• 90's Style Chill Video & Instrumental
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Give me your honest opinions please: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1qRM-y1a9s[/media]
Better than sex
I liked the music, I'm a fan of chillout :p Watching the video made me feel a bit like I was expecting a rapper to come in at some point or something like that. Is the video aimed at a particular purpose, like a media project or something?
Your music videos are all really good, to me it sounds like a cool blend of Nujabes and Brainfeeder I'm guessing you mostly use samples?
i love this stuff [editline]16th April 2012[/editline] lol " Artist: Nas Buy "Street Dreams" on: , ," [editline]16th April 2012[/editline] where can i get more of this
Hey guys, thanks for all of the feedback. To answer all of the questions: the video is not aimed at a particular purpose or media project, I just like to release instrumentals for free online (the ones that are not getting sold) and my theory is that more people will watch them and enjoy them with a video rather than just a basic still photo. And to KanonieR, yes I do mainly use samples interlaced with synths played on my MIDI keyboard. Oh and please rate and subscribe :) trying to get my buzz up
fuck off and let me download the shit
[QUOTE=Vedicardi;35607784]fuck off and let me download the shit[/QUOTE] haha what? If you wanna download it go to flvto.com and paste the link
I tried to make a youtube account recently, but every username from 'Googlebob' to 'Googlebob_989898isasexgod' was taken so I decided I didn't love the world anymore and gave up. Got soundcloud? you should put your music on there too so that we can [QUOTE]download the shit[/QUOTE]
yea I will soon I guess I was just focusing more on getting the songs out with videos at first to get peoples attention. But in the mean time "flvto.com" works perfectly, I use it all the time.
Love it.. where'd you get your drums from?
[QUOTE=chaz13;35636091]Love it.. where'd you get your drums from?[/QUOTE] Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution. Let me know what you guys think of the newest one i just posted.
[QUOTE=Bdawg2077;35609205]haha what? If you wanna download it go to flvto.com and paste the link[/QUOTE] sorry im not gay
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