• The Adventures of Gallus Dominium
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I bring you here today some short stories I've wrote. My friends keep telling me I need to post it up on facepunch. I bring you here today, some original work and pretty much first time writing anything to this extent. I'll post them in order all the way up to part II of Gallus's tale. Some of this might be offending, so don't read if you're offended easily. Thanks. Also, if you don't want to read the first 2 pieces, you don't have two, they're just the first two piece's I wrote that kicked off this whole story. [U][B] Gallus Dominium[/B][/U] My fellow members call my penis a legend, and have nicknamed it many things. The most recent name for it is the "Scimitar." (A large blade with a slight upward curve) One past name was "The Lockness." Why you may ask? I slayed the beast with one mighty swing. The battle lasted 7 years. I lived off my own urine and feces for a long age. I did have decent meals every-once in a great while, when the beast was mesmerized by the great white full moon, I could reach in and cut a piece of him right off. I would then make my way back to my camp and feast upon the beasts’ meat. It was the battle of the ages. You see these photos of the beast on these so called image sites. There's a reason why they no longer can find him anymore. Even though we fought for many a time. . . We had great respect for one another, and when I finally stuck my blade through his heart; he looked at me. as if he were saying "If I could choose who to take my life and essence, it would be you; great Cock-Master." After that day I've grown 2 more inches in size and 3 more in girth. I took his soul, and some days I feel the whisper of the mighty beast. It speaks to me in ways of how to defeat my new enemy's and to protect my life with the knowledge I took from Lockness. . . This is how I earned the name of "The Lockness." [U][B]Gallus Dominium and the African-Americans[/B][/U] Another adventure of Gallus Dominum. I was traveling with my fellow member's down a vast road. Fog covered every inch of land we couldn't see. Out of this mist and fog came out Large Men. . . African Americans. . . They held their "blades" as if they were taunting us. I told my men to "stand back!" Their blades were too huge. . . Massive in length and girth; but they were no match for my blade! I flip flopped my blade out of my "Sheath." It was, not erect. My blade was not hard. I told to my men "Come forward, I need your help as I sharpen my blades sense's, it needs to be awoke!" So my men dashed forward striking these. . . African Americans. . . I worked fast and hard to get my blade "up" to par. My blade tried to help me by releasing some of its "pre-blade lubricant." I worked it as much as I could, whist my men were being battered with the Africans large blades. My men couldn't take much longer, but as soon as I saw the African's leader strike down my first mate. I lost all control. My blade "screamed" in anger and frustration. It was so "loud" it knocked the Africans over and made their blade's limp and dull. I finally had my blade back in action. I arouse from my previous position and jumped right at my enemy's. I strikin' down all of them in my path to get to my mate. There were at least 16,484,563 of them, give or take a few million. Once I got to my mate, I gave him my last potion of erotica. His blade became firm and strong once more and he awoke 4 days later in the safety of our guilds base. [B][U] Adventures of Gallus Dominium[/U][/B] Today I share with you one of my tales from my long life that I have lived. We start off in Mortlignum, where I have setup my camp. It is in the evening time and its spring. It’s so beautiful here in spring, besides the deadwood. The dark and gloomy forest. I’ve setup camp near there. I gather my wood for my fires from the edge of the Deadwoods. I’ve been told about the Deadwoods. There are wretched evils that live deep inside the Deadwoods, but being of the Gallus Dominium clan; I’ve setup my camp right next the them. Because us Dominium’s do not fear ANYTHING! The Clan and I have taken on (Single Handedly) Troll’s, Demon’s and many other beasts of the kind! We have taken down beast’s the size of The Gothar Mountains themselves. I took on the leader of the Vesperon Clan. He was 20 feet and 6 inches tall and had wings that spanned out to 84 feet; hooves for legs and 4 horns coming out of the top of his head. We were in the clans’ village of Iumlap and the leaders name was