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Declare [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/VN7Jm.png[/IMG] Kensu chops the tree down with his hatchet then chisels it into a rope-like material, he strings it to the hatchet and uses the flowerhead from his previous plant (which is very tough) to make sure it does not break, he begins to go fishing Meanwhile Kenshi bravely jumps from the rock that fell to try to grab onto the opposite rock wall, he misses and falls into the contaminated water. His hat stay afloat above him. The rock that Justin is standing on is getting weaker and weaker, he needs to get out before it falls over and Justin falls in too. (Yes Kenshi is now dead, the key and his hat are in perfect condition though) (Kenshi's hat is very long when unraveled, it is made of fabric.)
Declare. Edit: [IMG]http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/549/declare.png[/IMG] "Hey Gibson, I forgot to ask you, how did you come to dig into my safe in the first place?" "Well, I was planning to build a bridge over the lake, but then the meteor crashed, so I decided I would dig under the lake to get to the other side, but turns out I bumped into you!" "Why didn't we continue digging together?" "I guess I just forgot all about it. I was so happy to see another person, it was getting really lonely all by myself." "I think it's a good idea, we should try digging to the other side again. Hopefully we will find people to trade with." Gibson and Martin go into the safe, and exit out the other way and continue to dig. They put up wooden posts and a wooden roof so no water would leak, and so that the lake wouldn't collapse. "Wait a moment." said Martin. "What?" "Kenshi!" "What about Kenshi?" "He said he was going to the storage house. I didn't see him anywhere! What if something happened to him?" "Maybe he found a way to the other side." "What if a cave in occured and he is trapped?" Gibson and Martin stopped to listen for screaming. They did not hear anything. "Let's dig to the other side as fast as we possible can. Poor Kensu will be worried sick." Little did Martin and Gibson know, Kenshi was already dead. Martin and Gibson continue digging as fast as they can.
[b]Declare[/b], after a whole week I can actually edit that meteor stuck in the lake... [sp]Damn you higher education :P[/sp] [editline]18th December 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/6096/civv2facepunch4.png[/IMG] [code]System corrupt: initiating reboot... Reboot successful: Cause of corruption unknown Location unknown Beginning extraction of information on current environment Releasing survey drones 1,2+3 Drones 2:aerial mode Drone 1+3: terrestrial mode ---------------------------------- Drone 1 report: Environment:aqueous, consists primarily of substance-Dihydrogen Monoxide Secondary compounds of unknown purifying agent Liquid pressure:1.01 strength of normal nitrogen/oxygen based atmosphere ---------------------------------- Drone 2 report: Atmosphere stable, signs of nuclear contaminants humanoid detected-commencing scan ---------------------------------- Drone 3 report: No new additional information to report... ---------------------------------- Drone 1 receiving command from Main control pod- Begin draining of the aqueous environment, via drilling lasers. [/code] The meteorite object activates itself and releases drones to study its location. 1 drone flies off into the air and scans Kensu. The other two walk along the lake bed with their tentacles. One of the drones begins drilling downwards, with high power lasers, to drain the water in the lake. It does not know of the two individuals underneath, and their recently created wooden roof... [release]By the way, Purple Plum you left a massive botch of white space on the right of the image. I've removed it now. [/release]
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/civv2facepunch4.png[/IMG] Justin quickly jumps to th other rock , and picks up the key and Kenshis hat ,he ties the key to the hat and throws it up to the ledge , he is suprised that his hat is that long , but he knows there is no time to waste so he starts to climb up. The rock colapses into the poluted water . Oh and gamma you can have robots but dont make them start a war ok :)
why no war? like, thats the whole reason im going infested people! D:
[QUOTE=Badboyuk;33784659]Oh and gamma you can have robots but dont make them start a war ok :)[/QUOTE]Don't worry I won't have them [b]start[/b] a war but if someone else decides [i]"Oh I think it'd be a neat idea to rip the tentacles off of these robots"[/i] then the computer mainframe will take the [b]logical[/b] choice:[b]Get rid of the deterrents[/b]. So it'll base its opinions on what happens to it, will you attack unprovoked? Or will you see what this unknown wonder has to offer? [i]Live or die, the [b]choice[/b] is yours.[/i] [sp]I most CERTAINLY didn't steal this from Saw.[/sp]
Gamma, could i ally you please because i love your guys. you always make the most awesome things.
