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Black outlines on the castle suck btw. [editline]09:59PM[/editline] [QUOTE=dvc;17441670]I'm practiceing sprites. And I was gonna use some free ones sooooooo FUCK YOU![/QUOTE] I don't trust people who dont use their own sprites anymore ;)
Ok. I found a new castle map that is big enough. Let me redo my guys.
Simply, if you cant make your own quality sprites, you just aren't willing to put in effort. Lack of effort = lack of care. Which means your playstyle probably isnt very thoughtout and your declares probably won't look half a shit when anything besides copy pasting your units around is neccessary.
[QUOTE=TY2D2;17441704]Black outlines on the castle suck btw. [editline]09:59PM[/editline] I don't trust people who dont use their own sprites anymore ;)[/QUOTE] Oh my fucking god SHUT UP! stop fucking trolling HE DIDNT MAKE THE MAP!
Who said I was bashing him, dvc? I was commenting on the map. It's been made pretty damn sclear he didnt make the map, pay attention while you read next time.
the new map i found is pretty shitty eh
STOP BASHING ME! Your not helping not helping at all keeping me out of PWs. I'm working with a good spriter to improve my sprites so please STOP.
Are you 12 years old? Calm down.
No...but you keeping me out if PWs isnt very helpful.
Bleh... [IMG]http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/3448/pwscenario1.png[/IMG] [editline]08:16PM[/editline] I just want some sort of massive gorefest with constant reinforcements etc...
I'm going to bed soon, someone else can go unless you don't mind waiting. Otherwise I'll get a turn in tonight.
The Viking scout force has arrived! [img]http://i488.photobucket.com/albums/rr246/Mikedestruct/pwvikingattack1.png[/img]
You're late. Very late on so many levels.
DVC, you can go. :)
[QUOTE=Jimmybojimbo;17441975]You're late. Very late on so many levels.[/QUOTE] Late by one image?
Thank you Braxus.
[QUOTE=Uberman77883;17441995]Late by one image?[/QUOTE] We decided not to use the OP image as it was a JPEG. We decided to switch maps. We decided that I was the one who'd go first. I did retract that moments before your post, but so soon before that it'd be nearly impossible for you to see it to make your post legit in any degree. No offense.
Whatever. I declare whenever I can slip in.
One person at a time. DVC is up. It's a 1v1 match apparently.
[img]http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/2428/lolcastle.png[/img] -Lizards arrive to kill a king for no apparent reason.
Dont really need to declare its a 1v1.
[IMG]http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/3448/pwscenario1.png[/IMG] - The front-line soldier stabs the light soldier in it's neck armor, it's weak spot, breaking the armor and cutting the lizard's neck - The other soldier sees the action and runs towards it - One archer fires an arrow
I have to go to bed its 3am shall we continue tomorrow?
Sure [editline]09:01PM[/editline] Somebody can restart with a different army and I'll just play with DVC tomorrow.
Alright. I'm back. Waiting for DVC now.
Such a cool concept, you guys need to be more active with this.
Braxus you want to continue waiting on DVC?
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