Vaulker. The battle raged for 27 fort nights. We were so weak towards the last days of our battle that I actually thought, “I might lose this fight.” Then I remembered, I killed a unicorn in the everglades weeks before our battle had started. I took the horn off of the ravage beast. I figured it would possibly be useful later. Once I survived the ongoing battle between Vaulker and myself; I knew that taking the time and effort to get that horn was a valuable investment. I took the horn before the last day of battle and spent a night grinding it up with my mortar and pestle. After I ground it up, I let it sit until the morning. As I readied myself for the last day of battle, I put down 3 lines of the ground unicorn horn and I then took in the power of this mythical creature. I felt myself go into a rage as the magic coursed through my veins. With my cock growing in size and my energy restored, I leapt toward Vaulker; 20 feet into the air and I latched onto his horns. I used my grown cock blade and sliced through his tough horn. As I fell with his horns now in my hands I tore through both his demon wings. With his wings now latched onto my arms I soar, descending down the beast as he fell into the ravine nearby, where the battle took place. The ravine was so wide and deep, it looked like it led down to hell itself. I made a new cock blade from his horn, and I stole his wings so I could glide when need be. Anyways, this is just a taste of what’s to come in my tale that I’m going to share with you. I’ve had many epic battles and this was only one of thousands. I must go now, but later I will share with you the true first part of this tale. The first part of the tale will start off with myself in Mortlignum at my camp, traveling through the Deadwoods up too Nixra. [U][B]Adventures of Gallus Dominium Part I[/B][/U] I awoke at my camp in Mortlignum, I must travel north-east towards Nixra; through the deadwoods, here’s the beginning of my journey. I’ve packed up camp and headed towards the Deadwoods. As I walked up to the edge, it felt as if I was being watched. I have to go through the center of the Deadwoods to reach my destination. As I entered the Deadwoods, mist surrounded me and fog was at my feet up to my knees. There was little to no wind while I traveled on my path. I stopped for a moment to rest and gather my energy, after walking down the path for quite some time. I’ll never forget the silence I experience. [I]*Snap* [/I]I heard a twig break behind me. I turned around and readied myself! I dropped my sheath and grasped my hard blade as I saw a cluster fuck of wretched whores slumber towards me. When I saw the pack of whores, I knew I was getting close to the center. The wretched whores came after me with glowing eyes, rotten flesh and tits that sagged so low, they reminded me of how deep the ocean of Utuber is. With my blade grasped firmly, I dashed through the whores to the back of their pack. I decided it would be less time consuming to attack from behind, then to go for a frontal assault. One by one I butt-fucked the living hell out of them with lightning speed. As I made my way to each whore, I felt my blade [I]stinging[/I]. I fuck sliced my way through the last whore of the cluster fuck of the wretched whore pack. I looked down to my cock and saw it glowing bright red, dripping in blood and practically on fire. I ran for my sack so I could grab my canteen and rinse this putrid stank off of my dashing blade. Some would say the smell was of a Cybium fish. Either way, I washed myself of the smell and pieces of flesh. I gathered my items and headed for the center of the Deadwoods. Past the dead bodies of the whores I went, feeling no remorse for these stank assed whores. It took quite some time, but I managed to reach the center of the Deadwoods. I decided to setup camp here, and finish my walk to Nixra in the morning. Before I could even setup my tent another whore appeared. This one was different though. This one had a voice, and everyone knows a whore with a voice is no good! She spoke “I am Iglibris and you killed my clan members!” I tried to apologize and reason with this witch, but it was to no avail. Iglibris grabbed her saggy tits and started to [I]squeeze[/I] and fire out her lactating acid at me. I jumped over her streams and dodged her leakage. I took ahold of my cold hard steel and flaunted it in front of her very eyes. Anyone who lives to slay the dammed knows that an animated whore with a voice cannot resist a large cock. Iglibris jumped for my Johnson with