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[RELEASE][B]So, I've decided I haven't made a thread in a while, and I figured I'd give one a go again.[/B] Essentially, this thread is for users to post their favorite fields in their area, and let other users know and discuss a little bit about their field, etc[/RELEASE] Or, in other words, i'm horribly bored and want to do something. I play at a field called Hudson Valley Airsoft in New Windsor, NY. Located a few miles from Stewart AFB and the lovely Newburgh, NY. Website: [URL="http://www.hudsonvalleyairsoft.com"]www.hudsonvalleyairsoft.com[/URL] I've played there since October 2010, and i'm one of the moderators of the forum; i'm in charge of registration. :v: And i'm a ref sometimes when i'm there. I can't remember the acreage of the field so here are some pictures: [IMG]http://hudsonvalleyairsoft.com/gallery/_tastygallery/img.php?i=Field - Oct. 2011/IMG_1078.jpg&w=648&h=484&t=1318350529[/IMG] [IMG]http://hudsonvalleyairsoft.com/gallery/_tastygallery/img.php?i=Field - Oct. 2011/IMG_1085.jpg&w=432&h=322&t=1318350531[/IMG] [IMG]http://hudsonvalleyairsoft.com/gallery/_tastygallery/img.php?i=Field - Sept. 2011/IMG_0891.jpg&w=432&h=322&t=1316714609[/IMG] [IMG]http://hudsonvalleyairsoft.com/gallery/_tastygallery/img.php?i=Field - Sept. 2011/IMG_0902.jpg&w=432&h=322&t=1316714729[/IMG] [IMG]http://hudsonvalleyairsoft.com/gallery/_tastygallery/img.php?i=Field - Sept. 2011/IMG_0901.jpg&w=432&h=322&t=1316714717[/IMG] Those pictures are just from a piece of the field, when everything grows in again in a month or two, I will take some pictures of an area we call the Jungle (which is kinda like a jungle when everything is grown in) [b]This is going to turn out like a chat thread probably, but we should make it a chat thread about fields, my goal is to make this almost like a database, albeit a badly formatted one, of fields Facepunchers go to :v:[/b]
Hey, another person who goes to HVA. I'm making a team in Putnam, maybe we'll see you there sometime.
Whats the team? Also I go to HVA too.
What team? There are a few of us on here who go to/have gone to HVA.
Mahopac Infantry. ATM it's just something my friends and I have been discussing, gonna be a little while before it comes to fruition though, gotta find local people with decent skill and the right equipment to join.
Cool, sounds interesting. You might've seen me at the field before, what's your name?
Evan McClane. Haven't been there recently, I've been going to Zulu24 a bit more often because that's where my friends usually go, but I prefer HVA's field.
Eh, I don't really care for Zulu. I have my own reasons, but I do hear that HVA's terrain and whatnot is better.
Hollywood Sports represent! :v: Albeit, it isn't the best, it's what we have here other than SC Village
lmao just got home from HSP, some kid today that has the same AK i believe as kill, except has the skeleton stock got banned for life today. ive heard about this kid, his gun basically shoots like 500fps or some crazy shit and so he chronos his friend's gun, then switches the chronotags onto his AK (i did it once with kill's ak, but i got it to shoot under 400 now with how he told me to do it) and then he told his friend about it and i was there aswell and there was another HONEST RESPECTFUL MULTICAM ELITIST kid who reported the dude and yeah, they asked him if they could chrono his rifle so they did and then jim rained hell on him.... [B]lmao[/B] good day tho even though it was quite hot in kill's gear also someone came today in berezka... pretty cool
roll up your sleeves if shit gets hot my russian gear is meant for more mountainy shit
The tech at the field I go to was talking about an AK he has that he claimed shoots 550 and an upwards of 30+ bbs a second which he ran .4's through. Even if he was exaggerating, I was scared.
