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[URL=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/871955]Write a message for you to view on January 1st 2011[/URL] [URL=www.facepunch.com/threads/1044399]Write a message for you to view on January 1st 2012[/URL] hey, i bet some of you remember that older thread, but now i'm doing the same except you have to write a message for you to view on 20[B]13[/B]. dear me in 2013, are you still having that sedentary lifestyle, you sad excuse for a man? did you befriend anyone in 2012? i can't wait to answer to this so, facepunch. your time has come to write a message for yourselves to view on 2013.
Cool story bro. Imma check this out
Be a better poster and get laid.
Fuck you Garry Newman.
Bitches aint shit but ho's and tricks.
Become the first 13er
I've been waiting for this thread to show up. Dear Future Self, I hope you're feeling better now, I know things look bad now but I'm sure you'll pull through. Also, try not to fuck up anything, and don't be such a pussy, you gotta take a chance every now and then. Also, I hope you're over Kayla by now, shes not worth your time. Love Past Self
[QUOTE=First 12er;33987292]Become the first 13er[/QUOTE] We're gonna be best friends.
Stop being a fucking beta.
Why the fuck are you still on here?
uuh lets see do well in school - achieved to an acceptable degree stay with she who shall not be named - failed, thank fuck chill the fuck out and stop panicking - failed twice on two different subjects uh you type better than this normally but at this moment in time you're fucking tired ok
you better have got into uni and be having a good time or ill make a time machine and punch your shit oh and happy new year
Keep learning to animate and try not to fail horribly.
9gag sucks.
Was your name guess correct? Did it actually lead somewhere? Wasn't it just your presumption? Did the other one leave you behind?
Here's to hoping you've applied to Cambridge future me.
Dear Future Self. You have just time travelled exactly 1 year into the past. Welcome to 2012. Sincerely, Past Self.
I think you guys should try this website, [url]http://www.futureme.org/[/url] I got an e-mail from myself 2 years ago recently, and it amazed me as to how much I had changed. Try it guys!
Happy new year buddy, have a great continuing life!
Please tell me you haven't messed it all up yet...
Hopefully you are making decent money doing what you want to do. Hopefully you have the respect that you work hard everyday for.
Hello TicTac. It's nice to see you again. How's hockey going for you? I would assume the season is almost over by now. Are you the alternate captain? If not, it sucks to suck. Do you have a job yet? If so, is it at the ice rink? I bet it would be awesome driving the Zamboni. Do you have one of them fancy Ivy Bridge CPUs? What kind of sweet ride do you have? Do you have a girlfriend? Of course not. Also, keep the beard. Love, TicTac.
Dear 2013 me. Have you done anything with the game you're making at all?
Future me, You can be whatever you set your mind to. But remember this: [B]Don't be a bitch.[/B] Sincerely, Past me
keep your hand out of your pants you fucking weirdo
Hey faggot, did you get your USPA license yet? [editline]01JAN2013[/editline] No, fuck you past me and your high expectations!
Keep playing guitar, don't be an absolute bellend to everyone and try and keep doing what ever it is I'm doing. :v:
hows the gold plated car and jacuzzi man?
You still wasting time doing nothing when you good be doing something useful? 2011 was fairly crap and you said you'd sort it for the next. So that was your chance. What did you do?
Hey future me, fuck you. Yeah that's right FUCK YOU, you stupid piece of shit i bet you've fucked somthing up haven't you? Are you even still alive, because fuck i'll be suprised if you managed to survive another year. Incase of the slim chance you did somthing right, then good job buddy i knew you could do it. But you won't do anything right because you suck and i hate you.
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