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dick tracy your posts sound like shit from the anime I watch I love it
Took me a while to listen to all of these, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
[QUOTE=Vedicardi;32820352]Thrash not trash ;-;[/QUOTE] Ahaha my mistake.
I want to congratulate everyone who put effort in to this album!
Oh, I want to partake in another making of this :)
Good shit, thanks Pepin as well as everyone that contributed!
I will have my reviews up tomorrow as well.
Okay, here I go: [release] [b]1. neos300 - Let's Try Science:[/b] It starts with this messy.. fl slayer(?) Melody. It changes around too randomly and feels pretty messy. I didn't enjoy it too much :/ [b]2. Dick Tracy - New Dawn:[/b] I like the sound of that guitar, much better recording quality than usually from Dick Tracy. I think there is another guitar there, I can barely hear it. Oh, it gets louder, nice. The drums could have been little more solid. It's paced pretty well. Me like, but the ending is kinda weird. [b]3. Blanc - Marr:[/b] It seems that we are in for some chiptuney stuff now. The build up was pretty much for nothing, disappointed me a little. Could have used some cleaner sounds on top. Mixing also feels a little off. It's pretty decent, it could have done a little more. [b]4. StoolTable - Pancakes are Better Than Waffles:[/b] Really liking the intro, chill shit. Ahaha, this is amazing :v:. But I was starting to wonder how this could keep me entertained for 8 minutes, suddenly change to spoken word. This is pretty hilarious, nice ending solo too. It's amazing, yes. [b]5. Peterson - Welt Zerstört:[/b] Ambient? Sounds pretty creepy, like sirens singing from somewhere far away. It sounds like it could fit a movie. It got me hypnotized after a while and I forgot to write, I like it. :v: [b]Son of Justice - Desert Colossus:[/b] Pretty nice guitar melodies, but it does not really go anywhere, I find it boring :(. [b]Schmoe222 - The Death of Thomas Cromwell:[/b] Oh it's Schmoe, this is going to be awesome. It has a really good athmosphere and instrumentation like hakita said and is generally awesome. Pretty short tho :/ [b]Tirde - Little Things:[/b] Oh god it sucks who even makes shit like this!!1 [b]Hakita - Mano-A-Mano:[/b] Time for midi! The louder part almost scared the shit out of me! Really cool riffs and it's composed pretty well like usually. Semi long and interesting midi song from hakita, like expected. After googling the name I can say that the song fits it perfectly. I enjoyed it! [b]Chordacle - Catastrophic Evidence:[/b] The intro and name told me to brace me for something dark, suddenly it gets pretty positive. I like the playful melody. It could use little more solid bassline. I like the drums towards the end. I don't think it gets too repetitive, enjoyed it overall :smile: [b]Wake the Phantom - Feelings for You:[/b] Hmm, the intro feels like it's going to be house. Pretty long intro for a three minute track. The melody gets a little repetitive after a while. What, dubstep? You had a good chance to change some synths in here, something little more heavier could have fit pretty nicely. It's not a bad track, but I think it lacks something. [b]Pepin - Painted Outside:[/b] 14 minutes 23 seconds? I'm not a huge fan of super long tracks, but I'll try to sit through this one. It starts with some nice riffs and goes crazy for a while. The singing is pretty good, but doesn't keep up very well with the energy when the instruments get more energetic. Sexy solo there! To this point the composition has been extremely good! Now it goes crazy again. The vocals remind me of tim exile at 7:40. 9:00 it went completely nuts! Pretty cool. And a beautiful solo to top it all. I was little sceptic, but it was a one hell of a ride, I liked it! [b]dezek - None Real:[/b] It's really athmospheric. I love the vocal samples. It's just.. great. Good job! [b]Thisispain - None The Lab Went on a Moog Jazz Voyage:[/b] Damn sexy bass! It's really funky, I love the tight drums. It got some nice athmosphere going on in the background. One of my favorites definately. [b]Artificial Night - Intermelocity:[/b] Another super long track, but (surprise) a really good one! The quality is great, the composition is amazing, everything is amazing. It got huge amount of stuff in it, but everything fits right on. The ending is freaking epic too. So far this is absolutely the most amazing song of this album! [b]Tuliq - I stille stunder:[/b] It starts with some pretty interesting glitches and changes suddenly into a pretty chill track. I like the sounds and vocals very much. It's a really great mix of genres and has a good production value. I like it very much! [b]Hahabynow - P10x:[/b] Haha, I love the melody