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The sixth Facepunch Collaborative Album is here and have no fear because it's free. How do you listen? [img]http://rubik.facepalm.se:8080/scripts/img.php?n=23[/img] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/album/facepunch-collaborative-vi][img]http://i.imgur.com/Vm5Ze.png[/img][/url] [B]Why are we telling you what track to start on?[/B] It ends up that the majority of people start listening to an album on the first track. This creates a problem where the first track gets 30% of the listens, the second track gets 20% of the listens, ect, ect..., and the last track gets 1% of the listens. Bandcamp doesn't allow for track shuffling but one other way around it is to ask people to start on a different track with help from a random number generator. Just click the little play button next to the track. Those with tracks towards the end of the album will be glad that people actually heard their work. [B]What is this project all about?[/B] This is a collaboration where musicians from Facepunch work independently and submit songs for the album. There are few requirements and no genre restrictions which allow for a lot of diversity. If you're interested in getting involved in the next album keep an eye on the [url=http://www.facepunch.com/forums/315]musicians gig room[/url]. [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/17033-Schmoe222]Schmoe222[/url] intends on running the next collaboration. You can get an idea as to how the album comes together by looking at that [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1122901]last thread[/url]. Also, be sure to check out the previous albums which can be found on our [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/]Bandcamp[/url]. [B]A good reason to listen[/B] A contributor to the album has given incentive to listen to the album and to give feedback to the artists. As he explains. [QUOTE=Dick Tracy;32769803]I will pay $3 to UNICEF for each and every unique review of the album that's posted in the thread. I think the following things should be in the review: 1. Something constructive about the songs, and how it makes you feel. Does the intro make you feel blue? Is the verse making you see red? Does the catchy melody make you yellow with jealousy? 2. At least a few lines about [I]each and every song[/I]. Is it better/worse than the last song? Is it any good at all? Is it the worst song so far? Best? 3. At least try to make some effort in writing the review. Just writing "it's good" or "it's bad" isn't enough, try to describe why you think it's good/bad, and perhaps something you'd like to see changed. Like point 1 :v: 4. You don't have to review your own song[/QUOTE] So you're now in the position where you can give donate to charity while just giving some musical comments. Some of examples of the musical comment he's looking for are: [QUOTE]I think the bass was too big and some sidechaining was needed with the kick. I also think the drums are weak compared to the bass. The stuttering was good and brought some variation to the bass. Although I do think the progression in itself was pretty good. Is a pretty good review, short but it tells some good/bad things[/quote] [quote]Oh this sounds like a lot of fun, a mix between crusty, raw rocknroll and progressive/psychadelic rock like the doors and other bands from the 60's/70's. This is the kind of music I want to make and well, what can I say? It's great and it actually reminds me a bit of Can with how it keeps on churning on. I think someone said that the albums just keeps getting better and I agree, they really do. So far this album has some really, really good songs! Even with a length of almost 8 minutes it feels short, and I think that speaks a lot for how good the song is.[/quote] [quote]The start caught me guard. I really liked one of the notes you played because it was dissonant. I'm not liking the fade outs as they are making for bad transitions. You have good ideas, just connect them. At 1:42 it sounds like you're playing a Lady Gaga melody, or maybe it's the chord progression in that song. Darn, now that I think of it is in tons of songs, but you are using it well. Also, pulling the stops like you did sounded great, you're executing surprise very well. Terrible ending.[/quote] [B]The Tracks[/B] [quote] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/158714-neos300][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=158714&dateline=1267382978[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/lets-try-science][B]neos300- Let's Try Science[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: An attempt to make a mix between metal, rock, and dubstep goes terribly wrong. [B]Genre[/B]: Electronic Rock [B]Music Page[/B]:[url]http://soundcloud.com/neos300/[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/400682-Dick-Tracy][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=400682&dateline=1316908310[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/new-dawn][B]Dick Tracy - New Dawn[/B][/url] [B]Description [/B]: Like walking down a barren alley on a dark night in an abandoned town, praying you won't get noticed by what stalks in the shadow. [B]Genre [/B]: Ambient Rock [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/dicktrace[/url] / [url]http://snegreger.bandcamp.com/[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/444135-Whitewhale][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=444135&dateline=1314566864[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/marr][B]Blanc - Marr[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: A song inspired by retro games that I used to play when I were younger such as sonic on the sega megadrive [B]Genre[/B]: Electro House [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/blancmusic[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/133162-StoolTable][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=133162&dateline=1249283586[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/pancakes-are-better-than-waffles][B]StoolTable - Pancakes are Better Than Waffles[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: When we first started as a band we recorded this song, but the sound quality is pretty gnarly. So we decided to redo it. We hope you guys enjoy it! [B]Genre[/B]: Rock? [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/anne-franks-attic-party[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/40656-peterson][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=40656&dateline=1312409297[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/welt-zerst-rt][B]Peterson - Welt Zerstört[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: Song about the world destroyed [B]Genre[/B]: Symphony Orchestra [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/kylepetersonworks[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/116479-luverofJ%2193][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=116479&dateline=1314264261[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/desert-colossus][B]Son of Justice - Desert Colossus[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: This is a song I wrote back in winter 2008. I was depressed at the time and my musical style from then was all very melancholic instrumental stuff. I play both acoustic and electric and at the time most of my stuff was electric, very doomy, metal. This is one of the few acoustic songs I made from that era. I was experimenting with developing my style in what I like to call "Desert Blues" or "desert folk". The aura I tried to evoke was one of wandering through a mysterious desert, a wayfarer trying to find water. Metaphorically that is. This song perfectly exemplifies the mood I was in at that stage in my life. The tuning of the guitar is Drop D and I used a capo. The name of the song was inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, my favourite game ever, from the spirit temple part of the game, also my favourite part of the game. [B]Genre[/B]: Desert Blues/Folk [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]www.youtube.com/doritofreak93[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/17033-Schmoe222][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=17033&dateline=1304690300[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/the-death-of-thomas-cromwell][B]Schmoe222 - The Death of Thomas Cromwell[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: The imprisonment and execution of Thomas Cromwell, the chief minister of Henry VIII between 1532 and 1540. This piece is inspired by "Wolsey Commits Suicide," a composition by Trevor Morris. [B]Genre[/B]: Electroacoustic [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://zachbeever.bandcamp.com/[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/167936-CLungcancer][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=167936&dateline=1317676285[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/little-things][B]Tirde - Little Things[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: Little things are what makes up happy. [B]Genre[/B]: Experimental [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/tirde[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/101602-Hakita][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=101602&dateline=1317140355[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/mano-a-mano][B]Hakita - Mano-A-Mano[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: MIDI heavy metal on a spanish scale [B]Genre[/B]: MIDI Metal [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/hakita[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/238720-xiohexia][img]http://chordacle.com/other_images/cd_art_80x80.png[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/catastrophic-evidence][B]Chordacle - Catastrophic Evidence[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: A slow electronic track with inspirations from stringed symphonies and metal rock. [B]Genre[/B]: Alternative Electronic [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://chordacle.com[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/45665-killa101][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=45665&dateline=1310685983[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/feelings-for-you][B]Wake the Phantom - Feelings for You[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: For a long time I have stuck only to producing Drum & Bass tracks, and for quite some time I've been aspired to expand the boundaries in terms of production genres. Not only does this track turn away from drum & bass, it includes a gradual intro that drops into a bit of electro house before cutting out and speeding up before dropping a second time straight into some dubstep vibes. [B]Genre[/B]: Elecro Dubstep [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/wakethephantom[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/95755-Pepin][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=95755&dateline=1283188653[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/painted-outside][B]Pepin- Painted Outside the Lines[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: The arc of a spark is a known danger even in minute circumstances. Entire homes charred black, minds wandering aimlessly. [B]Genre[/B]: Progressive Rock [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/pepin[/url] / [url]http://pepin.bandcamp.com/[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/45392-dezek][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=45392&dateline=1205608717[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/none-real][B]dezek - None Real[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: An attempt to mash some early morning thoughts and ideas into a track. [B]Genre[/B]: Electronic [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/procedr[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/51838-thisispain][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=51838&dateline=1314855048[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/none-the-lab-went-on-a-moog-jazz-voyage][B]Thisispain - None The Lab Went on a Moog Jazz Voyage[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: It's jazz. Kinda... Featuring a real Moog synthesizer and recorded on a tape deck for 100% indie cred. [B]Genre[/B]: Acid Jazz, Emphasis on Acid. [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/thisispain[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/145461-kitthehacker][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=145461&dateline=1297930173[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/intermelocity][B]Artificial Night - Intermelocity[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: A long, technical