• All Tied Up: Short Kidnapping Comedy Film
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Short Film : All Tied Up Year of production : 2011 Genre: Comedy/ Action Cast: Ant Richardson, Callum Thomson, Daniel Kenyon Director: Ant Richardson, Callum Thomson Writer: Callum Thomson Music: Kevin MacLeod Synopsis: A man finds his flat mate tied up and gagged in a cupboard with the robbers still in side the house. Instead of calling the police he decides to deal with the thieves himself. [video=youtube;ownjBRTOduc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ownjBRTOduc[/video] Let me know what you think :) Cal
I liked all of it apart from the music
I'm glad you liked it. You're the first person to disagree with the music, I thought everyone loved a bit of casual jazz, each to their own I guess.
Fun little film. Good job.
hey hey, thanks very much. Check out my channel, I have an award winning WW2 film on their :wink: p.s. Yeah that was a selfish plug
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