on this one. It just changes around little too fast for my likings. I love it otherwise, it's too short :(. [b]Anarcholholic - Drive:[/b] It starts out very intimidating. I like the sound of the drums. Really great synths too. Makes me think of an army marching by. Could use some variation though. [b]JRF - My Shoes (They're Magic):[/b] I'm not a big fan of hardstyle, but the synth sounds really neat. That girl sounds like she's going to burst out crying any moment? :v:. Really nice melody at 3:30. It's better than most hardstyle that I have heard, gotta give you that. [b]Silent-Bob - Fade Away:[/b] Not really what I expected, I thought you like to make trance :v:. Really nice athmosphere on this one. I was just starting to think it's getting boring when it changed a little. Really cool drum patterns. It's a really nice song with high production quality, but it got a little repetitive over time. [b]Chaz13 - Vodka & Ice:[/b] Ahh, neurofunk time, kids! The bass eats a little too much space. However it's pretty well composed and drum programming is pretty kickass. I also happen to love that reese bass! The second drop is pretty solid. A really nice track! [b]Natrox - Into the Light:[/b] I love your synths. The melodies are pretty well done and it's very well put together. Loving this one. [b]Vedicardi - Techno Sucks:[/b] Wait what is happening?!? Thank god for the "lyrics button". Not really my style, but I smiled a little at the lyrics :v:. [/release] Damn I'm bad at reviewing things :v:. Really great work everybody! I enjoyed it very much, lets make the next one even better!
God dammit, Schmoe, you're still crazy good. Fucking god damn I love you
Now managing the thread from a hospital.
[QUOTE=Pepin;32828833]Now managing the thread from a hospital.[/QUOTE] Is the hospital Painted from Outside or just inside? :v:
[QUOTE=Pepin;32828833]Now managing the thread from a hospital.[/QUOTE] Getting this collab together has caused exhaustion to set in :(
[QUOTE=Hakita;32829092]Is the hospital Painted from Outside or just inside? :v:[/QUOTE] I have yet to decide if this is in our out side the lines. [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/snapshot43.jpg[/img]
I'm writing the rest of the reviews now. Also, Artificial Night, putting Razor's Edge as the ending is kind of cheating. [editline]17th October 2011[/editline] Part 2 of my reviews [release] [B]Pepin - Painted Outside[/B] Its progressive metal with all the best possible prog cliches used. I'm really on the fence about this song. Its probably one of those song which I'll have to listen to a few times before I really start liking it. Now, the solos are very good, but they always end with one short melody repeating WAY too many times. Also, work on the raspy vocals (especially the scream) a bit, they felt like they lacked some energy. Otherwise vocals are very good. Would like to hear this song polished a bit more and maybe make the guitar tone a bit lower and more powerful on the dark part. Also, the song feels like a cut version of a 20+ minute epic. [B]dezek - None Real[/B] You can tell what kind of song it'll be just from the intro. A pretty chill song with simple melodies. Gets slightly repetitive overtime, but not bad. Something I could really enjoy late at night when I'm just chilling around Facepunch. [B]Thisispain - None The Lab Went on a Moog Jazz Voyage[/B] Funky bass. A very enjoyable song with a relaxed feeling and nice instrumentation. When I read the name I was expecting some super-experimental-noise shite (you know, what Akayz usually does), but got surprised with a good electronic song. I'm adding this to my iPod. [B]Artificial Night - Intermelocity[/B] The other 10+ minute track on the album. And this one just absolutely blew me away. It's like a metal version of Focus, with great guitar tones and incredibly well put together instrumentation. I'm really getting a post-Octavarium Dream Theater vibe from this song. Really would be better with some vocals, since it gets slightly tiring after 6 minutes, but its still incredibly well put together. It sounds very professional, these guys should definitely get a recording deal. Also, whats with the Razor's Edge as the end? Kind of feels like cheating, since covers aren't allowed on the collab albums, but I'll let it slip. [B]Tuliq - I stille stunder[/B] A very interesting intro that pulls me in and gets me interested. 