• Fitocracy - A Workout Planner (website in closed beta); Schedule, and keep track of your workouts.
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[url]http://www.fitocracy.com[/url] This website is pretty nice, and smooth. You need an invite, but each person invited gets 10 invites, so with the help of members here, we can all be on this site. You have the ability to follow friends and see how their routines are going. It does slightly resemble that of a social network site, but I don't really pay attention to that aspect. [b]What is this site for?[/b] This site is for people who are having issues sticking to a schedule, or simply want to keep track of progress as easily as possible. [b]How do I sign up?[/b] Someone will need to send you an invite [b]by email only[/b], once you've been sent the invite, it will simply contain a URL with a registration forum. From there, you then enter some basic information and you're registered. [b]How do you use it?[/b] There's a couple of things you can do. You can set up daily routines and select which dates you want to do that routine on, your routines are also stored for easy access. You will then go to the site on a workout day, and your entire routine that you've set up will be there. You can also just add what ever workouts you plan on doing at any moment. They seem to have a billion different workouts to choose from, there's cardio workouts, and also weight lifting workouts.   [b]Setting up a workout[/b]   First, you'll want to go into the Track tab at the top, you will see that you first get to choose which date you want this workout to occur (defaulting to the current date). There is an Exercise tab, and a Routine tab, all of your prefab routines you decide to save will be here.   Now you want to add each exercise you will plan on doing in this workout, either by simply searching, or by browsing the categories. At the bottom of the categories, to make it easier for you there are a number of options to choose if you only have certain equipment, or even non at all (Body Weight option). Keep in mind that every exercise listed has a detailed description (if more help is needed there are tons of youtube videos out there for each).   Each one you add will place a form on the page, where you can then add and remove how ever many sets as you please; You can remove and add sets at any moment by clicking the buttons at the top of that particular form. Clicking the X at the top right obviously removes that exercise.   You will also notice a 'Notes' section at the bottom of each form, I use these to tell myself rather that exercise was too hard, too easy, or where I got too exhausted. There is also an Options link down at the bottom of the very last exercise, which will allow you to save today's workout, save the workout and keep it as a routine, or simply save a new routine.   [b]Saving your workout[/b]   When you are done working out and you've chose to save the routine or not, you can click Log Workout. You are then given options to share it on other sites like facebook, and you can also go back and do some more, then save again.   You are also rewarded points for each exercise, and also points for just keeping up with your fitness. There are leader boards on the site for these points (not that this interests me).      [img]http://i.imgur.com/i3pdK.png[/img] I have just signed up to this site a couple days ago, thanks to my friend who showed me it and invited me, so I haven't used it too much. So far, I really like it and I found it helpful. There are groups on there as well, so maybe we can start up a facepunch group if enough people join. If anyone is interested, please PM for invites so long as I have some left. [b]Right now I have 9 remaining[/b] [b]Try joining from this url [url]http://ftcy.co/tqNQos[/url][/b]
if you want an invite, I have some invites as well
I found this little link that makes it so you don't require an invite ftcy.co/na3lFJ Also is there a facepunch group I can join?
Already got it. It's the nerdy answer to keeping track of you and your friends stats.
I'll try this.
[QUOTE=GhettoGeek;34029206]I found this little link that makes it so you don't require an invite ftcy.co/na3lFJ Also is there a facepunch group I can join?[/QUOTE] Whoa nice. Well, I think we should make one.
Seems interesting. Quest: No Chicken Legs Here! [Expiring Soon!] Reward: +300 pts Completed on A well balanced fitness program includes work on the major leg muscle groups. Earn an extra 300 points for completing exercises for the quads, hamstrings, and calves all in the same workout.
Might check this out later.
Also, if anyone has any good routines, post them here. I'm still figuring out a proper routine to follow. I have a barbell + bench, and dumbbells.
I like how the quests motivate me to do it. It's a nice addition to doing SL. Anyways, if anyone needs an invite here's my link. [url]http://ftcy.co/zcKVIk[/url]
This is pretty cool, joined the fp group. [URL]http://www.fitocracy.com/group/1127/[/URL]
I want the entire fourm in that thing.
This site is pretty cool, I have only had one issue with it not accepting over 30 reps for something, other than that, I am happy with it.
[QUOTE=Super Saiyan Yerbs;34094196]This site is pretty cool, I have only had one issue with it not accepting over 30 reps for something, other than that, I am happy with it.[/QUOTE] Works here? Maybe there are certain exercises that don't. Anyways, joined the group.
why would you do 30 reps of anything in the first place?
[QUOTE=NotMeh;34124010]why would you do 30 reps of anything in the first place?[/QUOTE] bodyweight calf raises?
Actually it was bent arm dumbbell pullovers. I suppose I should add more weight when I am hitting those numbers but it would be nice to be able to do low weight high reps as well.
I have no trouble doing 20-30 rep long endurance exercises sometimes. Being "fit" is not just about BIG MUSSELS and DEADLIFTING UR MOM But this made me laugh. [QUOTE]Today I did [U]150 standing calf raises[/U] in [U]one set,[/U] but had to log it as 100 + 50 because there is a hard limit on max 100 reps per set for that exercise. That limit needs to be raised by a lot, because[U] I'm not elite by anyone's standards.[/U] If you feel I should add more weight rather than reps, then fine: mod the points function and run me into the wall of diminishing returns, that's fine by me, but I don't like that rep limit one bit, it's way too low. [/QUOTE] Maybe I should log my next 10k run as 10000 standing calf raises and 10000 unweighted bicep half curls. [QUOTE]Agreed with this topic. Faced the same problem not only with "standing calf rises", but with couple other exercises,[U] and I'm only 13th level! I can imagine how annoying this may become at professional level: [/U]always have to split your results, never being able to track your personal bests... Limits just have to be moved a lot futher!![/QUOTE] The point & level system seems nice way to try new things and motivate, but I have a feeling that there's a lot shit going to hit the fan because of it.
I put 30-40 in crunches/sit-ups, but I'm looking into some other weighted stuff to replace it.
send me an invite :'(
ftcy.co/na3lFJ look up the thread dumbass
sry massah i cant do da readins :'(
hows everyone doing with the site, I am surprised that there isn't more people signed up for the FP group.
Level 3! Woohoo!
Can anyone send me an invite, please?
I love this thing. I'm actually doing workouts when I didn't do them before. So convenient to track your fitness.
[QUOTE=lappyhanks;34284676]Can anyone send me an invite, please?[/QUOTE] [url]http://ftcy.co/tqNQos[/url]
Holy shit hardly even drop into this forum and this website is really useful, I like how they accurately describe each exercise and you can filter out work outs you don't have equipment for. Maybe its time for me to get fit.
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