instrumental piece. Written by Ashley (bassist) and arranged by the rest of the band. We couldn't think of a suitably epic ending, so decided to steal one from Dream Theater. The ending is taken from the song "Octavarium". The title means nothing, we just thought it sounded cool. [B]Genre[/B]: Progressive Metal [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/artificial-night[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/109937-TuLiq][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=109937&dateline=1232660277[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/i-stille-stunder][B]Tuliq - I stille stunder[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: An electronish song featuring some swell sampled choir action. [B]Genre[/B]: Electronica [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/tuliq[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/149864-hahabynow][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=149864&dateline=1304489999[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/p10x][B]Hahabynow - P10x[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: Very 8bit/chiptune sounding song that was mainly influenced by Crystal Castles. [B]Genre[/B]: Chiptune [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/a_dying_breed/[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/282291-T.F.W.O.][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=282291&dateline=1316931515[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/drive][B]Anarcholholic - Drive[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: This song features mechanical beats and guitar-like synths; this song is also going to be on a personal release in the future. [B]Genre[/B]: Industrial [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/anarchoholic[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/264784-Wablur][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=264784&dateline=1264904713[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/my-shoes-theyre-magic][B]JRF - My Shoes (They're Magic)[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: Bit of a joke song, and is more of a DJ Tool. [B]Genre[/B]: Hardstyle [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jrfhardstyle[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/76430-Silent-Bob][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=76430&dateline=1294094802[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/fade-away][B]Silent-Bob - Fade Away[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: This track is a slower piece with complex percussions and some experimental atmospheric sounds. It is a visit back to my experimental phase with new practices and techniques and was a short break from the usual trance and house music I normally work on. It's genreless unless you'd like to just call it electronic, ambient or downtempo, but I created it with nothing specific in mind. [B]Genre[/B]: Elecronic [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/snake31[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/33032-chaz13][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=33032&dateline=1257467938[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/vodka-ice][B]Chaz13 - Vodka & Ice[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: My latest, chilled neurofunk-esque drum and bass track which will be making a second appearence on my first EP in the coming months. I focussed on the percussion in this one, it's heavy and it's complex, and complements the return of my neuro-esque basslines. [B]Genre[/B]: Neurofunk Drum and Bass [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/chaz13[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/90100-Natrox][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=90100&dateline=1309213848[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/into-the-light][B]Natrox - Into the Light[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: Started out with different, more calmer drums, but I decided to take my track into a different direction. Made after some very busy weeks of programming. [B]Genre[/B]: Electronic [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://soundcloud.com/nekki[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/members/62127-Vedicardi][img]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=62127&dateline=1314607302[/img][/url] [url=http://facepunchcollaborative.bandcamp.com/track/techno-sucks][B]Vedicardi - Techno Sucks[/B][/url] [B]Description[/B]: Techno sucks balls you're all fucking faggots with your electronic bullshit ooh look I made a dubstep song by watching youtube tutorials YOU SUCKS DILDOS EAT MY ASS check out my bandcamp ;) [B]Genre[/B]: Thrashcore [B]Music Page[/B]: [url]http://vedicardi.bandcamp.com/[/url] [/quote] [B]Album art[/B] [img_thumb]http://filesmelt.com/dl/All_Panels.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://i53.tinypic.com/2n805zn.png[/img_thumb] [B]FAQ[/B] [B]Q[/B]: Is it really free? [B]A[/B]: Yes. [B]Q[/B]: You said it was free but it is asking me for a price. [B]A[/B]: Try entering in "0" for a price. If that doesn't work we likely ran out of download credits. As the goal of the album is to be free here is a [url=http://www.sendspace.com/file/suca6b]link to a mp3 (320) download[/url] and here is a [url]link to the flac download[/url]. We will purchase more download credits as soon as possible. [B]Q[/B]: If I donate money where will it go? [B]A[/B]: It could go one of two places. The first being to download credits. Bandcamp gives you 200 download credits each month. Download credits allows you to download the album or a song in whatever format you want for a credit per song. When the album releases, the credits get eaten up pretty quickly due to how many songs are on the album. The credit package is as follows: $9 USD for 300 download credits $20 USD for 1000 download credits $75 USD for 5000 download credits After the amount of traffic slows down to a point where nobody is really downloading anymore, the rest of the money will go towards a charity. The charity in particular will depend upon a vote granted there is a decent amount of money. If there is only 30 cents left, voting or donating wouldn't make much sense for obvious reasons. [B]Q[/B]: How was the track order decided? [B]A[/B]: Random list generator with the exception of Vedicardi who asked to be last.
