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Anybody else notice accentuate was perm'd for being an alt of MaverickIB?
[quote] Then it clicks even more. My brother had passed away just a few months prior to this. I'm not a very religious person, but the only explanation that made any sense would be that he was there stopping me. My brother, despite probably being extremely grossed out, put his hand between my penis and herpes girl's vagina. He saved my life.[/quote] yes it is completely [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw4lnoX2hQc]logical[/url] that your dead brother was watching you about to have sex, came down from heaven, and put his hand on your dick you know maybe your dead brother just has a thing for you
you were drunk as fuck guy who's dick couldn't find the vagina it's possible to be so drunk that you can't get your dick in her like you're not able to get the key in the lock to get into your house when you go home with blue balls
[QUOTE]One time I was parking, and I rammed into a parked car. I lied and said I hit a curb. I never told anybody the truth before.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Hey, actually made a new adress just to be extra anonymous. Don't know why, just paranoid. I'm currently 16 years old, fairly healthy right now, but when i was younger i lived with my biological parents. Problem was, these people were heavy drinkers. My dad commonly beat down my mom, and on my 15th birthday i slept outside because there was violence in my home. Then a few days later, he was going after me instead, which was when i actually left and got into contact with social services. I punched him in the face and ran like i'd never done before. Straight to the closest person i could trust. Eventually got into contact with social services, and got 'reassigned' to new parents. I consider this a confession because i've told noone about this. Ever. Only my closest relatives know, and the people i live with.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Something is seriously wrong with me, I think. Every other week, I put a cut-up balloon on my dick so that the end will get all swollen and sensitive. Sometimes I'll use a small paper towel roll to do this. I have no idea how I developed this weird ass fetish, but on multiple occasions I almost permanently got my dick stuck in something. Also, I have this odd fascination with this hypnotic MP3 that puts you in a sexual trance and supposedly makes you cum without touching yourself. I listen to it every night. So far it hasn't worked, but I still continue to listen to it. I'm also downloading another MP3 from the same hypnotist that was designed to make you feel like some kind of man-lesbian. I'm glad to get that all off my chest, phew.[/QUOTE] Those MP3s don't work. [QUOTE]I feel pretty selfish of myself for hating my life, I have all the stuff I need, I can get much of the stuff I want, and I have a family that loves me no matter who I am. I feel like I can be pretty bipolar and depressed all the time, I've contemplated suicide multiple times and I've almost killed myself before. I'm not a social person, I pretty much dislike most of the people I meet. This is why I turn to the internet as my primary source of entertainment, there is limited human contact which makes it great for me. Over the past year my ex girlfriend got dumped by her new boyfriend, she hasn't really talked to me since she started going out with him, but all of a sudden she's interested in me again. I recently started hanging out with her again, I say "hanging out" because we aren't "going out". She doesn't exactly seem like the same person I had affection for a few years ago. But over the course of the breakup, I barely had any female contact outside of actually talking to them, or participating in classwork together. I've dealt with women emotionally many, many times. Almost all of the times they get me depressed, I seem to be the middle-man for all the problems female friend's have. If they have known me for a while, they come to me for answers. Even my mother has been having some problems with my dad, she comes to me pretty much drunk all the time asking me the same shit she asks me every time she's the way she is. I've grown to dislike women emotions, they always seem the same around me. (Yes, I realize all women are not emotionally psychotic, this is just of the women I have contact with. I've grown away from liking girls and discovered that I'm pretty much gay. Now back to my ex girlfriend, she broke up with her former boyfriend and is now hanging out with me more. She doesn't know that I'm gay, barely any one does. She seems like she's really developing feelings for me, and I feel like she wants me to go out with her again. I really don't know what to do, I'm afraid to tell her about my sexual orientation, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. I'm feeling fairly suicidal again, and I don't know where I'm going to go with my problems. I'm not posting my username because I have real life friends on Facepunch that know who I am by my username.