• Right, buying a BAR 10, need suggestions for barrel replacements.
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Soup Decided to buy the BAR 10 sniper rifle from airsoft gi. Now i hear this gun is compatable with a lot of parts, but what i'm most interested in is the barrel. I'm kind of a nub with airsof, and don't do much customization with parts, but i want a barrel that will give me a good range (200ft+). Also, i would need to know how to install said barrel. [url]http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_113&products_id=2493[/url] <-- teh gun Thanks in advance!
you'd need much more then a barrel to hit 200ft. New bucking new nub. Better spring/spring guide Sad part is i cant find any tightbores for it on ASGI of that size without using a silencer
A good hop-up bucking and heavier bbs will give you range. Unfortunately I don't know all of the parts, I left mine in stock condition and it was great. This is where looking at that huge BAR 10 guide I linked you to in the other topic is going to help out a lot. There's plenty of info there showing you what parts you need and where to get them at and how to install them. It's going to take a lot of skimming through to find what you want, but it's there.
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