Don't judge me too harshly guys, it's my first ever song. To Pepin: I told you I didn't want to be first. [editline]16th October 2011[/editline] Also broken MP3 and FLAC link downloads.
Album art is tiny
Uploading a MP3 download for you guys now. [editline]16th October 2011[/editline] [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38318788/Facepunch%20Collaborative%20-%20Facepunch%20Collaborative%20VI.zip[/url] MP3 for you guys.
[QUOTE=neos300;32815428]Uploading a MP3 download for you guys now.[/QUOTE] I'm uploading them right now. There are plenty of download credits on bandcamp right now. I just got done uploading the album to bandcamp, and I decided it would be better to post the thread first than wait to upload to secondary download links as there are plenty of downloads left right now. I'm uploading them right now.
[QUOTE=Pepin;32815587]I'm uploading them right now. There are plenty of download credits on bandcamp right now. I just got done uploading the album to bandcamp, and I decided it would be better to post the thread first than wait to upload to secondary download links as there are plenty of downloads left right now. I'm uploading them right now.[/QUOTE] I won the upload battle.
Yay it's this again. Good free music from facepunchees.
[QUOTE=Hakita;32815327]Album art is tiny[/QUOTE] Fixed. Tinypic cropped it. Filesmelt does not do that.
[QUOTE=iggy650;32815668]Yay it's this again. Good free music from facepunchees.[/QUOTE] The correct word is "Facepunchers" [img]http://sae.tweek.us/static/images/emoticons/emot-eng101.gif[/img]
[QUOTE=Hakita;32815692]The correct word is "Facepunchers" [img]http://sae.tweek.us/static/images/emoticons/emot-eng101.gif[/img][/QUOTE] Facepuncherees. [editline]16th October 2011[/editline] Also what the christ is Pancakes are better than waffles. This is the greatest song ever. Stooltable, Oh you. :3
I love you, Dezek. I love you... [editline]16th October 2011[/editline] Seriously, your track is so beautiful
Glad to be a part of the Facepunch collabs, as always. I am ashamed to say that I didn't put as much effort in my track as I should have to meet the quality standards that the rest of the contributors put up. I hope the rest of Facepunch can enjoy their music as I do. These guys are awesome. Thanks for putting this together Pepin.
I'm glad to be involved in this again, some amazing tracks here.
Short Review time: [release] [B]Neos3000 - Let's Try Science[/B] Well, its an interesting first track for the album. The distortion instrument sounds sexy, but the song overall seems a bit scattered and "all-over-the-place". There are also too many pauses, which kind of ruin the consistency of the song [B]Dick Tracy - New Dawn[/B] This song I really like. It has enjoyable melodies and very well written instruments. The only downsides are the distortion guitar in the intro, which sounds bad and the entry of the guitar at around 1:25, which just kind of comes out of nowhere. Otherwise a very good song and 100% enjoyable. This is one is going on my iPod. [B]Blanc - Marr[/B] Although the first instrument annoys my ears a lot, otherwise this is a very solid song. Slightly repetitive, but I could listen to this every now and then. Well, there's not much more to say, since its quite repetitive. [B]StoolTable - Pancakes are Better Than Waffles[/B] The intro is very unneeded and unfitting in my opinion, but after that the melodies are decent. The first 2 minutes are very nice. After that, it gets boring for around 2 minutes with some jokes with instrumentation in the background. After that theres singing again... well kind of. I have to admit, I don't really enjoy this song. I know its meant to be a joke and stuff, but it's not really funny in my opinion and the instrumentation is good only at times, so I can't really enjoy this one. [B]Peterson - Welt Zerstört[/B] Ooh, the intro has me interested immediately. A very dark start with some haunting vocals. This song would've fit perfectly as the first track. However, around the 3 minute mark, it just kind of starts to get boring. It sounds like its buildup to something, but instead it just kind of keeps going and then ends. Not bad, but a bit boring. [B]Son Of Justice - Desert Colossus[/B] Great acoustic melodies as an intro. The riffs are very nice and sound good. However, this suffers from the same curse as the track before this, where it just kind of keeps going without changing at all and starts to get boring after some time. [B]Schmoe222 - The Death of Thomas Cromwell[/B] Why am I even trying to review this? Everyone knows that Schmoe is kickass already. And yeah, like expected, its a very soundtrack like song with extremely well written instrumentation and incredible atmosphere. This sounds like something ripped straight out of a movie. Maybe a little too much? The only minus side is that its only 2 minutes long. [B]Tirde - Little Things[/B] Uhh... Well, its not a bad song. Its pretty good and doesn't get repetitive. It has some pretty cool noise with drums and bass on top. Not much to say on this one, really, except that it stops very abruptly. Needs a fadeout of some sort. [B]Hakita - Mano-A-Mano[/B] Obviously the sexiest goddamn thing to ever come out of any speakers ever. I had many orgasms during the song and I came in my pants 7 times. [B]Chordacle - Catastrophic Evidence[/B] A very chill song. Great instrumentation and atmosphere. I really like this song and it doesn't get boring. Not very much to say about this song. Its good and I like it. Will be added into my iPod. [B]Wake The Phantom - Feelings for You[/B] Its a pretty positive sounding song. Great instrumentation and nice atmosphere. This is a very enjoyable track, but it sadly has the same problem as the one before it. Me not being able to write about it, that is. [/release] Thats all for now. I'll review the rest later.