550 with .4s? He's lying. [editline]23rd April 2012[/editline] 550 w/ .4s at 30rps, definitely lying. That'd be almost 800 fps with a .2 and there's no way in hell that's happening, on top of it running at 30 rps with that much power
no, 550 with .2s but he ran it with .4
Well that's slightly more believable I guess. I can't think of a single field that would allow that though.
what if he melded three springs together
800 fps is feasible, I'm saying 30rps while shooting at 800fps is not possible.
but.. jarek told me it was possible
[QUOTE=venom;35689938]what if he melded three springs together[/QUOTE] [img]http://i.ytimg.com/vi/PGJ6BsGYRbQ/0.jpg[/img] Red Dragon Airsoft.
[QUOTE=felix the cat;35689994]800 fps is feasible, I'm saying 30rps while shooting at 800fps is not possible.[/QUOTE] Possible on an electric? I don't know. Being a P* user, the highest I have been able to crank mine is mid to low 700's with 19rps. But look at the internals difference. I agree with Felix, 800/30 is impossible.
[QUOTE=Kill001;35670477]roll up your sleeves if shit gets hot my russian gear is meant for more mountainy shit[/QUOTE] haha, i did dude but i was feeling sick, and didn't want to throw up all over your stuff :v so i took off the top part and just wore my undershirt
[QUOTE=junglecat;35692470]haha, i did dude but i was feeling sick, and didn't want to throw up all over your stuff :v so i took off the top part and just wore my undershirt[/QUOTE] drink more water scrubbe
i would if HSP's water didnt taste like ass and was actually cold instead of warm [editline]23rd April 2012[/editline] i dont really mind warm water it just tastes weird...
[QUOTE=junglecat;35694415]i would if HSP's water didnt taste like ass and was actually cold instead of warm [editline]23rd April 2012[/editline] i dont really mind warm water it just tastes weird...[/QUOTE] Water sold in pro shop > problem solved Store across street sells good water in gallon thingies for like $2
Introducing what must be the [I]worst field of all time![/I] [B]Hill 559[/B] [URL="http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Hill-559-3511/16083607_zmDHLj#!i=1207109773&k=MopPd"]http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Hill-559-3511/16083607_zmDHLj#!i=1207109773&k=MopPd[/URL] We have five hundred acres of grandiose shenanigans. Attractions include nothing, nihl, and zilch, with favorite pastimes including by not limited to: camping in bad cover, playing cards while waiting to be owned, and failing. Whoever has the best gun is king here, and balance is thrown out the window at every conceivable opportunity in favor of avoiding offense to any of the bread-and-butter community members. Patron teams include TEAM SLOW, CHEAT FORCE 7, and [I]the ones who cannot be named[/I]. If something goes wrong, it's your fault you aren't ~hispeed~ enough or ~operator~ enough to deal with it. Gameplay usually consists of a half-broken set of rules meant to pander to self-proclaimed milsimmers who haven't the faintest idea what a real warzone actually feels like, nevermind how real soldiers perform their duties. The scenario tends to be one of several generic twists to the same idea to give the appearance the game is not flavored team death match with moving silhouette targets for visiting players. Teams are split into two groups to simulate fairness. After hiking a half mile over punishing terrain just to get to our base, which is usually an exposed strip of ground with one or two rocks meant to give us the feeling of having cover, we're split up by a team captain or an assigned authority figure who may or may not know anything about what he's doing. Usually they don't, and I have my suspicions we're actually scripted to be told stupid tactics to lose on purpose out of courtesy to the home team. Most of our team is scrapped together from people who have no idea how to work together, or are not disciplined enough as a team to get anything done. The usual fair is that we get assigned an assault mission after the opfor have chosen the best spot on the entire field, or are tasked with defending something that can't really be defended. Usually the opfor also make sure to keep all the DMs and Polar Stars on their team to promote balance and milsim. We usually march out over open ground like an 18th century skirmish line and attempt to attack an entrenched enemy force that has half of their team who are DMs guarding their doorstep. Then we proceed to either be destroyed before getting in range, or go in circles trying to find a way into the base while making faces at the defenders. If you do manage to land a hit, the odds he'll call it are in direct proportion to how operator you are, and how expensive your EOtech replica is. If this is a factor greater than 1.0, you will become a god among men and win the day. Usual tactics include hypocritical behavior after complaining about some kind of playstyle/full auto/ect. on the forums, standing in the open like an idiot firing