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Hey! so the other day i made some crepes suzette and it turned out really good and i just found this board on here and i want to share how to make it with you guys, it makes for a really good desert! im writing this from memory so i hope i remember everything Fun Fact: Its a classical French Dish [b]Ingredients[/b] [b]Crepes[/b] 1 Cup All Purpose FLour 3 Eggs 1/2 Cup Milk 1/2 Water Pinch of salt 2 Tablespoons Melted butter [b]Sauce[/b] (i dont go by ammounts on here, just eyeball it) Sugar Butter Heavy Cream Cognac Orange Juice Orange Zest [b]Okay so to make the crepes[/b] 1. Combine all the ingredients in the bowl and whisk until they come together, then let rest for a few minutes.it should be similar to a pancake batter (if its too thick add some water, if its too thin add flour) 2. Season your pan by bringing oil to its smoke point in the pan and letting it smoke for a few second, then dump out oil and set pan back on medium low to medium heat 3. Ladle, or pour the mixture into the pan, then swirl the pan around to cover the bottom as quickly as possible 4. Dump the batter sitting on top of the stuff thats already cooked back into the bowl (this will give you a thinner crepe) 5. Take a spatula, or knife and lift the sides of the crepe until you can grab it with your fingertips 6. Quickly peel the crepe off the bottom of the pan and flip it, or you can try flipping it if its not kinda stuck to the bottom of the pan by lifting the pan, because the crepe is really hot to touch with your hand if youre not fast enough 7. let other side cook for a few seconds then put into plate Repeat until you're out of batter [b]Time to be the sauce boss[/b] 1. Melt sugar in a pan, on medium heat and let start to get dark, but not too dark, or it will taste bitter 2. Add a pat of butter and whisk or stir and let melt 3. Add heavy cream, there will be a lot of bubbling but thats okay let it do its thing 4.Add cognac and flambe (pour into pan and tip onto fire, or light with a lighter or something) 5. Add orange juice and orange zest [b]To Finish[/b] 1. Put crepes directly into sauce after making it and cover with sauce by draggin it through the sauce and flipping (with tongs) 2. Fold crepe into quarters, then plate 3. Pour remaining sauce on top of crepes 4. Get all the ladys by making them this The end i never took pictures of it because i wasnt planning on making this post but this picture is pretty close to what i made [img]http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/.a/6a00d8341ef22f53ef01116888e950970c-500wi[/img]
Thanks for the recipe, looks delicious.
A friend of mine today was telling me I need to try out crepes, thanks for posting the recipe!
looks delicious! thank you for this
They look delicious! I'll have to give this a go.
yea crepes are so good and versatile, like the 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup water can be any liquid as long as its a cup total, so you could put like an energy drink in it if you wanted to and have energy crepes haha there is a place in Philadelphia right next to me called Creperie Beau Monde that makes only crepes and i really want to go there its supposed to be fantastic
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