• I am scanning and publishing my diary
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The only catch is it's my diary from when I was 6 years old. [url]http://www.garry.tv/diary/1/[/url] I've done 5 pages so far, and aim to do the whole book by tonight! I know this is probably of no interest to anyone else but me.. but I thought some people might find it interesting. To get you in the mood, here's a pic of me on my Sinclair Spectrum [img]http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2565/237/46/660565832/n660565832_2779691_4447331.jpg[/img] [b]UPDATE[/b] First diary complete. Second diary being scanned. [url]http://www.garry.tv/diary/2/[/url] [b]UPDATE[/b] All Done!
holy shit, holy shit
nice handwriting!
Awww. It's little garry :3
Aww. How cute!
Awesome, we get to see what Garry was like when he was 6.
"try to write more" lol
What is this dizzy you and Robert were playing?
Garry as kid D: With an old computer :D:D
Haha, pretty awesome. Little gangsta garry 'our dina'.
Your spelling is atrocious.
So cute =)
I can't read shit. -50000 Smartness, garry.
Look at that healthy little boy. (;
Make sure you don't post this in the creationism corner. You'll get tons of flak about how you're not "engaging the reader" or... something...
hehe, funny
Thinking about it, it was almost 20 years ago you wrote that.
pretty hip yo
[QUOTE=AaronTAB;14106299]What is this dizzy you and Robert were playing?[/QUOTE] You're not old enough to remember. And neither am I, I just happened to know. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dizzy_series[/url]
And there was a disco
Haha, this is awesome.
Hehe that's kinda funny.
so you're as old as my brother nice to have an age comparison
i love how you named your teddy 'superted'
I love how much the red pen corrections resemble our smartness.
Your teacher was a spelling nazi The trauma from your teacher obviously made you create the smartness system.
I can't read like 80% of this [img]http://d2k5.com/sa_emots/emot-v.gif[/img]
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