• Yutani - Always EP
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[IMG]http://f0.bcbits.com/z/34/57/3457462764-1.jpg[/IMG] Hi guys, this is my new EP, which I finished and released last night. The EP is lo-fi throughout, full of foley and organic sounds. I hope atleast one person here enjoys it. Listen to the full thing and tell me what you think, it'll be greatly appreciated. [URL]http://oldeboy.bandcamp.com/album/always[/URL] [URL]http://soundcloud.com/connor-reid[/URL] Cheers, Connor.
I like it, really well produced. Definately going on my playlist
boards of canada vibes fucking awesome dude
Cheers guys.
Downloading now, I'll be listening later. But man, that cover art is fucking awesome.
sounds buff, I like this type of music its got a lot of creativity. [editline]11th May 2012[/editline] If I had to give some crit though it seems you're very heavily influenced by boc, so in the long run I'd advise you to get more of your own style. It is very awesome though.
Woooooooow O_O
oh hey sorry for not posting something earlier, I really like the sound you got going ; really nice, I've shared it with some people who hopefully can help make you bigger :smile:
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