• Floor naps and why you should take floor naps v. NAP MORE
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Oh Hi, welcome to my thread about floor naps Every once in a while, we need to take a breather and relax ourselves in order to deal with the outside world. Napping ON THE FLOOR can help refresh and refocus the mind in order to be more productive. Trust me, floor naps are best naps, and I'm here to tell you about the floor naps. So unless you live in a all hardwood house, there is no excuse. Floor naps are great, really! whats not to like about floor naps, floor naps, floor naps, floor naps... [release] The Real OP: Me and dragon were steam chatting and i'm pulling a late night, this dude is like, "uhm woke up from the floor dunno how I got there but wow it was great" I'm like "dergon dont u got a big bed for ur dergonness" "nope, floor naps own" "uhm really cus u know it's great when you're wrecked from a party and all but regularly???" "stfu and make me a thread about it" "WOW" "do ittt" [/release] [img]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3070/2565730308_5ec31984b6.jpg?v=0[/img] Get a load of this chill dude, he's away from the hardwood. Fucking Pro. (heh hardwood, rrerr) [img_thumb]lick my dergon cocococock[/img_thumb] Yeah really just lay on your floor and take a good nap, you wont regret it! Hey man after all this talk I'm feeling a good floor nap coming on me, so I wrote some quick facts [release] 1. Your back will thank you. If you sleep on the floor your back will really just thank you, straight up dude, it thanks me every time and serves me breakfast. 2. It will make you cooler. Heat rises in the summer, so sleeping on the floor will make you cooler than all fuck. Even in the winter this would enable you to sleep better, by allowing you to snuggle down in blankets without worrying about overheating and being uncool! 3. It will be healthier. Futons are for PUSSIES they're light and portable enough you can take them outside and air them in the sunshine on occasion. This will not only freshen your PUSSY WHIPPED futon, but help in eliminating any critters like bedbugs that may be nesting within. Try doing that with a regular mattress! (don't) 4. You won't have to beg or hire some dude to help you move your sicknasty love bed. Think! FLOORS DON'T MOVE STUPID. Compare that with the average mattress/box spring set that takes two people to move and a truck, trailer or large van to transport. 5. You will BANK CASH$. It costs less to invest in a GOOD DAMN FLOOR than it does to purchase a bed, mattress and box springs. If you are on a budget, this may enable you to afford a higher bla bla bla 6. It is better on the environment. YES I WILL TYPE ABOUT GREEN MARKETING STRATEGIES TO MAKE YOU REGRET LEAVING THE BATHROOM LIGHT AT NIGHT OR TAKING THE LONGER ROUTE TO WORK. [/release] Post here so I can shout slogans and product advertisements at you I hope you have been educated today on this dergon approved education
I'm dragon and I just took a floor nap!!
But that's where I shit. I will not sleep on my faeces.
Is it OK to have a pillow?
floor naps and why they're nasty because your goddamn feet touch it motherfucker but honestly when I'd spend my summer vacations in grade school over at my aunt's 24/7 I'd always crash on the floor. Whenever I woke up I always had the energy to hop straight to my feet instead of wanting more sleep or whatever, and felt perfectly fine. So I guess that was a pro of floor naps
I had a floornap before but our dog and cat shit and puked on it so we threw it all away
i am too poor for a bed i must floornap 24/7
You mean people don't do this?
[QUOTE=myalt22;27276407]Ok. But it's not comfortable.[/QUOTE] Referencing this post for "someone not hardcore"
It's good for your hardwood :v:
Floornaps are the bomb! Love em!
I sleep on the floor during the summer when it's too hot to sleep in bed. Dirt naps are where it's at though. :v:
I have a tatami mat Feels good man
[quote] Craptasket: hi damn chimera: helo Craptasket: how was the floor nap damn chimera: it was really good damn chimera: but i woke up and was like damn chimera: wtf am i on the floor Craptasket: im posting this chatlog damn chimera: lol Craptasket: thx for the interview [/quote] Results are in: they're "really good"
Yeah but after a half month of sleeping on the floor your back/neck starts to hurt like a bitch.
Is the cat necessary for floor naps?
I probably would if my floor was bigger and more comfortable.
The cat is an accessory $19.95 buy now
What about having sex, is it better on the floor too?
My carpet in my room is apparently more comfortable than my mates bed. It is really nice though.
[QUOTE=Dragon;27276476]The cat is an accessory $19.95 buy now[/QUOTE] can i get a coupon?
[QUOTE=Dragon;27276476]The cat is an accessory $19.95 buy now[/QUOTE] I'll trade you food stamps
sometimes I wrap myself up with floornaps and grunt like I'm a god damned stuffed tortilla seeing as I spill food all the time on the floor you actually start to smell like meat once you have been in there for 30 minutes
I have a hardwood floor, what do I do? :saddowns:
[QUOTE=Lonestriper;27276459]Is the cat necessary for floor naps?[/QUOTE] The cat was to appeal to the regular facepunch user
I fucking love floor naps they saved my life
I've slept on hardwood floors, it seems ok for the first 10mins but then your spine snaps and locks into a permanent pretzel shape. People seem to think it's funny when I sleep on the floor at parties and shit (lol this guy must have passed out like a dickhead) but it feels great.
What the fuck is this thread? dont fucking reate me dumb u bish
my carpet is really uncomfortable
craptasket why do you do this to me, my floor is all hardwood
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