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[QUOTE=azchili;26034973]This shit has offically died.[/QUOTE] Then don't post.
I want to start this up again but I totally forgot most of the entire plot I had thought up, so I'm just going to ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL and resume the story but in a different room now. [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/2n80vhx.jpg[/IMG]
Throw Reinforced Paper as a Distraction and then Steal his Tonfa and Knock him out with it.
Walk past him and buy a coke, if he tries to hit you with it you offer the coke to him
Do what every lowlife does in Glasgow just say "HAWL" when he turns round go "Wit you looking at ya wee dafty and the proceed to pull out a knife and stab him as many times as you can (don't worry what you said is a real life cheat code to acquire a knife in your inventory.)
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