[/QUOTE] If your ex really cares, her feelings won't be hurt. The longer you wait with her the harder it will be. [QUOTE]Same chap said my stories are fake and they're me trying to prove I'm alpha, haha. I didn't know doing stupid shit was alpha, pretty sure everyone on FP would be alpha if that were the case. Regardless, here's another one of my "fake" stories. This one actually won't be for laughs or anything, it's actually pretty depressing when I think about it. Also turned out to be one of the main reasons why I started giving a lot of advice on FP and whatnot. This is the story about when my heart got broken. My junior year, my ghetto high school collapsed and subsequently closed down, causing a mass diaspora from the area. The only reason I was at that ghetto school was because my dad worked there, I didn't even live anywhere close to the district it covers. So when the district was simply given to another high school, I didn't get to follow my friends there. I had the option to either stay with my dad and go to the school he got a new job at, or go to school with my mom since her school was the one I was supposed to be going to. I love my mother and all, but I had a close relationship with my dad from playing football for him the past 3 years so I went with him. The school I ended up at for my senior year was a joke. Everyone there pretended like they were from the ghetto, and being from a seriously ghetto school, they all just looked ridiculous to me. I went from being the hero at my previous school to the anti-hero at this one, I was the kid everyone hated. Keep in mind, this is different from being the kid everyone thinks is annoying. You know, that kid who goes around trying to talk to everyone that nobody likes? That wasn't me. I was the kid who told the popular ones they were faggots, calling out their whole ghetto-acts and whatnot. One of the reasons why I found the whole me getting banned on FP thing hilarious, it was pretty much an exact rendition of high school. I ended up with a cult following of sorts, a group of people who would stick around me just waiting to hear the next thing that came out of my mouth. They didn't necessarily like me, they just hated me less than the popular kids. Because of that relationship with the school, I didn't even bother doing the whole girls thing that year. The only girls I was going to be able to pull were going to be the sluts who go for bad boys, and despite what queers at FP might like to say, I'm not a big fan of sluts. Sure, sexy time is good and all, but I don't date sluts, they have no substance. So I just cruised along. Actually had a little escapade with a girl somewhat early in the year, but I was just fucking stupid. She had a boyfriend and I played the game completely wrong, ended up ruining my chances with her and our friendship. Girls with boyfriends are a huge risk/reward kind of thing, you either win it all or lose it all. But that whole ordeal didn't really matter, it just solidified the idea that going after girls there was a waste of time. That all changed when one of my few friends (a girl) invited me out to dinner and a movie with a few of her friends. Wasn't really anything out of the ordinary, but when I showed up at Chili's (the place we went to eat), I saw an angel in the group of people I was meeting there. This girl was just absolutely beautiful, perfect in my mind. Brown skin, beautiful big eyes, tall, great smile, I literally thought she was an angel. But there's always a catch; she had a boyfriend, and he was there. Despite this, I pretty much just stared at her the entire night. The strange thing is, she was staring right back. I'm not talking infatuated fueled "Oh god she looked at me, she must be staring at me" kind of stuff, we would literally just sit there and stare at each other, smiling. None of that looking away bullshit. When the movie came around, I would lean forward to look over at her and she'd be leaning forward looking over at me. I could write up everything that happened after that. How we became close friends, how she told me out of nowhere one day that she was falling for me, all that jazz. But that'd make this confession ridiculously long, as I remember every moment of it like it happened yesterday. To make a long story short, we started dating despite her having a boyfriend. Most of the time, I set an ultimatum in a situation like this. Something like "It's either me or him, so hurry up and call him to break up with him." However, I was terrified of losing her. I was walking on eggshells the entire time, shitting my pants, praying I didn't fuck things up. As time went on, the infatuation calmed down and it became something more. It turned from typical infatuation "oh god we haven't spoken in a day I miss you so much," into just being happy regardless of what was going on. I was happy whether I was talking to her or not because I knew she was happy. I could go off and explain myself further, but this is when I figured out what love is. But I fucked everything