• Networks [EDM]- First song of new album!
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Hello everyone, I made this song today and finished it in about four hours. I'm also making it part of a new album. The album will be completely free, as all of my music is because i love you people. Here is some early album art. [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/newsiq.png/][IMG]http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/6915/newsiq.png[/IMG][/URL] And song. [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/networks[/media] Other songs that will be in the album as well. [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/old-and-new[/media] [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/creeping-spy[/media] [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/oversimplified[/media] [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/moombahton-mayhem[/media] I'm actually looking for feedback on how the bass should sound on networks, thanks for taking the time to quickly view my music, Please leave some feedback.
New song preview that is for the album, theres going to be quite a bit of songs that are fun to listen to. If anyone cares to give feedback go ahead, I'm making at least one track a day, so i will update frequently {If anybody cares} [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/pre-existence[/media]
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