arms wide open. I then flew through the air and dodged. Iglibris fatally jumped mouth first into a tree with its wooden branch sticking straight out. “That’ll keep her mouth shut.” I said as I walked to my uncompleted tent. I finished making camp. After setting up, I gave Iglibris a burial, “I don’t need a whore stinking up my camp.” I put my head down and fell asleep, exhausted. I go away to my dream world “Goodnight.” I awoke in the morning to the fresh smell of dead pine. “Lovely.” I collected my things and headed off to Nixra to the North-East. I’ve been traveling for a day now, one more and I know I’ll reach Nixra. I’ll set my camp up there to rest. As I walk from the center of the Deadwoods I can tell I’m getting near, because the landscape is changing before me. It’s getting colder and the trees are starting to open up. I see up ahead a group of what looks like to me, fine looking females. I walk up to them and ask “What are you fine ladies up too? It’s dangerous for delicate woman here in the Darkwoods.” “We live here, and we’re hunting for our families and clan.” “What clan do you speak of?” “The Cunnus.” “Where is your leader?” “She’s coming down the hill behind you.” I turn around and notice the most beautiful figure of the most perfect woman; she was shaped like a slim hourglass. She had a perfect rack and a fantastic ass. “What’s her name?” I asked. “Her name is Lorem, Lorem Canis.” I turned and called “Lorem! Lorem Canis!” As she walked up to me, she grabbed my blade and whispered “Yes?” “Oh! Uh. . .” I stuttered as she started to rub my blade. As soon as she started rubbing, I knew she was a sluty bitch that need a good ass-fucking. I asked if she and her fellow members wanted a good orgium. She replied “Why would I not want too, with one of the largest blades I’ve felt?” She and her group of hunter females took me to their camp and we had one of the best orgium’s ever. After they started to slumber, I quietly arose and left their camp. I (once again) gathered my things and left North-East. It was night; I walked past a den and heard a growl. I didn’t think anything of it and continued to Nixra. Finally after a few days of walking I could see Nixra, but something blocked my path to the sweet Nixra. That growl I heard earlier in the night? Well it hit me. It was the growls of a male bear in heat. . . I saw him and he saw me. His large brown eyes stared into my soul and his giant bear cock was dripping with semen. I knew what I must do. I was not about to let this bear rip my beautiful hairless ass apart. I took my blade and readied myself. He charged towards me foaming at the mouth while I held my cock blade in hand. We crossed cocks. This beast of a bear flailed his giant cock around like a mad man. I jumped, ducked, rolled and twirled to dodge his flailing dick. I stuck my blade into the air as his dick flew by. Its cock was no more. The bear roared in agony as his once large cock flopped on the ground, like a fish out of water. All the blood was flowing from the once massive blade. I took my blade and sliced the bears head clean off. I skinned the bear and made some warm armor from its pelt. It’s going to be very useful for the harsh tundra of Nixra. I set camp in the recently deceased bears den. I rest my head and await for the morning to continue my journey through Nixra to Vriflumen. [U][B]Adventures of Gallus Dominium Part II[/B][/U] I woke up to dry, but very cold air. I finally made it from Mortlignum through the Deadwoods. I was here, in Nixra. One of the Harshest lands on Nilzenis (Continent on the world of Zenn). Nixra holds Snow, Ice and upper north is the frozen ocean of Utuber. Stuprant Rex also lives here in Nixra. He and his clan capture, rape and torture travelers. I am bound to fact that I’ll see him and will have to deal with him and his mates. He wears large boots and a crown. Nothing else; Stuprant has lived here so long he has become used to the cold-harsh weather that Nixra brings upon its land. I packed up my things and grabbed my sack. I headed off north-east to the ocean of Utuber. It’s a harsh walk, but I know I’ll get there. The cold is so vicious against my cock blade it has shriveled up. I walk along my path with my hands caught in my pants. There’s no other way to keep my blade and hands warm. The constant walking creates enough heat for my hands to capture within them to keep myself warm. The snow and ice crunch under my feet. I hate the sound of snow and ice crunching beneath me. Up ahead I see a small village, probably not many