up. Just not in the way you'd expect. I did everything with this girl perfectly. Drew her attention away from the shitty boyfriend without ever talking about him, planting that seed of doubt that tells her I am clearly better than him. You cannot do things more perfectly than I did, my execution was flawless. It was who I was to everyone else that fucked it up. You see, whenever someone says something about you that isn't true, you can always expect your friends to back you up and help disprove it. I didn't really have friends to back me up, I was flying solo the entire time. So when her boyfriend caught wind of what was going on, he got one of his cronies to start telling her lies about shit I've said or whatever. Logic can only go so far, no matter how sound my arguments were, the bottom line was that there was 50 people telling her one thing and just me to tell her otherwise. Our relationship started to deteriorate because she couldn't trust me. But I'm a tactician. There's always a plan B and sometimes a plan C. Her boyfriend ran track just like me, and I had recorded that fucker going and making out with some girl behind the training room, among other things. Yes, I went out on dates with this girl, but we never kissed or anything. Just held hands, at the most I'd kiss her on the forehead. I did this partially because I didn't really feel the need to kiss her (what we had sort of transcended physical stuff for the time being) and because I knew it would make my evidence hit so much harder. So if she came at me with "Well I'm cheating too so he can't be blamed," I could retort with, "Yeah, but we don't grope each other." It was an ace in the hole. Timing is key. With every good plan, the timing must be perfect. Unfortunately, timing has always been my downfall. I tend to either jump the gun or let the perfect moment of opportunity pass. In this case, it was the latter. I simply let the relationship fall apart too much before letting loose the nuclear bomb. Her trust in me had deteriorated to the point where when I hit her with the cold hard facts, she took her anger out on me. It was my fault all of this had happened and whatnot. I guess I sound somewhat detached as I'm writing this, but this was a massive deal to me. I wasn't sitting there counting my cards like I had nerves of steel, I was an emotional wreck, which is what fucked up my ability to time things correctly. I let the "What if's" eat at me for so long, I didn't take action until it was too late. When she finally blew a fuse and everything fell apart, I was lost. It wasn't a "Oh god I miss her my life is worthless," sort of thing that follows infatuation fueled heartbreaks. It was anger at myself for letting my emotions destroy something great. Sure, I missed her, but what tormented me for the following summer was self-hatred. I had my time to shine, my moment of opportunity that would define me as a truly powerful individual (defy everyone, take the girl, ride off into the sunset) and I blew it because I failed to take action. I say this is the story of how my heart got broken, but I don't really thing that defines things right. Heartbreak is not the most painful thing in the world. It sucks, especially when the infatuation is intense, but it is survivable. Neither is the feeling of being worthless, yeah it sucks, but it is survivable. However, one of the worst things is knowing your potential, knowing you can do great things, but not living up to your own expectations. This was amplified by my narcissism, it completely destroyed me emotionally. I wasn't suicidal, but I was just a shell walking around that summer, there wasn't any life in me. Until I had a strange revelation. I used to sit in storage rooms (I was a housekeeper at a hotel) and relax when I wasn't busy. I'm not religious, but I would read the free bibles that filled the rooms just to have something to do. It was when I read about concepts like free will and choice when it hit me like a truck. You have control over your own life. The only thing that can keep you down is you. No matter what, you always have the option to stand back up. Things might look bleak, but you can always stand up. And then I stood up. Just like that, like the flick of a switch, I was back. Just because I failed this time doesn't mean I'm doomed to fail for the rest of my life. I could sit and mope about things for the rest of my life, play the "shoulda coulda woulda" game or I could get back in the fight. The next day's sunrise was one of the best ones I've witnessed in my life. That's why I am the way I am. A lot of dumb faggots liked to play the "he's just trying to be alpha" game with me when I gave advice on FP, but it has never been about that. I didn't give advice to show my superiority over people, to brag about how I got all the bitches or whatever, I did it because I have learned a lot of important things in my life that most people don't learn until they're older. To me, the worst thing you can do with knowledge is not share it. I also wanted to prevent people from falling into