• Kings Park Psychiatric Center
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I dont know if some you guys are familiar with the place but Its an old Psychiatric Center thats been abandoned for quite sometime and been around since the 1800's. But heres a video of me and my friends exploring the place at 12:00AM. More info and pictures Kings Park Psychiatric Center - Abandoned Photography at Opacity We explored the most known one, building 93. This is probably the most recognized building of all Long Island asylums, but not the largest (nearby Edgewood Hospital towered 170 feet high), building 93 is a magnificent relic of asylum architecture. Built in 1939, this twelve story building was used as a geriatric infirmary and drug treatment. Despite it's height, the structure has a very small footprint, to allow every room and hallway access to sunlight. The bed-ridden patients were placed on the top floors, and the more physically abled lived on the lower floors. The reason for this is because the building is stepped outwards on the bottom floors, creating dayrooms for patients to excercise in if they were able-bodied enough. When the hospital began its mass release of patients in the 70's and 80's, the upper floors were closed, and the abandonment slowly worked its way down until everyone was gone in 1996. Because of it's popularity, 93 is the most vandalized, and a tall fence has been put up around the building in 2001. But you can still find artifacts from the patients and staff throughout the many wards.[video=youtube;mjfd_WI4358]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjfd_WI4358&feature=player_embedded#![/video]
I used to love looking at pictures of abandoned asylums. This is considered one of the bigger ones, along with Pennhurst and the likes. Here's a video the staff made right before KPPC was closed down. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH0CKsWOjbw[/media]
thanks i hope u liked it!
Props for going and checking out this property (and at night). You should try to get in building 7 if you get the chance. The well known facilities like this are fun, but no where near the best to explore. The lesser known institutions with higher security are better preserved inside. I'd give an example but that would defeat the purpose.
Hm, i live right near KPPC and was going to urbex there soon. Any precautions i should know about? I know asbestos is pretty bad there so i might bring a cheapie respirator. but what i'm most worried about is security
How come the guy was going "Back out back out back out" What happened?
This is pretty cool, I used to pass this place when I would visit my grandfather in New York when I was younger. Whenever I'd ask my parents about it I'd get some vague answer about it being an abandoned asylum. I always wondered what it was like, thanks for posting this.
I thought this place had massive security?
I live really close to this place! One of my friends went before, he said it was really creepy.
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