Declare [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/f1HVj.png[/IMG] Kensu catches the fish and reels it up, he then sees a green light on the floor below him, he looks up and sees the Droid. He does not know what it is but he is not scared of it, he looks at it for a while then slowly places his hat on the floor for the Droid to inspect, he then walks into Gibson's house and goes downstairs with the fish he caught. He finds Gibson and Martin and drops the fish, he has a green light around him, it does not affect him though. Kensu says "Hello Gibson and Martin, have you seen Kenshi? There are also some droids up there, they seemed quite friendly, just don't make them angry is what I suggest." (Gamma Plasma, you have 3 droids, I believe they count as characters, and you are allowed a maximum of two, but don't remove unless a moderator says so)
Declare. Edit: [IMG]http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/549/declare.png[/IMG] Gibson and Martin hear the laser drilling. They were just about to leave as Kensu walks in. Gibson and Martin have little time to talk. All they can say is; "Didn't see him, bye!" Gibson and Martin run out of the house and see the droid scanning their area. Gibson walks up to the droid: "Hello droid, we come in peace. Although we have very powerful weapons but we will not use them unless absolutely necessary. I am sure you also have powerful weapons, so for that I hope we can live together in harmony. You seem to be drilling above an underground tunnel me and my friend have been working on. We would ask you to stop as we need a way of getting across the lake. If it is important to whatever you are doing, please say so, and we will respect your privacy and research." Martin modestly asks from behind Gibson: "And if you by any chance know the whereabouts of a young man named Kenshi, please tell us. His little brother Kensu, who so happens to now have some green glow around him is very worried. If you know or see anything about this, please inform us right away." Martin whispers to Gibson: "I think we should re-inforce our house. I have some steel that was stolen from the United Universe Associations which is completely indestructable to all weapons in this universe" "Martin?" "Yes" "Where the HELL did you get that and where have you been keeping it!?" "Never mind that, let's just get started." What other secrets does Gibson have, and what will happen with these droids? "We are just going to do some updates on our house, it is really out of date and we think it's time we upgrade." Gibson says to the droid in a solid tone. (Gamma I am not going to start a war with your drones so don't worry) :)
[QUOTE=Zombie_2371;33785199]Gamma, could i ally you please because i love your guys. you always make the most awesome things.[/QUOTE] You're gonna have to find me first before any allying can come into effect, right now you're trapped in a cave. [QUOTE=Vizurez;33785243] (Gamma Plasma, you have 3 droids, I believe they count as characters, and you are allowed a maximum of two, but don't remove unless a moderator says so)[/QUOTE]I'm sort of confused over that. The drones are meant to be detachments of the computer. There not suppose to be actual characters, just a means for my [b]only[/b] character, the meteorite, to see. Of course it's down to Badboy's decision. If you're going to remove one then remove the drone that's doing nothing (the walking one).
Declare [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/B9bR8.png[/IMG] Kensu is extremely worried about his brother, so he begins to dig a hole, his hands are not injured at all, the glow around him is making him stronger. He knows that Gibson and Martin will follow him, so he detaches the wooden roof and places it like a barrier (not knowing the dangers this leaves, because the drone can drill right in now) then ties it together with the strong flowerhead material. He takes a bite from the fish he has taken with him. Meanwhile where Justin in, a zombie has appeared in the cave he is heading to. (Purple Plum, you cannot break the wood back off, the flowerhead material is the stronger than iron) [editline]19th December 2011[/editline] Can someone please declare?
Declare. Edit: [IMG]http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/7092/declarex.png[/IMG] Gibson and Martin split up re-inforcing their house as fast as possible. They are extremely tired as the metal is VERY heavy, but they know the faster it is done, the better.
So much has happened since I last checked! Wow. New players, events, etc. Now I'm back, though. (Was making a game for Ludum Dare all weekend) [img]http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/5462/53937854.png[/img] Jason falls out of the pipe. Only to find…[i]more pipes!![/i] He notices some gooey red stuff coming from above and runs for the next set of pipes, hoping it will lead him to safety. ……… [i]but will it??[/i]
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/zombie_yeah.png[/IMG] Justin climbs up the rope, but then he sees a zombie , the zombie lunges at him, but he quickly moves out of the way , and the zombie falls into the contaminated water, and dies. Justin collects the rope . Made the water level rise in the cave ,it will only stay at that level now. And i am going to allow for gamma plasma to have the robots because they are from the metorite.(But i dont want him to take the mick and make hundreds ok ) And plum could you stop making resources appear do abit of mining please :)
Declare. [editline]19th December 2011[/editline] [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/edit1.PNG[/img] An unknown figure appears in-front of Gibson's door.
Declare. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/xSUJx.png[/IMG] Enkidu slides down the vine, he hears echoes of someone shouting. (Sorry I've been inactive, I've had finals and stuff. I start break on Wednesday, expect me to be back then.)
