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[QUOTE=mikeyt493;36079832]Lol im scared for starting driving i feel i would be bad and maybe kkll someone[/QUOTE] That's how I felt the first time I drove. I was so scared to even leave the driveway, but after forcing myself behind the wheel a few times, I got the hang of things and I'd say I'm a half-decent driver. Unfortunately, I can't get my license because I have a tendency to panic as soon as the instructor enters the car, so all my driving knowledge gets thrown right out of the window. Never even made it out of the licensing center after three attempts. :v:
[QUOTE=Fingers!!!;36077592]Everything reminds me of my ex. Smells, tastes, my recently shaved beard. [B]Everything[/B]. Damn shame it is. This is happening even though my to-be-bf is coming back to my city in 2 months. I can't just forget him.[/QUOTE] The relationship may have ended, but the feelings did not. I know that feel, man.
i'll probably be starting my driving lessons this weekend im excited c:
Got my provisional ages ago, but I'm absolutely terrified of the whole concept. It's just the mental thought of me, clumsy enough on my own two feet, trying to control a few hundred kilos of steel going at a reasonable speed. I should really stop being a pussy and book some lessons, but too scared to consider it.
i'll be excited to get my license soon!!
I'm gay. --me
[QUOTE=Shotacon;36080286]I'm gay. --me[/QUOTE] Oh my God how dare you? That's disgusting, there are kids here! [editline]24th May 2012[/editline] Oh wait, nvm, they're gay too
someone pls cure me of my sinus infection
[QUOTE=Roll_Program;36079881]I thought you were just visiting him?[/QUOTE] I'll be moving in for about 2 months and looking for a job, If I can't get a job then I'll have to return home unfortunately.
[QUOTE=Neat!;36080362]someone pls cure me of my sinus infection[/QUOTE] Get otravin on that shit nigga. Oh fuck help me I'm turning into protection.
seeing mine on the 30th (of July) :3
[QUOTE=redback3;36080839]seeing mine on the 30th (of July) :3[/QUOTE] I thought you said the 30th of June.
[QUOTE=MasterFen007;36081169]I thought you said the 30th of June.[/QUOTE] fuck it was june, sorry <3
[QUOTE=redback3;36081178]fuck it was june, sorry <3[/QUOTE] And you keep saying I'm forgetful!
[QUOTE=MasterFen007;36081191]And you keep saying I'm forgetful![/QUOTE] please dear, don't argue around the kids
[QUOTE=redback3;36081208]please dear, don't argue around the kids[/QUOTE] What's with the arguing? Mommy i'm scared :tinfoil:
[QUOTE=redback3;36081208]please dear, don't argue around the kids[/QUOTE] I'm a grown ass man, I can do what I want!
found an awesome board game website [url]http://www.boardgame-online.com/[/url] weirdest game i've ever played, but so damn addicting
masterfen heard my screams (and moans :3) on voice chat but the screams part, guh...
[QUOTE=Nintendo-Guy;36082750]what[/QUOTE] Open world games are fucking scary and teasing
Im still confused.
[QUOTE=Livewire2440;36082798]Im still confused.[/QUOTE] fucking I was teasing myself and making those moaning noises and stuff coming out of no where and scaring the shit out of me in Skyrim made me scream
Only thing i can think of while reading this whole partners discussion. [video=youtube;ENnAa7rqtBM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENnAa7rqtBM[/video]
[QUOTE=mikeyt493;36079832]Lol im scared for starting driving i feel i would be bad and maybe kkll someone[/QUOTE] you wouldn't even believe how many nightmares i had about me totaling the car or smashing into pedestrians before i started driving. anyways i've had my license for like a month and a half now and everything's pretty dandy, so it's not so bad once you've done it for a bit.
On the topic of driving lessons, I can go get my motorcycle permit now without having to hold it for 6 months before getting a license. :D
I'm taking Driver's Ed this summer in school. It's only 3 weeks, I get 0.25 CTE creds and my license on my birthday. Mainly taking it for the creds so I can accomplish my dream of just taking art classes instead of woodshop.
My sister and brother weren't allowed to drive till 18. Doesn't seem like my parents are gonna change that tradition anytime soon. Also hi I like dicks.
I'm on my provisional and I absolutely love driving. It's just so much fun.
I don't drive much because gas is expensive and I can bike to work
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