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On a scale of 1-10, give a rating to the last movie(s) you have watched. You can also give a small explanation as to why you gave it that number. I'll start. Red Dawn - 8/10 Great action movie. Don't know why it took so long for me to see this movie. Can't wait for the remake.
Cop Out with Bruce Willis 4/10 damn that was bad
inception 0/10 it was shit [editline]12:50PM[/editline] oh actually now I think of it shawshank redemption was on tv last night 1/10
Der Untergang 8/10, pretty good.
The Room 10/10
Cube 7/10 Worth watching/pretty good
Snakes on a Plane 10/10
Machete 11/10
Clue 9/10
Transformers 2. 3/10 Oops, it was Brothers, much better movie. 7/10
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 9/10
[QUOTE=HAKKAR!!!;24937353][editline]12:50PM[/editline] oh actually now I think of it shawshank redemption was on tv last night 1/10[/QUOTE] Your avatar is a correct portrayal of my reaction to this rating. Expendables 7/10 Great action flick, but the editing made it difficult to watch.
Back to the Future Part II 20/10
Harold and Maude 6/10
Watchmen 6/10 Was alright, had a shitty ending. Good vs. evil, where good wins, not compromises.
Grown ups 10/10, t'was good :v:
Spider-man Seen it multiple times and it still entertains me since I first watched it in cinemas when I was 11. 10/10 for nostalgic value
The Hangover - 8/10. I was expecting it to be one of those crappy summer comedies but it turned out to be pretty damn funny.
The Ring - 8/10
Schindler's List 11/10
Apocalypse Now 20/10 holy fucking shit that movie is amazing.
Paranormal Activity - 7/10 Pleasantly surprised.
My thread was locked and I was banned when I tried making a topic like this before. [B]Kick-Ass[/B] - 6.5/10... It was alright. Can't really say much more since it didn't have much of an effect on me and nor was it really all that memorable.
The Infidel - 8/10 Was really funny but the story got a bit serious.
There will be blood 9/10 Impressive.
[QUOTE=LODY;24942920]6/10[/QUOTE] Movie
Book of Eli 7/10
Theaters : Scott Pilgrim 9.5/10 Video : Red Dawn 2/10 Red dawn is horrid. It reeks of American propaganda, and it isn't even a good movie to begin with. If the remake sucks, I won't be surprised.
Inception 9/10
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