• Batman + Fight Club
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Watched Batman then Fight Club and got inspired! I'm trying to get back into using my tablet, this was actually pretty quick, maybe 2 hours from start to finish? Not perfect but I think it's kinda badass! [img]http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/143/7/b/batman_vs_jared_leto_by_baron_of_bean_dip-d3h1u8r.jpg[/img]
looks neat but. I don't feel it deserved it's own thread
Facepunch summed up in one image
Batman finds no joy in his job.
Needs more darkness for the sake of both batman and fightclub fronts. More anger and less pupils in batmans eyes :D
Needs less sketchy lines. I mean come on, these days digital drawing software supports layers, you don't need to use eraser to remove the sketch lines.
definitly less pupils, pupils make someone less badass.
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