rewatch it, What Would it be?
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ZombieLand and Jurassic Park.
Fight Club. That movie blows my mind every time.
Avatar, So I can Facepalm over the people who are insane for pandora again :D
euro trip was hilarious the first time.
Wanted. The plot-twist at the end was awesome, just like the feeling you get when it happens.
[QUOTE=Munchiselleh;20565956]the usual suspects[/QUOTE] oh god this it's fantastic. Or The Green Mile so I can cry again :saddowns:
Hulk 2
Fight Club or Donnie Darko
Millennium Actress.
Forrest Gump, Fight Club, or Saving Private Ryan. Or Toy Story.
foolproof, it's not very well known but I liked it
City of God
shaun of the dead
Monty Python and the holy grail. Just so I could piss my pants from laughing all over again.
I know. Star Wars.
Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Some James Bond movies.
It doesn't really matter for me My mind goes completely blank while watching a movie, apart from the enjoyment So basically its pretty much the same as if i watched it ten times or just once
Fight Club or The Departed.
The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump or Courage under Fire.
aliens. was creepy at first but the second time not so much.
Fight club, saving private ryan and The fifth element.
Fight Club, Pulp Fiction and Donnie Darko. [editline]05:37PM[/editline] and Die Welle.
The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby.
As loads of other people said, Fight Club, mainly as someone spoiled the plot twist for me so the film probably wasn't as good for me as it was for everybody else.
The Godfather series or if it was a TV show prison break
kill bill volumes 1&2
Memento. Such an interesting film.
Planet Of The Apes. the Heston one. just so I could be genuinely surprised at the end when it reveals that [sp]it was earth all along.[/sp]
For twists, The Sixth Sense/Usual Suspects/Sleepaway Camp/Arlington Road are all better than Fight Club. For me, Fight Club's real strength is visual style, I think it's probably David Fincher's best movie for that reason. edit: Yeah Planet of the Apes, now THERE'S a twist!
pulp fiction.
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