• Metal-step (Its what it is)
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the song goes from 120bpm to 150bpm for the drop [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/metal-step[/media] Say what you like
Pretty legit so far, man. Keep this up. I wanna hear what you make of this. I'm a big metal fan and dubstep fan, haha.
Makes me think of Sonic Mayhem. Which is a good thing, because Sonic Mayhem are amazing. Or at least the first part does. Once it gets loud and fades out it gets kinda... I don't like it. Especially the glitches in the end. I like the first riffs though. Those are sick.
Thanks, Yeah STH music is pretty epic, except for Crush 40, they turned pretty gay after sonic adventures. Anway Added new riffs, solos, made the drums a little more rhythmic, and finished the song. [media]http://soundcloud.com/furrfagsmurr/metal-step[/media]
Well, it's ok as far as what it is. I personally don't like it because the overdrive all the time and its a little too dubsteppy. metal is fine how it is. but good job
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