at people that are two times your effective range in the distance, standing in the open with a DMR and killing everyone who chose to take time to dig in and use cover, and not calling AEG fire if you have a pistol out. Headshots are encouraged if you're the resident team, bannable if you are a guest. The field admins are also friends with everyone, including the cheaters, and you will simply be told you need better aim if you complain - they will only "talk" to the cheaters and "know" about them but never do anything. Either at lunch or after the second or third scenario, they occasionally do a raffle, which is obviously rigged. I have witnessed two different people win TWICE at a huge game with a hundred players, and the grand prize as usual ended up in the hands of someone important, and similar improbabilities have happened numerous other times at smaller events. Video: [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WYDr4XGAzc"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WYDr4XGAzc[/URL] --- [I]The Winery[/I] [URL="http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Winery-3-10-12/21878012_4rZp3j#!i=1744398298&k=VB2PMRf"]http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Winery-3-10-12/21878012_4rZp3j#!i=1744398298&k=VB2PMRf[/URL] Arguably the only proper outdoor field we have. Rules are lax (full auto, 420 FPS limit, ect.), occasionally we get technicals and half-decent props. The scenarios are usually basic, but they don't kid themselves about half-baked milsim just to give themselves a petty advantage. Most people here are legit players, and while the current iteration of the field leaves a lot to be desired, it's far better than Hill 559 in all ways. Consequently, most of the ~operator~ people don't come here very often, though when they do they cheat like nobody's business and generally curse gameplay to grand suckage. Anything discouraged at their fields, such as firing on defenseless players closer than 10-15 feet with a pistol, is done openly. They will find any excuse to contest you. People who complain about full auto and overkill will have no hesitation in doing it to you, even if you're noticeably not doing it yourself or even looking at them. Night games are the most common thing played here, especially during summer, every Thursday night. Any lack of cover is made up by how difficult it is to see anyone in the dark, and I can attest to people getting within about 60 feet of me even while I was moving or firing and not being spotted. Lots of scrubs will use their lights to scan for you, in reality just exposing themselves and making themselves easy to target. People call their hits less at night, and one moron with a Polar Star (one of the people who cannot be named, might I add) stood there taking fire while I crouched in the bushes just a short distance away. He had no idea until I started firing, at which point he scanned and only shot me after taking about 50 hits himself. All in all, it's a good field, though the range whores will still keep you from directly attacking them far too often due to an extreme lack of transitional cover. --- [B]Ghost Mountain[/B] [URL="http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Ghost-Mtn-33112/22210516_W2twPz#!i=1773777479&k=d6WPHWs"]http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Ghost-Mtn-33112/22210516_W2twPz#!i=1773777479&k=d6WPHWs[/URL] There's not a whole lot to say about this one. It's essentially Hill 559, except good. It's steeper and with more foliage, plus it's smaller so you don't walk for miles or wait hours to make contact with the opfor. It's actually possible to play proper woodland there, though you still have to abide by stupid "milsim" rules that aren't, arbitrary restrictions based on butthurt peoples' views of what real weapons are, ect. Scenarios and players are faux quality and highly exaggerated, with the entire setup of things still being to their advantage. [B]Urban 559[/B] [URL="http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Urban-559-OpOpen-Door/19428742_M6jv2T#!i=1519674775&k=G5SZNPd"]http://www.bakholdinphotography.com/Airsoft/Urban-559-OpOpen-Door/19428742_M6jv2T#!i=1519674775&k=G5SZNPd[/URL] This place is great, in my opinion the best venue available to us right now, as nowhere else in town is really proper MOUT or can offer anything like it. If any of you swing by Fresno, this would be the place for you guys to go - everything else pales in comparison to the feel of it. Unfortunately, the rules still pander to whiny men and the like, so even though inside the buildings the limit is 350 FPS we still have to abide by a 25 foot MED. We're currently losing this venue thanks to a hostile CQB place taking over part of the property and trying to wheel and deal with the owners, in addition to a lack of community support (the people who cannot be named are incapable of risking being hit closer than 200 feet without nerfing the rules). It's essentially an old cattle