people living in a place like this, but it’s worth a shot to see what they have. As I entered the village some guards come up to me. Just a few guards, but it was still aggravating nonetheless. “Hey you, outlander!” “Me?” “Yeah you, what do you want with our village?” “I’m just passing through trying to make my way to Vriflumen.” “Oh is that so? Well, we could use your help.” “Why would you need my help? You don’t even know me” “We’re not going to let you pass, unless you help us. As you can see, we don’t really have a choice.” “Yeah, your town looks pretty abandoned” “Yes, this is true.” “What do you need?” “The reason why we need you is because Stuprant and his Basilgo clan keep terrorizing our village.” “Yeah, I know of him, The Rape King.” “Will you help us?” “As long as you and your people can guarantee me safe passage to Vriflumen, then yes.” “We can do that. Please, just take care of Stuprant and his band of maniacs.” “I’ll be on my way then, I’ll be back with his dick in his eye socket.” I leave the village and head towards Stuprant and the Basilgo clan. I’m tired and exhausted, but I need to finish this and keep the small village safe; if it will get me a safe and relaxing passage to the next town in Vriflumen. I back track west along the ocean of Utuber. The ocean is so deep, it appears almost pitch black. I keep walking west, but a splash comes out from the ocean, I look and see nothing. All of a sudden I’ve been picked up and I’m dangling almost 40 feet in the air. My pack drops and all my things fall into the water. “Fuck, god dammit!” I scream and turn my head. I see the largest squid known to man. Lolly, I thought he was just a legend, but the stories are true. Lolly is a giant squid that’s about 60 feet and has 8 cock-like tentacles. His tentacles are leaking some white and clear liquid all over me. It’s disgusting. I try to reach for my cock blade, but Lolly has grasped me too tightly. I’m helpless; I can’t do anything but let this monstrosity have its way with me. I yell and try to kick but nothing is to avail. Lolly looks at me and I look back at his three disfigured eyes. I get an idea. It was unexpected and probably dumb as fuck, but I spit into his eyes. He lets out a deep yell from under his giant vagina shaped mouth. The squid has gotten me so slippery from his tentacles I could get free from just spiting in his eye’s because it would distract him. Lolly lessened his grip on me. I fell. Tumbling down 40 feet was not something I enjoyed. I splash right into the water. I open my eyes, but I can barely see anything. The ocean is too dark for me to try and attack from under. I swam up towards the shore and found that my pack and my things were washed up from the current. It was so cold and my furry armor I made from the bear was drenched. I had to get out of my clothes while the squid was preoccupied with spit all in his eyes. As I got naked the squid looked at me and stopped for a moment to gaze in awe at my giant cock blade. I look down at myself and see that the harsh weather and the cold water have shrunken my blade down to a disappointing size. Even though my blade was still large enough for the squid to be shocked by it, it was not big enough to take on his 8 cock-like tentacles. I run to my knapsack with my cock and balls flapping all over my wet self. I reach for my sack right as Lolly reaches for and grabs my feet with his slippery cock tentacles. Just as I’m pulled up for a second time I was able to grab my phoenix egg I brought with me on my adventure. I was 40 feet in the air again, but this time upside down. I had both my hands free and with my cock flapping in my face I take my phoenix egg and smash it against my large blade. The egg is of a phoenix so it’s warm to the touch, but the inside is hot enough to cool off my frozen body. As my body heats up and my cock blade grows in size Lolly notices the newly found heat and looks down at me and my now formidable large blade. It’s shocked once again to seen a penis grow to the lengths that’s impossible for a human. Lolly loosens its grip on my feet, and I take advantage of this. I flip out of his tentacles grasp and land up on the topside of it. I run towards his eyes with my blade, dodging his other tentacles as I dash past them. I stuck my blade straight into the squid’s ugly disfigured eye. An explosion of cream rushes out of his eye and right onto my whole body. The nasty cum like liquid covered me as I fell. I fell right onto another one of his tentacles. This cock tentacle happened to be