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Well we are coming to the end of 2011. Discuss what you are doing to celebrate the upcoming year! This year i'm probably going to be staying round mine with my girlfriend and a couple of my friends. Eat some Chinese food and just count down the last few minutes. So Facepunch, what are you doing for the end of this year? Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I saw the "what are you doing for Christmas thread" here and thought we should have a new years one.
Thats a nice picture of a glass of apple juice! But why is it frothy?
I'm going to drink a lot and start the year as I mean to go on. As a Proper University Student.
Going to be setting off fireworks like mad, watch Dinner for One, eat sushi and drink champagne with my parents. The usual :v: My friends are having a get-together though, so I'm trying to squeeze it into my schedule
going out to see some fireworks with my boyfriend
lie in bed ill, because my sickness has a cruel sense of humor
Watch dem fireworks, eat a fine meal with the folks, the usual.
Pub Crawl here in downtown Chania. There's this new Irish joint that just opened up that I absolutely love. The owner is an awesome Irish woman who moved here to Crete to open up her own unique pub.
Probably hit up the local pub again, maybe sesh on with the LADs.
Hitting my mates house. I have 4 crates of cider, a beer helmet and a poker set. 3 ladies and 3 guys. Gonna be a hell of a night. Start drinking at 6 and finish whenever I run out, bring it on.
I'm going to middle of nowhere with my family while my pals party hard. Sucks. Well, I have a plastic bag filled with all kinds of small fireworks such as cherry bombs.
I'll probably drink beer, sit infront of my PC, eat a good meal with my parents. Nothing special really. Also some fireworks: [img_thumb]http://i41.tinypic.com/33aufxe.jpg[/img_thumb] Sorry for the blurry picture. The iPhone camera is bad.
I'm organizing a party in my city!
I'm staying at a friend's party with my girlfriend, counting the last minutes of 2011.
Drink alcohol and do stupid things
Play video games, I can't be bothered with all the bollocks that goes into New Years when it's nothing special and realistically most of us are going to have 60/70 more of them anyway.
staying at the mirage in las vegas. gonna watch the fireworks on the strip because the dumbfucks in office back home banned fireworks for my area :|
None of my friends can have proper parties this year, so I just plan on having a couple round and getting drunk. Plan and a half
[QUOTE=Metanar;33955676]going out to see some fireworks with my boyfriend[/QUOTE] ou hve boyfirend congratultins metanar! too bad yuo are transbestive1
I stay home like every year with my parents. It's never boring though, my mom usually makes delicious food, some cool people come over, we light the fireworks at midnight (spent 45 euros on fireworks this year), we enjoy the fireworks of other people (we're in the middle of the city so it's usually an incredible sight) It's probably the best moment of the year that I spend with my parents. [editline]30th December 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Crypptic;33957375]ou hve boyfirend congratultins metanar! too bad yuo are transbestive1[/QUOTE] i sense a pui
motherfucking party with music, food, girls n shit
Watch the family get drunk.
Might be going to a party at Uconn with a few buddies. If not, will just relax at home. Opening the store on New Years Day though (and closing New Years Eve) so I can't be too irresponsible though.
At home, trying to tactfully stop my mother from drinking herself into oblivion probably. She gets seriously depressed at the new year and 2011 has been a bad year.
I will probably stay home alone and watch rockets while they paint the dark night sky bright. Alone in this city of mist and grim, trying to remember my broken dream
I'm working a ten and a half hour shift in a bar in London. I am not looking forward to it.
Sleep through it like it were any other night.
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