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I just don't find this funny at all. My mum loves it though. I walked in one time and she was actually ROFL'ing.
haha this show is so over the top i love it. and annie's tits looked nice tonight
Annie is hot. Also the octuple cross had me laughing so hard
It was similar to the that episode of Arrested Development in which everyone was trying to teach everyone else a lesson. Maybe that's why its so funny.
It reminds me of Scrubs. It's wacky and random and has some great characters. Seriously, I'd love to see a movie with Ahbed and Troy on some quest or road trip.
[QUOTE=cephalopoid;26157150]It reminds me of Scrubs. It's wacky and random and has some great characters. Seriously, I'd love to see a movie with Ahbed and Troy on some quest or road trip.[/QUOTE] To find the best damn blanket fortresses ever.
what did we learn? prop guns stay backstage
Seen a few episodes and it's hilarious.
Last episode was fucking awesome, I now want to make a blanket fortress because of it.
The stop-motion animated special was pretty cool as well, and I loved the ending (especially the credit-skit).
Oh man, that stop-motion episode was great. So many Christmas movies cliches made into 20 minutes of hilarity. Best Abed episode since the Mafia one.
So season 2 continued a few days ago. 12th episode was "only" okay, but it tied almost all of the loose threads from the start of the season.
This show is too underrated and not enough people I know watch this
i love this show. i didnt get most of the references tonight but i love how this show isnt afraid to take risks.
Loved the latest episode. Absolutely Brilliant!
I started watching this a week ago and have finished it. Its so funny its unreal, showed my friend it too and hes addicted to it. More people need to watch this so it doesn't get cancelled as its probably one of the only genuinely funny comedies on at the moment.
This episode is awesome.
Oh dear god watching Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Wonderful episode, definitely better than average.
New ones out!?
[QUOTE=Over-Run;27859733]New ones out!?[/QUOTE] On Hulu at least, yes.
Anyone else in love with alison brie? [img]http://images.hitfix.com/photos/472217/community-alison-brie-interview_article_story_main.jpg[/img]
Look away, Zooey. I am. I'll fight you over her.
[QUOTE=Colliseemoe;27860971]Anyone else in love with alison brie? [img_thumb]http://images.hitfix.com/photos/472217/community-alison-brie-interview_article_story_main.jpg[/img_thumb][/QUOTE] I am. She has to be one of the cutest characters I've ever seen. Also, from last night's episode, I really dislike Pierce. Next weeks episode should be interesting. Apparently Britta befriends a girl who thinks she's a lesbian or something. [editline]4th February 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=TH89;25455251]This show rules Donald Glover is the man[/QUOTE] Please tell me you've seen Mystery Team. He was in that, along with the other guys from Derrick Comedy. They actually made a couple cameo appearances in Community.
ohmahgawd new episodes, thank god.
The paintball episode of Community was the best episode of comedy TV I have ever watched. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo7TcBi9ChA[/media]
annie looked p sexy in the new paintball episode. alison brie <3 also the whole episode was awesome, can't wait for part 2.
I was so happy last night, I was wondering why my Community episodes were in a messed up order and I realized I had missed 1 episode of it. I got it straight away and it was the one where they are going through their memory's. Can't explain how much I laughed one of my favorite episodes. Can't wait to chill tonight and watch this new paint ball one, seeing as the old paint ball one was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
Good lord, Annie's boobs were amazing this episode, even more than normal
Loved all the Spaghetti Western references.
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