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I Was really bored and horny so i made a short story WARNING CONTAYNZ RAEP! one day a midget was boxing he was hitting the punch bag when a lanky guy came along lanky said move it tiny... midget said no :D so lanky said i said MOOVE EET! and the midget beats him down then lanky gets up and rapes everyone in the room I WILL DIE OF AIDS SOME DAY MIDGET WHEN I DO YOU WILL HAVE IT TOO 3 years later the lanky man dies and the midget starts worrying now the midget is a virgin but he goes to the doctors and gets a testand the doctor says you have aids have you had any unprotected sex? midget said no then he says WTF and doctor rapes midget how about now? Yes :( the end Constructive Criticism please [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Crap Thread" - RayvenQ))[/highlight]
I can give nothing constructive about this.
Rated artistic. Best story ever.
I expected nothing less after looking at your avatar and join date.
Too many spelling mistakes.. Must terminate.. :suicide:
wow i have not read anything better for months
You sex dwarfs?
:bahgawd: I will die of aids some day midget [b]when I do, you will have it too![/b]
[QUOTE=Omali;17944468]I expected nothing less after looking at your avatar and join date.[/QUOTE] [I]This[/I]
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