Declare [editline]20th December 2011[/editline] [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/edit21.png[/img] The unknown man now known as Tristan starts digging with his bare hands until he spots something shiny. It appears to be the corner of something wooden.
Sorry I'm not updating my part of the civilization, but my internet crashed. Badboyuk I'm not getting these resources from nowhere lol Martin had them hidden somewhere, there will be a story about Martin.
will declare in about 3-4 hours.
[QUOTE=psychojake;33804123](Sorry I've been inactive, I've had finals and stuff. I start break on Wednesday, expect me to be back then.)[/QUOTE]I too have been trapped by the scheme that is "higher education" and I'm also breaking up this Wednesday (why couldn't it have been earlier?) Luckily I have a bit of time today so: [b]declare[/b] [editline]20th December 2011[/editline] ...Ergh, I hate Filesmelt, it's so unreliable. Would anyone mind PMing me [b]Anguish[/b]'s image since I can't see it.
The image should be working, check again.
[QUOTE=Anguish;33816559]The image should be working, check again.[/QUOTE]Yeah i can see it again now. Filesmelt bugger up on me and I couldn't see your image. Must be my ISP's fault cause I can see them now. And so with that in mind, [i]re-[/i][b]declare[/b] [editline]21st December 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/6923/civv2facepunch5.png[/IMG]Drone 2 heads off inside the house of Gibson. It walks downwards, through the hidden ladder passageway (being knowledgeable in camouflage trickery) and into the corridor. It finds Gibson and chooses to answer his questions. After selecting a form of English which matches the ones in its database, the drone tells Gibson that it does not know where this "Kenshi" is. It has not found many other humanoids. The drones were digging to make a suitable area for them to live in and travel but since you were making a tunnel then they'll stop. The drone also ask Gibson if it would like some help with their construction work, some robotic tentacles could up the manpower a bit. Finally the drone asks whether they can return to this abode in the future. Drone 3 leaps into air and out of the water using its hover jet. Retracting its tentacles it heads off to another location for more investigation. For a brief movement it seems that it was radioing a message into the sky for some reason... On the other hand, Drone 1 stops drilling into the lakebed and decides to spend its time "sampling" the local wildlife of the lake. [release][i]Game Rule Notes:[/i] A few notes on my drones To keep fair with the rules I've made up a restriction on the drone amount. Each drone is in a group of 3. [b]One group equals 1 character[/b]. Thus I can have a [b]maximum[/b] of six drones at one time. Currently the [b]survey drone group[/b] is deployed so that's one character slot used up. That seem fair enough to you guys then? [/release]
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/civv2facepunch5.png[/IMG] Justin knows that the only way he will be able to get out is to dig, so he starts digging with his bare hands, he soon stops because his hands are bloody and he is tired.
Declare [editline]22nd December 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WOSKV.png[/IMG] [I]A former police detective appears out of nowhere[/I] [editline]22nd December 2011[/editline] Someone please declare, i have nothing else to do right now :P
Declare. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/IhMxW.png[/IMG] Ekidu hops onto the raft and spots some black rocks that look similar to coal. He disregards the rocks and continues the search for Justin.
Declare [editline]23rd December 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/58lax.png[/IMG] [I]The former police detective, named Sam. Has been digging trough the mud for over an hour, luckily it was very muddy so it was easy to dig trough, however he is now very muddy. During his time digging he found some scrap metal and some wood, he has built a little structure and he has hung up his coat for cover against weather. He also hit some stone and he still have some spare wood, he decides to try and create a shovel to make digging out a proper shelter easier.[/I]
Gaah, its been 6 hours. Someone declare!!
[QUOTE=ShadowRunner;33860759]Gaah, its been 6 hours. Someone declare!![/QUOTE]You do realise that it's the festive season...still I'll sate your impatient tendencies...[b]declare[/b]
[QUOTE=Gamma Plasma;33861020]You do realise that it's the festive season...still I'll sate your impatient tendencies...[b]declare[/b][/QUOTE] I guess youre right, i just have nothing to do atm
[IMG]http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/4685/civv2facepunch6.png[/IMG]Drone 3 hovers off towards an item of interest, a spectacular golden(ish) tree. Below the lake, drone 1 finishes sampling one of the lake's indigenous lifeforms, namely by crushing it's body into a pile of blood and fishy guts. Down in Gibson and Martin's home, drone 2 receives no reply from Gibson. Logically, it repeats the exact same words it said to him prior, assuming that Gibson was not paying attention previously.
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