• I think this forum section needs some structure
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The UE forum here is very much alive and well with great posters. However, I think we're just posting in no discernible form. I'm sure a few of you here have visited the great site UER, and I think that this section could benefit from maybe some regional sectioning. I.E. There could be section specific post icons a la US-East, US-Midwest, US-West, Europe, Australia, etc. etc. There should also be some common sense base rules for posting here, although I'm not particularly sure if this is a publicly viewable forum (and I'm not willing to clear my cookies to find out). Anyone else think this might be a good idea? The clusterfuck of threads might benefit from some organization.
Can we have a chat thread? Most other sub forums have one.
[QUOTE=krten_2x 4b;34463271]Can we have a chat thread? Most other sub forums have one.[/QUOTE] Most other sub forums have many different topics to discuss.
We can discuss possible leads and talk about urbexing adventures that don't deserve a thread. It also saves people making threads just to ask if there might be any urbexing spots near them.
Good point, Why don't you start it?
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