• 3-1-07 or The Day I Almost Died.
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That's fucking crazy. Sounds like something that should happen more often, people need to break their egos every once in a while.
The rock part is so........
[QUOTE=schrollbach;19118747] [img]http://ic2.pbase.com/g6/54/635454/2/75377684.x6WeD4Dm.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] [img]http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/f0fdcd99bd.jpg[/img]
its all fun and games till you get a wall + lockers on you.
Wow, usually facepunch stories suck or are fake, this really sounds horrifying. Sorry you had to go through something like that man, I would be scared shitless too. I usually think tornadoes are cool, but I guess when you are in one its just a terrible thing. Glad you're ok dude.
[QUOTE=billyman;19119372]The rock part is so........[/QUOTE] talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place :downsrim:
Wow, very nicely written OP. Glad you're alive to tell the story.
I can't help to feel like you were in a micheal bay movie, but made from real life. Not meant to be a joke.
[QUOTE=The man of "Wat";19119988]I can't help to feel like you were in a micheal bay movie, but made from real life. Not meant to be a joke.[/QUOTE] LOL Yeah, I know what you mean actually. When it happened the most common response you heard from people was, "It was like in the movies."
I feel sad for the 8.
Oh god, this is amazing. I feel horrible for the friends and family for the 8 people who died. I mean, imagine your at your school, then BANG the back wall is gone, a tornado rips in and you watch as your friends are pulled towards it, and the last thing you see is a 100 kg roof fall towards you. :saddowns:
[QUOTE=schrollbach;19118235] I could breath again, I could move, I loved it! [/QUOTE] Thats like saying "I love the feeling of stopping after smashing my face against a brick wall for 5 minutes".
That's some pretty good research on enterprise high if it is fake. However, I won't throw out the possibility that someone from that school could be a facepuncher. Pretty scary shit. Up here in Minnesota we get a good deal of tornado action, but none of them have ever come close enough to actually damage our houses. Just random trees and power lines.
Not fake, I know it's some crazy stuff to talk about and people would usually lie about something like this. I even got interviewed by the AP [url]http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-05-29-1367581838_x.htm[/url] and got to meet Laura Bush and shake her hand.
I was always wondering, what was it like seeing your High School everyday. Walking to class, having lunch in the cafeteria, and then all the sudden you walk around, and everything has been destroyed. The classes you have gone to, the hallways you walked, are turned into rubble.
[quote=mangabeaner;19119499][img]http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/f0fdcd99bd.jpg[/img][/quote] :911:
The tornado at Enterprise High? I remember that.
Holy fuck. The thought of not just a wall on you, but a wall of school lockers, AND a ceiling, is just... :psyboom:
[QUOTE=^0mKTank;19118267]12-21-09 or The Day I Didn't Care [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - JohnnyMo1))[/highlight][/QUOTE] Touche. [editline]11:26AM[/editline] [QUOTE=Asaratha;19118307]That's not funny[/QUOTE] But true. [editline]11:28AM[/editline] [QUOTE=Zilo;19118382]What if this happened to you, and the Firefighters said, "Forget him, he has no sympathy, a kid almost died 03/01/07 and he said he didn't care, lets leave him" So think about this for a second, and see what you're saying, and picture yourself in his place [/QUOTE] Because it's not like being firefighters JOB to care. They are paid for caring.
Wow, im glad you made it out alive dude. Or you okay now? Closest thing to this ive had was a car crash but damn that story made me find it hard to breathe lol.
9-11-01 or The Day I remember.
[QUOTE=mbutler2;19118601]Man, I know this sounds weird but I want stuff like that to happen to me nothing ever exciting ever happens in my life. :sigh:[/QUOTE] This. Fuck the Netherlands, our country just got ruined by SNOW. That's right, 90% OF THE TRAINS stopped working and there was OVER 600 KM OF TRAFFIC JAM, what the [highlight]fuck[/highlight]?
[QUOTE=ilolled;19118652]Hm. That's funny. I remember December 21st like it was yesterday.[/QUOTE] 8 students died. Go get some fucking respect, jackass.
[QUOTE=Zilo;19118318]Holy shit dude, That is scary as fuck, If that happened to me I would make sure I live my life good, and not give up opportunities Not to be mean, or funny. But if you made a book out of this, I would buy it[/QUOTE] So you're not gonna live your life to the fullest unless you nearly die? Great logic, Sherlock. :downs:
Dude, that would have been scary as shitt. [QUOTE=^0mKTank;19118267]12-21-09 or The Day I Didn't Care [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - JohnnyMo1))[/highlight][/QUOTE] Normally, I'd laugh, but that wasn't funny, dude.
That's not that scary imo. I have seen/heard worse.
Nothing ever happens in Scotland :geno: The only thing that happened to me was that I got a firework shot at me on New Year's eve. Oh yeah, when I was 10 I went sailing on my dad's sailing boat. He told me to wear a life jacket, but I said there was no point since it was really calm, so he let me on without one. We were sailing for a while when it started getting choppy. Then it got windy. Before we knew it the winds were up to 50mph. It was really dark and rain was hitting my face like needles. I was fucking shitting myself, the boat was swaying side to side more than vertical, the sail mast swinging back and forth. I was barely holding on. Should of put that life jacket on, because a massive gust threw me off the boat. I fell down towards the sea, but I never hit it. My dad's friend, Dave, leaned over the side of the boat from the bottom and caught me by my jumper. My legs were dangling in the water and it tore my shoes off. He threw my up and inside the cabin, where my brother smartly had decided to go. I was so fucking scared. If Dave hadn't caught me I would definitely have died. Still nothing like the tornado thing though, you're a brave guy.
I was about 7 during my tornado. Monster F-4 took my neighbor's house, so we got his yard :wink: July 25, 2000
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