• Is Scientology a religion, a cult, or a scam?
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I really don't get it, a religion that forces you to pay, no matter what, and if you don't agree with them, they stuff dead raccoons in your mailbox. Granted, other religions do the same, but are mostly independent churches or cults. And still, they have killed several people for disagreeing with them, or just not having the money to continue paying them, and have broken several laws and even nearly caused a national security threat. They also (according to my step-dad, an EMT) force paramedics to take members to only very certain hospitals during an emergency. So you tell me forum, do you think Scientology is a Religion, a Cult, or the World's Biggest Scam? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("No debate presented." - Megafan))[/highlight]
its a tax evasion cult
It sounds like a terrorist organization to me.
cult/scam/domestic terrorist organization
All the above.
self proscribing loony bin.
A scam/joke, even the creator didn't believe in that shit. It's just a circlejerk fanclub for a bunch of rich celebrities.
No worse than any other religion
[QUOTE=Lambeth;36718268]No worse than any other religion[/QUOTE] Don't be silly.
[QUOTE=Lambeth;36718268]No worse than any other religion[/QUOTE] please leave
why aren't the ratings working?
World's Biggest Scam.
[QUOTE=PowerBall v1;36720066]why aren't the ratings working?[/QUOTE] Welcome to the mass debate forum
[QUOTE=The DooD;36720209]Welcome to the mass debate forum[/QUOTE] is it a bug?
[QUOTE=PowerBall v1;36720315]is it a bug?[/QUOTE] No.
[QUOTE=Lambeth;36718268]No worse than any other religion[/QUOTE] Leave and take your stupidity with you please.
[QUOTE=PowerBall v1;36720315]is it a bug?[/QUOTE] You're forced to express your opinions through words rather than little sprite sized images
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