If I participate in the next one, I will try to write an original piece.
[release][B]neos300 - Let's Try Science[/B] Hmm, not quite sure what to say on this. Very distorted, and someone messy in production and structure. Nice melodies, though. Keep working on your production quality. [B]Dick Tracy - New Dawn[/B] I really, REALLY enjoyed this track. Very well done. When the intro started in, I expected vocals and thought I left a radio on. Top notch quality. The ending was kind of abrupt, though. Work on that a bit. [B]Blanc - Marr[/B] This does get a little repetitive near the end, but I really enjoyed the entire track. The first minute and a half was excellent. I also really like you began and ended the track. Well done! [B]StoolTable - Pancakes are Better Than Waffles[/B] The synth paired with guitar strums in the beginning when the drums came in reminded me of some classic rock. But then the song got incredibly silly. For about 8 more minutes. It's pretty fatiguing. I got a great laugh from it. Your vocals are definitely better in this track than in the previous collabs. I agree with the song's message by the way. Pancakes are way better than waffles. You're improving in sound drastically over your previous works, and you're still incredibly silly. Keep it up. [B]Peterson - Welt Zerstört[/B] My initial impression was that I was listening to a soundtrack piece for a movie. In some places it almost feels like it stops too abruptly. Maybe a bit more release on those strings? The overall sound is incredible. Good melody, good composition. Gets a little repetitive though, I wish there was a climax to it. [B]Son of Justice - Desert Colossus[/B] Strum strum strum strum strum :v: strum strum strum strum strum strum strum strum strum strum strum :suicide: The chords were good.. but you have to change it up some. There were good parts here and there, keep practicing. At 1:58 is good, but then it goes back to strum strum strum shortly after. Desperately needs more rhythm. [B]Schmoe222 - The Death of Thomas Cromwell[/B] Another movie soundtrack quality entry. Seriously, why aren't you hired professionally to do this stuff? The melody was great, sounds were great, the climax really capitalized the whole thing.. but it was too short. I want to hear more! This is one is definitely one of my favorites. [B]Tirde - Little Things[/B] Very neat sounds. Creepy atmosphere. The production quality on this is very good. Overall, this is something I'd expect to hear from Aphex Twin, Flashbulb, or Boards of Canada. Excellent work. I enjoyed this one a lot. [B]Hakita - Mano-A-Mano[/B] I've never really been a fan of midi-metal, but damn, you make it work. Great composition, great drums, but lacking instruments. I would love to hear this performed by a band. Right now, it's just too stiff and mechanical. Metal deserves to be live with that human touch. However, this is still top notch stuff. [B]Chordacle - Catastrophic Evidence[/B] Nice intro, very moody. Love that sound that fades in around :30. After such a dark and moody intro, though, I am kinda disappointed that it took on such a synthy sound. You should have kept those strings and pads. The main melody is very catchy. After a bit, it gets pretty repetitive. Wish you'd change some stuff up. You have great potential, keep working at it. [B]Wake the Phantom - Feelings For You[/B] From the intro, I was anticipating that kick from your hi hat and sidechained bass. When it finally came in a blast of glory with the rest of your percussion, it gave me chills. Bravo! I love the way you change your lead up with panned pitch bends. Very neat indeed. Not a fan of the dub breakdown in the end, though production wise, it's well done. I'm just not a dub fan. Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this. Nice work. [B]Pepin - Painted Outside[/B] Got a Metallica vibe from this track, which is awesome. The vocals that come in so smooth just put the icing on the cake. They could be toned down just a tiny bit in the mix, however. Damn.. those undistorted guitar melodies are just hypnotic. Some points where the instruments get climactic, the vocals just don't keep up in energy. Put a bit more force, soul, heart, whatever it takes, in them when it starts to climax. That guitar solo is just damn sexy. Very very VERY well done. The point where it starts speeding up after the solo could have used a little bit more intro. Once again, the vocals here just don't have as much energy as they need. Your mix is falling flat here too, your drums definitely need more punch. 