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Declare [editline]14th January 2012[/editline] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ltxwA.png[/IMG] Delvin gets up in searing pain, And notices a strange green object floating overhead. He decides to lay low until it passes.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/ltxwA.png[/IMG] Justin goes out side and sees a man in a wooly hat and coat he says "Hello?!?" Justin waits for a reply....
Declare! [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/rzc75yw.png[/IMG] Because Nick was startled by the sound, he turned around with his gun pointed at the man. Oh my god, i'm so sorry! The man puts his gun away. [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/rq69udq.png[/IMG] Hey there! Sorry about that, it's been ages since I've seen another person. *Awaiting Justin's reply*
Didnt see a point of posting a pic when we are having a conversation :) Justin"I know, i havent seen seen anybody in ages,i have been in my mine for the past months.Where did you come from ??"
Guess i wont post a pic either. Nick: I... Don't know. The last thing i remember was a loud noise, and then my dog, cuddles, pulling me out of some rubble.. I've been wandering ever since. What about you?
Justin: "I heard a loud noise like you , then everything went white , and i found myself laying in the dirt.I have seen these flying droid things have you ??"
Nick: Yes, they look very strange, my dog was barking at what appears to be a whole nest of those things, but anyway, want to help me finish my shack?
Justin: " Sure What can I do??"
(mhh, do you wanna do the background walls or shall i?) Nick: You can pass me the planks while I nail 'em into the wall.
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/6v3i1qn.png[/IMG] An Arterran underground transport bursts through the surface, destroying several tunnels behind it. It's large exhaust tubes stop emitting plumes of smoke and out come an Arterran infantryman and an Arterran Grenadier. "Well, that's the last of the cisilite, I suppose we'll have to see if there's anymore around here so we can get back to the battle." "Why would we want to go back to that hellhole?" "Because, I think the CUE troops chased us here. We need to get out quick before they arrive or it's going to be a shitstorm!" "Right, well I suppose we can ask the locals. What planet are we on again?"
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/h2zolir.png[/IMG] The Caucasian man, now revealed to be named Jacob Gets a com-Interface notification, telling him that Arterran presence is detected on the surface nearby. He soon realizes his unstable Jury-rig begins to overload. He evacuates and begins running, Screaming to [B][U]Justin[/U][/B]: [release][B]JUSTIN! RUN!!![/B][/release] The Mutant underground soon uses its second tentacle to tear into the small soldier's Neck, turning his jugular veins into hamburger.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/ggggggggggggggggggggggg.png[/IMG] Justin hears Jacob scream at him so he and Nick run into his house for protection......
Declare [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/0j8j2s6.png[/IMG] Justin: Quick! Block the door! Nick: Huh? Why? Justin: Just trust me on this. *When nick and justin have finished blocking the door and the sides, Nick passes justin a small revolver, and uses his grappling hook so that he can go up for a closer look soon.
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/841ghkn.png[/IMG] The Core ruptures, and explodes. the Unstable energy rises into the air, Creating a Purple rift around it, It's a good thing Justin and the other guy got out in time.
Wait, shit, i misread alot. i thought they were running from those digger guys so i gave the other guy a gun.. Derp.
[QUOTE=Milkdairy;34244756][IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/841ghkn.png[/IMG] The Core ruptures, and explodes. the Unstable energy rises into the air, Creating a Purple rift around it, It's a good thing Justin and the other guy got out in time.[/QUOTE] haha milkdairy wait to kill a thread
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/h474ewx.png[/IMG] The Rift recedes. It leaves a nice small crater where the base was. Everything around it is unharmed entirely.
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/kl52cbj.png[/IMG] The Infantryman goes to ask the nearest person if he has any "cisilite" while the other goes to take up a defensive position up by the lake and survey the area.
Sorry I have been innactive, will probably declare tomorrow, sorry guyz. Edit: declare finally :) [img]http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/6dj9d9qeboxyzh6g5o85.png[/img] Gibson and Martin continue digging their underground tunnel to the other side. Digging goes fast with their shovels. They also put wood as a support so the dirt won't collapse on them.
Declare: [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/0l6282r.png[/IMG] A small egg in the bottom of a cave has appeared. It looks like its cracking. What unfortunate creature will enter this messed up world.
Declare, thought this thread would live... Cope your image isn't working. Edit: [img]http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/6t735hry9sc21rqfzfj.png[/img] Gibson and Martin finish building the underground trail.
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