8-bitty drums paired with guitar and some samples. Not a bad combination, but definitely unexpected. Overall the song progresses smoothly without breaking the atmosphere. A very nice song and a good break from the last song's intensity. [B]Hahabynow - P10x[/B] A very positive song. Not really much going on in this song, so I can't comment much. Its a good song however, and it keeps the feeling from start to end. [B]Anarcholholic - Drive[/B] A darker electronic song after the last 2. Its also very nice and enjoyable from start to end. Gets slightly repetitive because of the length, but still not too much. [B]JRF - My Shoes (They're Magic)[/B] Oh look, yet another electronic song... Oh well, anyways, like the last 2 songs, its a pretty basic, enjoyable song from start to end with nothing much really happening. Slightly repetitive, but enjoyable still. [B]Silent-Bob - Fade Away[/B] Ah, finally breaking the streak of ok electronic songs with a very good electronic song. A very relaxed song with some nice bass lines and drums. However, like the last few songs, it gets slightly repetitive overtime. [B]Chaz13 - Vodka & Ice[/B] Yet another electronic song. However, this is alot more energetic and moving than the ones before, making it less repetitive. Also, it's not too long, so thats a plus too. [B]Natrox - Into The Light[/B] Continuing the stream of electronic songs. A pretty positive and chill song with nice drums. However, it has the same problem as all the ones before it, repetitiveness. Although its less noticeable here, its still there. [B]Vedicardi - Techno Sucks[/B] FINALLY ending the stream of electronic music, this track is short and very thrashy/punky. Its not really bad, but its not really extremely great either. [/release]
I think I'd rather have other people mix my large projects. My computer can't quite handle it.
Come on guys, we need more reviews! [B]THINK OF THE CHILDREN![/B]
God, I love the Dream Theater Ending on Intermelocity. It is a really great song overall in my opinion. I must say I like this album more than previous iterations.
If you enjoy the album feel free to share the link with friends.
[QUOTE=Hakita;32829092]Is the hospital Painted from Outside or just inside? :v:[/QUOTE] Seriously making puns from this album, too? :v:
[QUOTE=Fish_poke;32836096]God, I love the Dream Theater Ending on Intermelocity. It is a really great song overall in my opinion. I must say I like this album more than previous iterations.[/QUOTE] Wow thanks man! I'm glad the reception has been so good for it. :buddy: I'll post a review whenever I can, I'm a bit busy with schoolwork at the moment seeing as term just started up, but I'll listen through the whole thing and type one up as soon as I can.
Some songs are ok, some are just terrible. I'm gonna leave out my specifics to not point fingers.
[QUOTE=TJCTakSUn;32840003]Some songs are ok, some are just terrible. I'm gonna leave out my specifics to not point fingers.[/QUOTE] People won't mind "finger pointing" so long as you give them serious feedback. If you don't like someone's song then tell them why and how you think they could make it better. Constructive criticism is one of the most useful things for a musician. [editline]18th October 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Hakita;32829512]I'm writing the rest of the reviews now. Also, Artificial Night, putting Razor's Edge as the ending is kind of cheating.[/QUOTE] Hehe I know, but we wanted to put this song up and we hadn't written an ending. Plus playing Razor's Edge has been a hit at our live shows so we decided we may as well record it. We are in the process of writing an actual ending to it. (And I did get the go ahead from Pepin to include it despite it being a cover) And I tried to get a different song for it, but the guy who recorded and produced it couldn't get it to mix down because his computer is old and crappy.
"Its not really bad, but its not really extremely great either." oh so it's just kinda great I'll go with that!
[QUOTE=Vedicardi;32840730]"Its not really bad, but its not really extremely great either." oh so it's just kinda great I'll go with that![/QUOTE] Yeah, exactly.
I would like to hear some reviews from people who aren't regular visitors to the Musician's Gig Room. Perhaps even a mod. So far it seems like it's just people who were involved with the album. I know this thread is getting viewed by the regular General Discussion viewers. Just tell us what you think, we put a lot of work into this for the entire community.
It might mean that only musicians care about charity. Hmm...
When's Schmoe going to make the thread for VII?
[QUOTE=Hakita;32846014]When's Schmoe going to make the thread for VII?[/QUOTE] Well I might be doing that. That'll be figured out in about a week or two.
I'm dedicating my 12,000th post to Dick Tracy's hopefully upcoming, constructive and well thought-out reviews. CHEERS!
[QUOTE=Hakita;32846493]I'm dedicating my 12,000th post to Dick Tracy's hopefully upcoming, constructive and well thought-out reviews. CHEERS![/QUOTE] Glorious.
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