the same trap I did. Sure, everyone needs to make their own mistakes, but a lot of people who fall into the hole I fell into don't make it out alive. My extreme narcissism is what put me so deep in that hole, but it's also what got me out. To everyone else who doesn't think they're the shit, getting out is nigh impossible, I feel like I'm one of the few individuals who has been to hell and back. Someone who has experienced the lowest levels of emotional instability and come back from it without being too heavily scarred. Sure, these days I keep my guard up for quite a while. I don't get attached to girls quickly because I know I'm subconsciously afraid of everything happening again. I also have great tistaste for people who claim to be in love when it's clearly infatuation, it's just one of those things. It'd be like someone who sat behing a desk in Kuwait during the Gulf War talking about the horrors of war near a guy who served as a grunt in Vietnam. So I'm not going to lie and say I came back squeaky clean, it did mess with me a bit. I have a few more funny stories I could tell, but they're all fake anyways so I guess this will be the last one. Cause this is all fake too, just made this shit up. Yep, totally didn't happen. * just a little extra info - Haven't talked to the girl in years. I check up on her every once in a while, and while she doesn't hate me (she ended up realizing she was wrong to get angry at me and broke up with the boyfriend) we both realize it just wouldn't work between us. Our talking consists of "Hey, are you doing alright?" "Yeah..." "Good. Talk to you in another 6 months." That being said, I still love her, always will. I'm a peace with it, I don't cry myself to sleep over it or anything. She wouldn't be happy with me, so I'm fine with her not being with me. That's kind of how love works. -Turns out I had a secret fanclub my senior year. People who acted like they hated me so they'd fit in with everyone else, but were actually in love with me. Got a lot of strange messages from girls after graduation. -This is not the ONLY experience with girls I've had and whatnot. Gets kind of silly when people go "Yeah well plenty of people have had more experiences so he has no right to say he knows a lot." This is just one of the main ones, I've been through a lot regarding life, girls, and everything in between. I just prefer not to tell some stories. Until next time, peace out kiddos. [/QUOTE]Bye! [QUOTE]So today I was at Golden Coral, and they gave me some free jalapeño's. Me and my dad decided to eat them, and I wanted to beat him first so I just swallowed the whole thing. Well now i had problems last night when i was using the bathroom and what do you know, not only is my asshole burning like motherfucking hell, but theres a whole jalapeño in the toilet. I'm not sure if this is a bad sign, or if I should see a doctor. [/QUOTE] This one has been sitting in my inbox for five days, if you are still alive, let us know!
Ah, Maverick, he may have a reason for being a dick but he's still a dick and he's still trying to be alpha as fuck. Also, that story seemed fake. Very, very fake.
Say what you want about him, but that story was a damn good read, in my opinion. Inspirational.
[QUOTE=Octave;32676462]Say what you want about him, but that story was a damn good read, in my opinion. Inspirational.[/QUOTE] Well-written, I guess. Still fake as fuck and the man behind it's still a cockwaffle.
is his obsession with dark girls because he's black?
I liked Maverick, I don't understand your all's hatred for him.
[QUOTE=NuclearAnnhilation;32676620]I liked Maverick, I don't understand your all's hatred for him.[/QUOTE] He's a Narcissist. It's quite hard to like them unless they use it comedically.
[QUOTE=NuclearAnnhilation;32676620]I liked Maverick, I don't understand your all's hatred for him.[/QUOTE]Social person on a forum full of anti-social people isn't a good combo. His advice was good, he just gave it in a forceful way. Also people got offended by him way too easily
[QUOTE=Glitch360;32676667]Social person on a forum full of anti-social people isn't a good combo. His advice was good, he just gave it in a forceful way. Also people got offended by him way too easily[/QUOTE] when you say anti-social, you mean introverted right? because anti-social =/= introvert
Both, although the anti-social people tend to shine brighter
[QUOTE=Glitch360;32676786]Both, although the anti-social people tend to shine brighter[/QUOTE] introvert and antisocial aren't synonyms this is what antisocial means: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisocial_personality_disorder[/url]
I know that
