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[QUOTE=Last or First;34700235]Coincidentally, the 'beating women' subreddit still exists. Seriously though Chris Brown should go fuck himself[/QUOTE] do my eyes deceive me
i uhm, walked into a door [editline]15th February 2012[/editline] multiple times [editline]15th February 2012[/editline] and then fell down the stairs and bashed my head off a toolbox
Jesus would give up at this point.
beat my vagina.
Beat me, Chris Brown!
[QUOTE=Zeke129;34698165]Why can't all of Fox be this show This guy and GWAR, 24/7[/QUOTE] The anchors Fox News deserves.
Fucking attention whores staking their claim on the Chris Brown spotlight. Who gave little girls Internet licenses anyway?
[QUOTE=CrispexOps;34696131]I saw this a couple months ago, I think this guy is too badass to be on Fox. Shame.[/QUOTE] Red Eye is a surprisingly alright show.
Though a lot of them are obviously kidding, it's still in bad taste.
My ex liked being slapped in the face. Fucking weirdo. I liked it.
[QUOTE=Megafanx13;34707232]The anchors Fox News deserves.[/QUOTE] but doesn't need
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