9:25.. what? Lol. I really enjoy the strings mixed in around 11:00. Another fantastic solo afterwards that fades out to the end. Composition: A++++++++++, Mix: C, Production Quality: B. I really enjoyed this track. Great work Pepin. [B]dezek - None Real[/B] Dat bass :F Great atmosphere. Great melodies. Anyone who questions your ability to make a beautiful track is an idiot. I don't know what else to say. Definitely one of my favorites. Incredible.. [B]Thisispain - None The Lab Went on a Moog Jazz Voyage[/B] Very funky bass. The right percussion would wrap this up so tightly.. but your percussion, while great, doesn't feel like it fits. I like the soundscape behind this. It's relaxing. By the way, way to rock the shit out of that moog :smile: 3:40 and on is very smooth. Nice work. I like the guitar hiding in there as well. [B]Artificial Night - Intermelocity[/B] Great studio sound quality. I like this A LOT. Overall fantastic instrumental. Has a bunch of different elements, changes up periodically, and each section is unique and amazing in its own way. Be proud that you had anything at all to do with this. Be very proud. [B]Tuliq - I stille stunder[/B] Really interesting intro. I like your distorted kick. The whole rhythm and sound here is excellent. I like the chopped up vocals too. This is one of those songs where I just can't really think of anything to tell you except how much I like it. Wait a minute... chiptune surprise! And then it's gone. Made me grin. And then more chiptune sounds again in the end. Great blend of styles/sounds here. One of my favorite tracks on here. [B]Hahabynow - P10x[/B] Your melodies are catchy and the house/dance grooves had me moving around in my seat. I like how you change it up often as well, it keeps it very interesting. Inspired by Crystal Castles you say? I like this better than pretty much anything I've heard from them. I think you beat them at their own game. [B]Anarcholholic - Drive[/B] Very mechanical/industrial, really neat sounds. Made me think of Bladerunner for some reason. I wish it would change up a little more, have some sort of variation to it. I like the sounds, atmosphere, and melodies though. Good work. [B]JRF - My Shoes (They're Magic)[/B] The vocals made me laugh. As far as that hardcore sound goes, you nailed it. My best friend/DJ/partner in crime is really into this style, and production/sound is dead on. I love 2:50, that swinging melody. Despite how ridiculous the premise of this song is, you managed to make a very solid track out of it. [B]Silent-Bob - Fade Away[/B] Absolute trash and by far the worst thing on this album. [B]Chaz13 - Vodka & Ice[/B] Oh man, when those percussions started fading in, I knew what was coming... and I was right. I love drum & bass, and this track reminds me why. Your bass is very dynamic. You drum line is perfect. Your melodies are catchy, your soundscape is atmospheric and has that drum & bass attitude to it. Great work. I have to listen to more after I finish this album. [B]Natrox - Into the Light[/B] Natrox, if you're reading this, you're already well aware of my opinion, but I'll restate it for the record. We have worked together, critiqued each others' works, and taught each other so much the entire time we've known each other. It's almost been a year, actually. I remember we did a collaboration track for the first Facepunch Collaborative. I have watched you grow so much, in style, sound, and skill. This is definitely the pinnacle of your work. The melodies are entrancing, wonderful, beautifully arranged. Your drums are perfect, they sit beautifully in the mix and are punchy. Your mix is beyond perfect. Your song structure is incredible, it keeps me so interested that I am constantly putting the track on repeat. You nailed the bass. It sounds wonderful. I'm still going through your project file for this and thinking "wow... I never thought of that." It's incredible how much you think outside the box with this. Definitely my favorite track by you to date.. which is really tough to say, because you have so many incredible songs. Keep it up, my friend! [B]Vedicardi - Techno Sucks[/B] :pwn: This genre is called Trashcore? Fitting. I laughed at how ridiculous this was. The instrumentation isn't bad at all, but the vocals are just so damn ridiculous that I can't take the song seriously at all. I'm sure that's the point.[/release] So after listening through everything, I am very impressed and proud that I can be a part of a community with such talent. Keep up the great work guys. Pepin, thank you again for putting this together, you put a lot of personal time and effort into doing this. Also, donate $3 for this post Dick Tracy :smile:
I am in the train right now, can't wait to listen.