right below his vagina shaped mouth. I ran to his mouth as fast as possible and as soon as I got too it. I shoved it all the way through his vagina mouth to the back of his neck. The beast starts to fall back into to ocean, but he tries to bring me with him. Lolly grabs my cock with his cock tentacle. The squid tries to pull me under, but my cock blade is more mighty then his chummy tentacle. With one pulse of blood rushing to the tip of my cock and then back down into me it slices through his cock tentacle and frees me. I swim back to shore and watch Lolly fall back into the ocean. He leaks a purple kind of blood, and I stand there naked as I watch as his blood flows into the ocean. It’s such a beautiful site. The purple blood washed into the black-blue ocean. His blood forms new land. It’s a lushes green island. To bad it’s soon to be covered in snow that will wither everything and kill it. I’ll call this land, the Greenland’s of Lolly. I gather my things from the shore of the ocean and get dressed after I clean off in the water. The hot after effects of the phoenix egg keeps me warm and evaporates the water off of my body. I put my fur armor back on and the water from that is also evaporated. I’m warm, but still exhausted. I’m now ready to continue west too Stuprant and the Basilgo clan. After walking a few hours I come across Stuprant’s town. I come up to the main gate and yell for him. “Stuprant, come out right now dammit!” I wait for a while and he does come out eventually. I see Stuprant standing before me with nothing on but his large boots on and his golden crown. “What do you fucking want?” “You’re hindering my progress; I can’t go through the village back east to Vriflumen until I kill you and take your head back to them with your cock in your eye socket.” “Well, let’s get on with this then, I’m busy and have much raping to attend too. I have to rape the maids of the town’s castle.” He grabs his cock blade and rubs the tip trying to get it ready for battle. I grasp my cock blade and with the warmth of the phoenix egg still coursing through my body I focus all of it to the tip of my cock blade. We dash forward, towards each other. Clashing blades and smacking tips. I dodge and attack. He parry’s and attacks back. I side step out of the way and dash backwards. “I have no time for this foolishness!” I step back even more and kneel to the ground. I grab my cock and furiously masturbate. I feel the warmth of the phoenix come up my shaft and too my tip. My cock explodes in a fiery rage of flaming semen. It hits Stuprant directly. He yell’s “What the fuck is this shit? Ahhhh! It fucking burns!” “It’s the power of the phoenix! Take it all! DIE!” Stuprants cock starts melting as does his lower body as he runs around naked in his boots and his crown. The Basilgo runs out to help their king. “How dare you! You will pay for what you have done here!” With my cock on fire still raging with power, I slice each Basilgo member in half like butter. The power of the phoenix was just too strong for them to handle. I finish just in time, as the power of the phoenix dies down. I walk up to the now deceased rape king and rip his head off and grab his semi melted cock and ram it right into his eye socket. I yelled out “If anyone else wants to fuck with the villagers from the East of Nixra I will do to you as I did the rape king!” After said, I walk out with my gear and head back East to what was once a helpless village. I enter into the village with the dead kings head and cock in eye socket. The guards came up to me and welcomed me with open arms. They were extremely satisfied. They fed me a feast in my honor and gave me bitches that I could fuck to my pleasing, and so I did fuck. I fucked all the way up to the morning. I equipped myself with new gear that the villages gave me for the light warmth of Vriflumen. It’s a nicely warmed place, not to cold and not too hot. Green and lushes with fantastic rivers. I hoped into the back of the carriage taking me to the land. Since it wasn’t going to be a short ride, I lay my head down and sleep until we arrive there. That's I'll I've written so far, so yeah. Thanks for reading.
umm... What did I just read?
Probably the weirdest thing ever. It's action erotica.
What the fuck am I reading? :v:
It started out as a really messed up joke, but my friends loved the idea of it, it turned into a weird hobby of mine. It actually has some pretty deep lore. It's just some weird erotica action short story.
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