• nhl 13 covers
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[QUOTE=Perfumly;36060185]How To Create Your Thread Step 1: [B]Give it a descriptive title[/B], calling it "My first photoshop thread!" or "Photoshop this image!" Is not descriptive, and will likely get you banned. Step 2: [B]Post the original image in the OP, this step is not a requirement, however it is highly recommended. [/B] Step 3: [B]Post an exploitable image from the original. [I]This is a required step[/I][/B][I].[/I] Do not post a thread if you are not willing to first save the exploitable that you made for your own contest Step 4: [B]Post a contribution, if you do not include a contribution your thread will be closed.[/B] ______________________________ [/QUOTE] I don't understand what's so hard about reading a sticky.
[QUOTE=rocketmatt;36060185][url]http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/images/photos/001/700/207/144399117_crop_650x440.jpg?1337029045[/url][/QUOTE] Nice first post
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