slaughterhouse, repurposed for our plastic warfaring habits. There's something like three levels including a basement, several underground areas that can be accessed from outside, and more dark places than my ninja genes know what to do with. Inside there's a myriad of big and small rooms, offices, and other cool things, while outside there's plenty of area for people with hotter AEGs to safely engage. Thunder Bs are extremely deadly, not to mention ungodly loud due to the reverberation in some rooms (so bring some comtacs/really low profile electronic earmuffs). Again, the only people not calling themselves out here are the elitist crowd who are too hispeed to be hit, and the kids who don't know what "every BB counts" means. The same people from the Winery are in charge here too, so the scenarios are usually simplistic, fun, and the rules lax enough that it doesn't feel like eating soup with your bare hands. I like this field so much I'll give you THREE videos of gameplay there: (I appear in these as the guy in the M81 with the tan helmet) [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWGQWsFaQss"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWGQWsFaQss[/URL] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF5BrYKSjag"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF5BrYKSjag[/URL] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr3-RbxbYuc"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr3-RbxbYuc[/URL] --- [B]The Underground[/B] This place is great, but it's too compact for AEGs and the 400 FPS limit/20 foot MED makes it hard to use anything but a pistol safely. It's a super budget field with most of the walls being made of old lockers that were already on site, or tarps hanging from the ceiling (they frequently fall down, no surprise). It's very simple gameplay, mostly Call of Duty-themed scenarios such as TDM, sabotage, and CTF. Surprisingly almost everyone here calls their hits at all times, and only visitors from more politically-correct groups tend to cause trouble (one such person physically assaulted me). There's plenty of video but half the field is too dark and can't be seen on camera very well. Every week the owner changes the cover around so it's different almost every time. [B]Fresno Urban Combat[/B] Abomination. Their CQB is unsafe and their players are somewhat elitist. Mentioning full auto 400 FPS CQB with basically no engagement rules as being unsafe usually gets "we'll do it our way" and "man up" responses. They also tend to generalize our entire community and cast themselves as victims when they violate us. Most of the people who make the Underground suck on some days are usually FUC regulars who are such srs bsns that they have to cheat and attack people who call them out on it. They have no problem with using hot pistols at close range, defeating the entire purpose of transitioning. Most of them criticize all other Fresno venues without ever going there, and their representatives have openly threatened us with physical violence on Facebook. They're also stealing our MOUT place, so it's personal for me now. --- All other fields are on public land (the Lost Lake guys are doing it legally somehow), or are private. Some of them have nothing to do with the other fields.
[B]Realms of Ruin[/B] [url]http://www.realmsofruinpaintball.com/[/url] Ok field I guess, a little big for its own good. [B]CPX[/B] [url]http://www.cpxsports.com/[/url] Really nice field. The little kiddies aren't too obnoxious, multicam guys aren't elitist, everybody's friendly, has the best play areas. [B]Paintball Explosion[/B] [url]http://www.pbbomb.com/fieldsite/[/url] In an old amusement park so some of the fields are cool, but generally has a smaller turnout and games are generally slow. [B]Airsoft X[/B] [url]http://airsoftx.co/[/url] The one and only indoor field in Illinois. Very loose rules (they didn't have a chrono for a long time, just recently got one), too small of a play area even for CQB, bad lighting, no distinguishing between teams (not camo v. not camo or tan v. green, just a bunch of people in there), low turnout, and a ton of crossdraw and hoodie kids who break the rental Dboys ARs.
I, to this day have no freaking clue why kountze, Texas has no freaking airsoft field or community Seriously? If this place had one I could never be bored at all
[QUOTE=Frostypunch;35702748]I, to this day have no freaking clue why kountze, Texas has no freaking airsoft field or community Seriously? If this place had one I could never be bored at all[/QUOTE] All those fields I just posted are an hour away except for Paintball Explosion which is 2 hours away. Look around, it's just not possible that there are no fields at all in Texas.
[img]http://www.airsoftclub.lv/forum/download/file.php?id=1147&t=1[/img] Here's one. Sattelite ( That's only half ) [thumb]http://content7-foto.inbox.lv/albums83729257/rihardsons/24-11-2008-2/zaaliite3.sized.jpg[/thumb]
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