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Shutter Island 7/10 Found it strangely predictable, although everything else was top notch.
Just watched The Expendables. Apart from mrs woman lady surviving a punch to the face from Steve Austin, it was pretty fucking awesome. Only ran into a couple of instances of hollywood mag syndrome. Ending was ridiculously optimistic but it didn't really detract from the film at all. Schwarzenegger's cameo was pretty funny too. 9/10 because it was pretty generic, but the entire premise of it is fucking awesome.
3/10 for I expected better from Noel Clarke.
Law Abiding Citizen. 9/10. Damn that movie was awesome.
Inland Empire 7/10 I really don't know what the fuck just happened but its definitely David Lynch, so I must watch it again to figure it out, if thats even possible.
Full Metal Jacket 8/10. Was an excellent movie, but even though it was probably a stylistic decision to not reveal much about the characters, I still would have liked to know more about Joker.
Inception, 8/10. Was very well made, story, acting, visuals, music, directing, everything was good. However the entire thing was just a bit too predictable after a while. The ending was also way too obvious. Also it reminded me a lot of Shutter Island, not just because Leonardo Dicaprio plays a similar role but the whole blurring of reality was very similar as well.
[b]Falling Down[/b] 9/10 It was an amazing movie.
The Mist 9/10. I've seen it before but that ending still hit me like a ton of bricks.
Tae Guk Gi/The Brotherhood of War 9/10
Children of Men 9.35/10.00
Dinner for Schmucks. 8/10. Honestly i enjoyed it, i understand a lot of people hated it but i thought it was pretty well executed and Steve Carell was great in it.
The Others. 7/10 It was pretty good, kinda expected it at the ending though.
Polar Express: 8/10 Dunno why, but I've been on a bit of a CG binge lately and when this popped up I just had to watch it. Was pretty damn good and got me in the holiday mood.
Despicable me: 7/10 Was rather entertaining, main "villains" voice was a bit unfitting sometimes, but it was ok.
[b]Black Dynamite[/b] Great spoof of blaxploitation films. Great humor, music and action throughout the entire thing. Although the protagonist's motivation (his brother getting killed) kinda faded away and I think things were blown a bit too much out of proportions towards the end, like SPOILER: [sp]Nixon distributing liquor that shrinks black people's dicks[/sp] 9/10
[QUOTE=Samiam22;26472993]Law Abiding Citizen. 9/10. Damn that movie was awesome.[/QUOTE] the ending was fucking annoying though the lawyer learnt jack shit!
Ghost Rider 9/10 For some reason it's just such a badass movie. I loved it.
Kung Fu Hustle 8.7/10 Still pretty funny though.
Predators 7.5/10 Was good but got a bit dull, characters weren't really that well developed which would be fine if it was just an action film but they kept having long periods of dialogue that didn't fit with the simplistic and dull characters.
[QUOTE=Source;26493862]the ending was fucking annoying though the lawyer learnt jack shit![/QUOTE] I didn't understand why everyone hated the ending to that movie, I loved it.
Spud. 7/10. Never as good as the books, but still funny.
Clash of the Titans. 6/10, story was bland, but it was entertaining. Good effects etc. Also plot holes
Last movie eh That would be motherfuckin' toy story 3 8/10 It was pretty damn good, and the animation was amazing, but it was less memorable than the others Ending was good though, and [sp] the girl they ended up being with was a good replacement for andy, so that was satisfying. [/sp] Plus the opening sequence was brilliant
[QUOTE=one free man;26504554] toy story 3 it was less memorable than the others[/QUOTE] you must have not cried at the end.
Public Enemies 9/10
Machete 10 out of 5 stars
Borat 9/10 Because it felt short. Good thing i'm not Jewish...
Dinner for Schmucks I'd say 6.5/10 It was alright, good laugh here and there.
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