• Name 5 bands that you think I've never heard of.
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rev theory him
[QUOTE=jordan65536;16601542]rev theory him[/QUOTE] ... Really?
Coconut boggie sherlock and the mysteries share 10 TrustCompany Bob Crosby & the bobcats
[QUOTE=OutOfPop;16597679]The Flaming Lips Matt & Kim MGMT Alkaline Trio Infected Mushroom Crossfade Tiny Tim Sonata Arctica Ween Q Lazzarus Northern Kings Younger Brother Marcy Playground Wintersleep The Outline[/QUOTE] MGMT? Are you serious?
[QUOTE=Machk;16588790]Oingo Boingo Andrew W.K. The Matches & Zebrahead Finch DJ Sharpnel[/QUOTE] Who hasn't heard of DJ Sharpnel?
[QUOTE=Norfair12;16591647]Skold [b]Turmion Katilot[/b] Angra Die Krupps Professional Murder Music[/QUOTE] Aww baby yeah. My list: American Head Charge Dog Fashion Disco Hanzel und Gretyl Oomph! Mortiis Oomph might the only more known one.
[QUOTE=Akayz;16559406]Oasis Beatles ACDC Coldplay Kings of Leon Its worth a shot :D[/QUOTE] -.
okay then.. NON Death in June Telefon Tel Aviv Allerseelen Spell
[QUOTE=RS V2;16585370]Go listen to the original Jet Set Radio soundtrack and you'll hear Reps and Toronto I put it in to see if anyone would actually start listening to them; I've listened to a few of their songs and they're just too poppy and saccharine for me. I'll stick to the pillows for my japanese music hook-up. now it's only a matter of time until someone calls me a weeaboo[/QUOTE] I already mentioned the pillows. One of my favorite bands, mostly the FLCL soundtrack songs though. Haven't played the original Jet Set Radio by the way
[QUOTE=OutOfPop;16597679]The Flaming Lips MGMT Alkaline Trio Tiny Tim Ween [/QUOTE] Those are the ones I've heard of. Now for my five: Dinosaur Pile-Up Hell Or Highwater Maceo and the Macks Nonpoint Futuristic Sex Robotz [editline]10:52PM[/editline] [QUOTE=Dyret;16592071]Dragonforce Slipknot Iron Maiden Pendulum Beatles[/QUOTE] ... ... ... OK, I know you just HAVE to be kidding. And I like it.
The Letters Organize Citizen King The Vaselines Attila Showbread
A Night in the Box Dirty Sweet The Parlor Mob Wildbirds The Lonely H 5 very amazing bands.
Hilltop Hoods The Herd Muph Plutonic Urthboy Drapht
The Tough Alliance Animal Collective Coconut Records Foals Gavin Castleton The Tough Alliance is my favourite band ever, I [B]HIGHLY[/B] recommend that [B]EVERYONE[/B] listen to them.
[QUOTE=Risonhighmer;16621438] The Tough Alliance is my favourite band ever, I [B]HIGHLY[/B] recommend that [B]EVERYONE[/B] listen to them.[/QUOTE] They aren't too bad
Bassnectar Ensiferum Indricothere Zu Junkhead
[QUOTE=Peavy262;16621483]They aren't too bad[/QUOTE] Too many negatives there, I don't understand what you mean.
[QUOTE=Risonhighmer;16630304]Too many negatives there, I don't understand what you mean.[/QUOTE] They are O.K.
Japandroids. Hymie's Basement. Women. 13 & God. Human Highway.
Miniature Tigers :buddy:
Jeromes Dream Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Sinaloa Mafafi Trencher
Cematary Rapist XXX Maniak Waking The Cadaver Whitechapel Annotations Of An Autopsy
[QUOTE=ChimeraR;16557914]I know Deltron Zechs Marquise The Mars Volta *Shut up if you've heard of them, no one outside of last.fm etc has.*[/QUOTE] The Mars Volta is very popular here in America. Almost everyone I know with good musical tastes likes them. I would say Enter Shikari [perhaps, it's just a guess] Silversun Pickups controller.controller The Crowns The Organ I'm trying to keep it in your favorite Genre which is obviously Indie.
Kid British MGMT Bloc Party Masta Ace Justice
[QUOTE=Kamikaze;16558114]You had me at 'E'. [editline]10:13AM[/editline] Jesus Christ and the Mary Chain Slowdive Jesu OOIOO Front 242[/QUOTE] The Jesus And Mary Chain
Tweaker Spineshank Dope L.A.P.D. SexArt
Jesus Machine Chainsaw Murder Commander Keen Reckless Defiance The Final Reveal
[QUOTE=Monkeytracks;16577328]The Skunk[/QUOTE] I am the bassist for this band :keke:
Sonic Youth, Archers of Loaf, Pavement, Gang of Four, An Endless Sporadic [editline]07:47PM[/editline] [QUOTE=Metroid;16642483]Kid British [b]MGMT[/b] [b]Bloc Party[/b] Masta Ace [b]Justice[/b][/QUOTE] all very popular
Creatures Downpresser Autopsy Repulsion Cretin
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