Here is my album review. [release][B]neos300 - Let's Try Science[/B] - Feels like a conundrum where everything you can't touche anything because it affects something else. Sounds like science, or at least the idea that you have to take Y into consideration before messing with X. Very complicated. That was the interpretation I got. [B]Dick Tracy - New Dawn [/B]- Feels like a part of Led Zep song stretched out. I believe I am thinking of Kashmir, though that may not seem accurate to many. I wish there was more of a story and a structure to it than it being. [B]Blanc - Marr [/B]- When I was doing the mastering this one got stuck in my head. It's like I'm a bee and this is honey. It has a point to make and it does so in many different ways which is why it works. The synth sound is made a bit too harsh, but then again that's what made the track stand out. [B]StoolTable - Pancakes are Better Than Waffles[/B] -Quite like the feeling going on the in the verse. The dynamics need to be tamed though, like in the beginning, the organ was way too compared to the rest of the song. I feel like those whole song is a euphemism and could make for a serous song about sex or something. I like how it kind of goes into the the vocal talking at 4:00, very natural, especially the nitpicking. [B]Peterson - Welt Zerstört[/B] - Reminds me of a song from The Witcher. A bit haunting, but at the same time you know nothing bad is going to happen, just that it could happen. A bit of an interesting feeling. Son of Justice - Desert Colossus - A solo guitar piece. All of it seems to work, and it builds up tension. I'd try to silence the sequences and make the theme of the song more apparent. [B]Schmoe222 - The Death of Thomas Cromwell[/B] - Like the melody and how it leads into the chords. There is also a sense of predictability while at the same time remaining unpredictable which a lot of songs miss. [B]Tirde - Little Things[/B] - Not sure what this is like. I feel like something is missing in the mid range. It doesn't seem to go too far from what it does and not a lot of tension is built up. Wish it did more. [B]Hakita - Mano-A-Mano[/B] - Wow, really showing off your midi composition and mixing skills. This would sound quite well as a real song and I'm quite sure you're aware of that. The composition makes a lot a sense and it keeps going back to a bunch of previos ideas. The tension that is built up is done quite well. [B]Chordacle - Catastrophic Evidence[/B] - Oh no, not this song, I remember it during the mastering, it another one of the song that got stuck in my head. What's so effective about it is that it asks a question that can't be answered, but you still keep asking. In musical terms, it's a melody that that can't quite ever fully be resolved, but you still love to play. Some of the Harmony work is quite good. I think you should have explored a bit more and varied the song more. [B]Wake the Phantom - Feelings for You[/B] - Another one of these songs. This is why people hate pop, the songs are built to be catchy. It does a pretty job going through the maintaining the feeling of the song while changing ideas, and I wish the song before did that a little more. [B]dezek - None Real[/B] - This track has a lot of atmosphere and I feel like someone should be singing with it. The bass line to me conveys a message of "oh here we go again", so the song could be about something about arguing with a spouse or something. There's a lot that makes it open to interpretation. It's kind of in need of a bit of a change, like a bridge. [B]Thisispain - None The Lab Went on a Moog Jazz Voyage[/B] - I love the bass sound. Seems to be some experimental mixing going on which is pretty interesting, I think it adds. Getting into the main groove at 3:00 sounds as solid as a stoned stoner, and that's a good thing, sound very loose yet still connected. [B]Artificial Night - Intermelocity[/B] - I'm not going to be able to give much but praise for this. Everything works very well, how the tension builds up, the drumming. Sounds pretty similar to Dream Theater. The mixing between the keys and the guitars is handled a bit odd in some spots, and this isn't surprising with how it is being attempted. [B]Tuliq - I stille stunder[/B] - A bit interesting of an intro. I love the voices, no clue what they are saying. There is a bit of a funky feel, yet a retro feel, hard to describe. I don't know what's going on, yet I do. Very unique. I'd describe the song's message as uncertainty about the future, but that's my interpretation. [B]Hahabynow - P10x[/B] - I've decided that P10x is describing a drug and its strength. It's what the song feels like to me. Some of parts sound like a bong rip, so maybe that's