[quote]Not sure why I'm sending this in. I guess maybe seeing peoples failed attempts to cheer me up might contain a bit of smile-worthy stupidity. Since I was born, I've had Type 1 Diabetes. Now my parents, being the neglecting dumbasses they are, thought that it was normal for baby girls to eat an adult sized meal that weighed twice as much as them. I was always a chubby baby, and I grew up to be a chubby kid. Eventually I found out that the diabetes was the cause of my hunger (along with other symptoms). I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to manage the diabetes, but I've never been able to get rid of this weight. But still, when I got to school, some of the girls pitied me I guess, and became friends with me. I spent my whole life sitting next to these gorgeous, amazing women, watching them getting all the sexy guys while i just stood on the sidelines being jealous. So school finished, and I stayed friends with these people. But I felt pretty lonely. The people in my dorm just kind of stayed away from me, so I spent all night surfing the net and all day studying. Alone. And one day it just got too much. Then on facebook, this guy, who had always been an acquaintance, said he was looking for a party. I knew he only talked to me because of my friends, so, without thinking, I told him that me and my room-mates were going to be drinking (they were, but at some club in town). He asked me a whole bunch of questions. I think he was scared, but I just lied my way through, twirling him into my web. He logs off and starts to head over, and I kick into action. Steal my roommates makeup, fancy dress, perfume, etc. He finally arrives. He wasn't anything special, just a guy, not very good looking and kind of skinny, but he would do. I couldn't believe this was happening. I'd finally get a man all to myself. After years of crippling loneliness. This was happening. He walks in and asks where the girls are. I tell him they went to go buy some drinks. I lock the door behind him, and told him to sit on the couch. This would be where I'd take him as my own. I sit down right next to him. And then I took him. I forced him down on the couch, holding his shoulders and sitting on his legs. He couldn't escape. I took the Viagra lying on the coffee table and forced it down his throat. It was like trying to put a flea collar on a cat that was getting its intestines pulled out of its ass. But I persisted. He screamed for help, yelled in fear (i think I head him say "not again"), but there was nothing he could do. I slowly felt his penis grow, grinding into my pelvis. And then... You can guess what happened. A month later, and I never told anybody. I don't think he did either. I don't feel guilty, or remorse. I finally had somebody for my own, just for the night. And it was amazing.[/quote] It's taken from previous v. thread. Not cool
[quote=Former Confession]Hello Hezzy -- or shall I call you Herr Gestapo? That's what you're acting like. THE GOD DAMN GESTAPO. It's been a long time since the last confessional thread. A REAL LONG TIME. I began to miss them, honestly they're one of my only sources of joy left in the world. I was beginning to fear that I would never see one again, when I decided -- it should be me. I SHOULD DO THE FUCKING THREAD. WHO ELSE COULD DO IT BETTER THAN ME? I could be the only one. Then, a few other fanatics sprung up, spouting bullshit about how they wanted to do the thread, so... I talked to them. We decided we would work on it together, the group of us. Somebody LEAKED THE IDEA. SOMEBODY FUCKED UP. SOMEBODY BEGAN TALKING TO YOU. PUTTING IDEAS INTO YOUR HEAD ABOUT MAKING THE THREAD. I guess he thought that if he couldn't have the thread... NOBODY COULD. NOBODY -- AND I MEAN NOBODY -- TREATS ME LIKE THAT. I'm better than that. I've got my Smith and Wesson .500 and a list of IP Addresses. I'll make these fuckers pay.[/quote] [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/968961?p=23312869&viewfull=1#post23312869[/url] It...all makes sense now.
w-w-w-w-what? That wasn't me!
Keep 'em coming, Oogala.
[QUOTE=OogalaBoogal;32683848]w-w-w-w-what? That wasn't me![/QUOTE] You keep telling us that, but we know. We know.
[quote]I'm a late 06'er, been perma'd more times than you can count the bones in your body, stopped trying to make alts after I got banned on my last account(That shit was gold) So I've decided to lurk and stumbled across the thread and decided to join. Last year in my P.E. class there was this cute girl, she nice body, she had asthma though. One day we had to run a couple of laps around the gym, she forgot her inhaler and thought nothing would happen so she ran, about 5 minutes later she passed out, so the teacher sent a student to carry her to the nurse, that student was me. So I picked her up and walked to the office, but as I was halfway there I thought to myself "Shit, she's passed out, why not take advantage of her?" So I walked to the boys bathroom near the gym because everyone smoked weed in there and nobody actually used it for anything else. Got in a stall, put her down and pulled down her shorts and panties, pulled down my shorts and boxers and started thrusting in & out, once I was done I fixed her up and got her dressed again. Took her to the Nurse and everything was fine after that. TL;DR:Girl passed out, teacher sent me to take her to the nurse I rape her.[/quote] I know I'm late, but what the fuck is wrong with you.
You've done good, son, You've made me proud.
