• Sea Sheppards, right or wrong?
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They're either terrorists or pirates. Seems to flip depending on the day of the week or something. Either way, they should be strung up on charges, protecting the whales is no excuse to terrorize fishermen, 'specially when there's government agents paid to do exactly that.
Yes they're classified as terrorist because they're politically motivated however their goals are not evil. They're simply doing what no one else will do they're preserving ocean's wildlife due to over fishing/hunting. These corporations know what they're doing is illegal but use loop-holes and abuse the system for profit. It isn't like the sea sheppard's accomplishments benefit one group of people. WE all need the ocean and the wildlife that live in it.
@OBV and such, I never denied that the whalers shouldn't be tried for crimes as well, they both should.
[QUOTE=asteroidrules;34113331]The means are somewhat similar but not the ends. The Shepherds have boarded vessels for three reasons that I'm aware of: to track them, two sue the captain, and to plant explosives. The last of which they've never harmed anyone with. Whereas Al Qeada hijacked three airplanes and crashed them into various sites of importance in America killing almost 3000 people and injuring twice that.[/QUOTE] So blowing up someone's ship isn't an act of terror? Regardless of the fact that nobody was injured, you're still sinking a vessel that is not your own and out of intention. It is still an act of terror. Although the Japanese are not morally or environmentally correct for hunting the whales, they are legally allowed to do so, and we live in a world of legality. I fail to see the Sea Shepherds' work as justified, nor should it be tolerated legally. Their work results in vandalism, destruction of property, and it holds these whalers back from producing revenue. It's how the world works though, I'm sorry. [editline]11th January 2012[/editline] You don't have to be "evil" to be a terrorist, a terrorist is someone who uses terror and fear to sway the actions of others. Blowing up a whaler ship is no different than walking into an abortion clinic and blowing it up because you don't like what the building is used for. Whaling is legal in Japan as abortion is legal here. It's heavily disputed and often frowned upon, but I can guarantee you if you blew up an abortion clinic in America you'd be taken to court and arrested. Legality reigns over morality.
[QUOTE=The one that is;34122587]1. Stink bombs, that's just generally annoying and fairly unsanitary 2.Dangerous as it could push someone overboard and kill them 3.Wasteful and the stupidest thing they could do, in fact it wastes the already dead whale, really just a plain stupid move. 4.Dangerous to both ships and could cause many lost lives 5.Again, dangerous and could cause many lost lives It's terrorism and they should be tried as pirates. The whaling may be bad, but them putting many lives in danger and wasting already dead whales is just plain worse, no argument needed. [editline]8th January 2012[/editline] How? They engage in various combat actions, ramming another ship, placing mines on it, yeah, those can't at all cause damage nor are they potentially life threatening huh? Not to mention using high pressure water cannons, capable of easily pushing people off the deck of a ship into the water, no that couldn't be dangerous huh?[/QUOTE] The whalers use water cannon too so that's a moot point. The stink bombs as you say are just to cause irritation. Sea Shepard don't use limpet mines, I'm pretty sure that was an offshoot of Sea Shepard a decade or two ago and they immediatly distanced themselves from the group. The Whalers actually fucking demolished one of the sea shepard ships, and smashed another which ripped through the hull. You really should research your stuff before you try a debate man.
Well actually Paul Watson did claim responsibility for sinking the [i]Sierra, Isba I[/i] and [i]Isba II[/i] with limpet mines (well technically he claimed responsibility for the first one and said the other two were done by the same people), but that was over 20 years ago and there was a pretty long list of inhumane things those particular whalers were doing (also nobody was injured in any of the blasts).
[QUOTE=asteroidrules;34236709]Well actually Paul Watson did claim responsibility for sinking the [i]Sierra, Isba I[/i] and [i]Isba II[/i] with limpet mines, but that was over 20 years ago and there was a pretty long list of [B]inhumane things those particular whalers were doing[/B] (also nobody was injured in any of the blasts).[/QUOTE] That doesn't, at all, justify anything they do. You don't answer cruelty with blowing shit up.
[QUOTE=Governor Goblin;34238843]That doesn't, at all, justify anything they do. You don't answer cruelty with blowing shit up.[/QUOTE] Damn right. If you want to stop illegal whaling, use the lawful judiciary path and present solid evidence against it.
due to the incredibly positive results in their fight against whaling, compared to greenpeace and other passive organizations, I really don't have anything against the Sea Sheppards at all
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