where I'm getting that notion from, but overall pretty well done. [B]Anarcholholic - Drive[/B] -This feels like what they'd play when an approaching army is marching forward. Has quite a military feel. I'm not really liking the effects on the drums, a bit too much, but the premise of the song seems to be well maintained and tensions gets built up. An issue with it is that it needs go for more a build and release, it kind of does, but not enough to be effective. [B]JRF - My Shoes (They're Magic)[/B] - This reminds me of that Zombie Nation song. Kind of captures the odd obsession with shoes. Composed pretty well, those some ideas don't seem to go anywhere. Could have been condensed a bit more. [B]Silent-Bob - Fade Away[/B] - Kind of like the into because it has me guessing what the song is going to like. I should know, but I don't quite remember. Darn, I was hoping you'd take me into something other than strings, but I guess I set myself up for that. I really have a difficult time commenting on this genre because it's intended not to be as involved. Not that there is anything wrong with that, as many people love that kind of music. [B]Chaz13 - Vodka & Ice [/B]- The mixing could be better on this, it tries to capture to much of the bass. The composition seems to be well done, and the bass is done some interesting stuff. You need to be much more aware of the frequencies you're working with as there a big in balance, this is the major issue with the song. [B]Natrox - Into the Light[/B] - The intro seems to work well. Mixing is very well done. The melodies make sense, and the use of tension is very nice to see. I was surprised how long you held out that first note, not a lot of people would do it, I would have added a bit more tension to it. Very good composition, especially with the intentional mistakes. [B]Vedicardi - Techno Sucks[/B] - I don't think I can't criticize the mixing because this is suppose to sound like that right? This actually kind of sounds like a radio song with the "let's make techno" part, I can imagine people singing with it.[/release]
good reviews
Oh crap, I thought I removed the 30 seconds or so of nothing at the beginning of my song. Sorry. Edit: Thanks for fixing it Pepin!
Got all of my reviews up. Had a great time listening through all of this!
yay people liked it
I just wanted to say thanks to Pepin for the amazing effort you've given to organize this. Few things on FP are this well planned and thought out.
Yeah, Pepin did amazing work organizing this <3. It's late here in finland, I'll give it a listen after school tomorrow and write short reviews on every track!
Its only been 4 hours and there are already 2 reviews of the album with 2 more on the way... At this rate Dick Tracy is going to have to donate all his money away soon :v:
In my opinion this album isn't quite on par with the last couple in terms of listening experience diversity wise, but it was definitely the most well organized to this point so major props to Pepin and props to everyone who participated as always. I'll do some reviews tomorrow probably, had a rough weekend.
[quote]Vedicardi - Techno Sucks This genre is called Trashcore? Fitting. I laughed at how ridiculous this was. The instrumentation isn't bad at all, but the vocals are just so damn ridiculous that I can't take the song seriously at all. I'm sure that's the point[/quote] Thrash not trash ;-;
Yey, downloading right and gonna listen through it tomorrow. It's nice to see so many reviews already, I'll try to write some if I find time for it, got a lot of school the next couple of weeks... [QUOTE=hikula;32816604]I love you, Dezek. I love you... [editline]16th October 2011[/editline] Seriously, your track is so beautiful[/QUOTE] I'm glad you liked it :)
I'm halfway through this album (started on track 14, gone through to track 1 now) and I'm loving every second of it! I'll write my own review tomorrow, and I'm glad you guys enjoy the track of mine so far! The mastering you've done is excellent Pepin, it really helped a lot =) To everyone involved, you are truly amazing and it just keeps getting better and better, I want you all to know that you all inspire me to become a better musician, human being and in general just striving to make the world a better place. Thank you all for doing what you do, and for being who you are!
[QUOTE=StoolTable;32818914]Oh crap, I thought I removed the 30 seconds or so of nothing at the beginning of my song. Sorry.[/QUOTE] In case anyone is wondering, that issue is now resolved as I have uploaded a version that cuts out that. So for future listeners, that first 30 seconds at the begging is apart of the song.
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