[QUOTE]Hey, this is the first time I've ever posted a confession, so sorry if I do things wrong. I, like a lot of facepunch users, lie quite a bit. I've lied about my name a few times, and my age. Just can't help it, I can't stop it. I've tried to, but failed. And you might think "How the hell can you fail at it?", well, it's tougher then it sounds. To me anyway. I am also a girl, a very quiet, anti-social, depressing person. Most people find me boring like you are doing now. But no matter, I'll continue anyway. I'll keep it short and sweet. When I was in junior (elementary to you Americans), I came into school with my friend, let's say Blondie. Blondie is nice. Anyway, walked though the gates and Blondie said she needed to speak to me, so we went into girls toilets. She then lifted her sleeves up to reveal loads of cuts and bruises on her wrists. I was shocked and frightened. She was such a bright person, smart and funny. I couldn't imagine her cutting herself. But all I could say was "Emo". I regretted saying it, and still do. I felt like an asshole. She looked at me and I apologized. She accepted, but I could see tears in her eyes. I asked her if it hurts, and she said no, or else she wouldn't do it. Then I didn't see her for the rest of the day. I was so sorry that day, it just came out, and she is sensitive. She moved schools a few months later that day, and I hope she found happiness and friends there. Thanks FP.[/QUOTE] Go find her on Facebook and tell her how you feel. Ask her if she is alright, and how you still feel. [QUOTE]I seem like a normal guy to many people, apart from the fact that my joints are slightly wierder and I have really long, curly hair. But my life is a shitpile of scary. I've had constant night terrors as far as I remember, mostly about this old toy I had, others about really fucked up creatures, or I wake up as if it were a normal day, I open my door, then I get to have a first-person-view of me getting torn apart by some creature. every day I see/feel/hear things, like just 2pm today, I heard someone tap on my window then suddenly- out of nowhere- some random force just slammed my head on my desk. Forehead still hurts, good think my keyboard was out of reach or I would have broken it. Yesterday I was making some noodles then, when I opened a cupbard to get a bowl, I saw this grotesque, deformed hand sticking out of it, twitching. I closed cupbard, opened it, it was gone. Occasionally, shit DOES get crazier, like I hear a girl screaming from under my bed- sounds about 7-8 years old- it happens about once every two months. So, I tend to see/hear things, and I also feel things(scratches on the back of my neck amongst other things), smell things (like burning rubber), and occasionally hear voices. They don't tell me to do anything, or any cliche shit like that. They speak in some kinda foreign language, and I tend to hear it when I wake up or as soon as I lay down in my bed. Seems like most of this freaky shit happens near my bed, as it rarely happens when I'm outside- but it still happens though. Once saw a mannequin move in a clothes shop, I jumped like fuck and people gave me funny looks. People say that I'm a schitzo, but I doubt it. hopefully.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Well, I couldn't find a reason to talk about this shit, but the other day I drank my piss. Now, every now and then at night when the neighbors are asleep, I'll go out back and just piss myself. It's quite arousing, I enjoy making a mess of myself and that release and warmth and whatnot, but I never drank it, till now. I just did my normal thing, but in a bottle. Unfortunately it was incredibly heavy piss, you know what I mean, where it's really dark and it stagnates with the smell of urine. I had set my mind to doing this, though, and even though I was scared, I downed it. Nastiest shit EVER. Okay maybe light urine tastes better but this just UGH I could barely drink any and I couldn't stop coughing, felt like I was gonna puke. It was so god damn gross, and I do NOT recommend it. Just stick to pissing your pants instead.[/QUOTE] Now you know how Bear Grylls feels. [QUOTE]As i sit here, And drink alone, To ail the bitter taste of my memories, Some things i still cannot forget... It's been three months since what happened. three bitter months. I had a friend, Whom we call sky. Well he was my best friend, And he always would come over to hang out and stuff. Well earlier in the year he hooked me up with a juggalo, (she's crazy as fuck) and stuff. Me and the juggalo broke it off and he started hanging out with me again. while being with her she subjected me to many things that would cause you to fear. i was left cold and brutal but not from this. My friend had stopped coming to talk to me as soon as i started going out with her. I wondered why. She set me on fire, stabbed me and tried to throw me out of a car going down a mountain at 120mph. It was not so bad however, What she said and did was the worst. we had been talking one day and she randomly gets mad