• Me Playing Guitar After Starting a Month 1/2 Ago
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you're actually pretty damn good. my friend has been playing guitar for about 4 months and he can play 1/6th of a scale
[QUOTE=falloutguy;35691301]you're actually pretty damn good. my friend has been playing guitar for about 4 months and he can play 1/6th of a scale[/QUOTE] Thanks man :smile:
You need to play more cleanly.
Sounds like ass for supposedly 459 hours of practice
[QUOTE=fenwick;35702387]You need to play more cleanly.[/QUOTE] This. Sounds good, you could try practicing more slowly from now on and then pick up the pace.
For half a months worth of practice this is not bad. Just make sure you don't pick up bad habbits. Since you haven't developed good technique yet you should take it much slower, drill scales over and over and make sure each note sounds perfect. It might be less obvious of wrong notes and what not when you're playing fast, but when you slow it down, people will really hear it. tl;dr: Start slow, perfect your technique, play fast :)
Practice without distortion, it's hiding your mistakes. Also, you should be using your practice time constructively, hitting a guitar for 13 hours a day amounts to nothing if you aren't actually focusing on something. Try playing songs by ear (with your distortion off) or learn some theory.
I don't mean to be a douche, but you really shouldn't be trying to play some of that stuff with that little practice. My advice, if you want speed in solos, start with a minor pentatonic and just use economy picking. Easiest way to get fast quick; then you start practicing speed picking. Just DON'T start with speed picking. Also work on your bends. I'd start clean and slow and work your way up. It's fun to dick around with distortion, but it doesn't help you learn to play super cleanly (then again I always screwed around with distortion when I was learning...).
My advice is to learn how to play what you are playing very cleanly. And like others have said, you're better off practicing well for an hour a day, than burning yourself out dicking around for 9+ hours. Long =/= better for practice, especially if it's not a program. Also, check this site out [url]http://musicdiscipline.com/[/url]
[QUOTE=killover;35681102]Hello, I started playing guitar 1 1/2 months ago. I practice when ever I have free time (usually 9 hours on weekdays and 13 hours on weekends)This is me playing some shit. Feedback please? I'm also self-taught. It sounds okay for half a month of practice, but you really need to slow down and sharpen up. This sounds kinda sloppy.
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