at me and yells at me, about how all the guys she slept with were better than me. We had a huge argument, ending up with me leaving quietly. Now my friend had been sick for a while before he hooked me up with her. He came over as soon as he heard about the breakup and he looked terrible. He was depressed and disturbed by his family and all, The reason he stopped coming to see me was because he needed time alone. i ended up talking to my ex and almost dating again - but he still talked with me and all Her and me ended up getting in a even bigger fight early last month after my birthday. She called me a liar, a cheater even after all the shit she said and did to me. I ripped her a new one this time because she honestly pushed me too far. I keep thinking i get a message from my friend. And i keep remembering how we'd talk in my livingroom while watching movies like zombieland or just talking about things like CHINA vs USA! Then we'd always box to get things out of our system. Well the rest i'll sum up in a letter to him because hey, fuck you. i want to write a letter. Dear sky, remember when we'd always chill at my house and play dead island or another game? Or how about those times we'd talk, about what if the different countries fought? Maybe about those chicks you were always into but they weren't ever into you? I know that feeling dude. It's been what, three months now since i've seen you last Just wanted to say i hope i made you proud, I've got my life all in order, And i feel great. I Feel like our times passed and i should leave this town though My nerves may be getting the best of me but it's hard to say sometimes, Considering what we've been through. >It's hard to believe you're gone dude.... I left some flowers by your headstone. I know you might have called that gay, But i hope it's okay.[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/ratings/heart.png[/IMG] [QUOTE]Hello thread. I have a couple of confessions. I get my penis out at parties quite a lot, I'm obviously drunk when doing this. I don't know why I do it, but every time without fail, I whop out the wang and wave it about. It's earned me the nickname "Wiggly" I was at a party once with some friends, and we were all in the living room trying to sleep. I lay down next to this girl, and when I heard that she had fallen asleep, slipped my hand down the front of her trousers and started to feed the pony, as it were. Apparently, she woke up and was just laying there in terror. She told my best friend, who is also her boyfriend. They let me off because I was so drunk I didn't know my own name.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]I watch porn. Now that in itself isn't much of a confession, but it's WHEN I watch porn. A lot of the time I just watch porn just because. Like, I'm not even horny, or interested in fapping at the moment, but I'm still watching porn. It's kind of like TV for me.[/QUOTE] Welcome to Facepunch, may I take your coat?
[quote]It's earned me the nickname "Wiggly"[/quote] that is so awesome
[QUOTE=NuclearAnnhilation;32676620]I liked Maverick, I don't understand your all's hatred for him.[/QUOTE] How about the way he refused to call you anything but a "faggot" whenever you discussed shit with him? Or how he shoved your ideas away because "this kid doesn't know shit" or some other thing? Fuck, maybe that story explains why he popped so many fuses when we were "debating" whether there was free will or not.
That wiggly one is obviously Gurant.
[quote]I watch porn. Now that in itself isn't much of a confession, but it's WHEN I watch porn. A lot of the time I just watch porn just because. Like, I'm not even horny, or interested in fapping at the moment, but I'm still watching porn. It's kind of like TV for me.[/quote] For some reason, this made me laugh. Really hard.
[QUOTE] Hello thread. I have a couple of confessions. I get my penis out at parties quite a lot, I'm obviously drunk when doing this. I don't know why I do it, but every time without fail, I whop out the wang and wave it about. It's earned me the nickname "Wiggly" I was at a party once with some friends, and we were all in the living room trying to sleep. I lay down next to this girl, and when I heard that she had fallen asleep, slipped my hand down the front of her trousers and started to feed the pony, as it were. Apparently, she woke up and was just laying there in terror. She told my best friend, who is also her boyfriend. They let me off because I was so drunk I didn't know my own name.[/QUOTE] You dog.
[QUOTE=acds;32685479]I know I'm late, but what the fuck is wrong with you.[/QUOTE] I think its fake. I mean who would send a lone kid to carry a girl to the nurses. [editline]8th October 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Quark:;32659849]Nobody liked him, or his advice, on Facepunch, so he tries to be funny when he should just kill himself[/QUOTE] You just think that cause you aren't alpha like him. Stop being a big nerd and you would understand.
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