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I absolutely love Pokemon. I don't exatcly '' like '' any of the newer episodes, but I am in love with all the old ones with the original cast.
I watched the first series again recently for the first time since I was a kid and I liked it. The ones after he goes off to the Orange Islands aren't so good though. I really do like the first few episodes though, since they all carried on from each other, like the ones when they go on the cruise ship and the island with giant Pokémon. I also liked how a lot of episodes built up to the first movie, with scenes with Giovanni or Mewtwo. Too bad the movie itself wasn't so good. But then again I'm not the target audience any more.
it was the shit when i was a kid
The games and tv show were good when I was little, never got into the card game though.
I dislike that they took out Misty.
[QUOTE=eatdembeanz;24277866]I dislike that they took out Misty.[/QUOTE] I always thought Misty was hot.
I wonder who will Ash travel next in the the Isshu region
There will never be another fad as big as pokemon.
Ash is dropping out of the main character slot. That means it's going to be shit.
Oh the OP spell associate wrongly
If this is everything about Pokémon, shouldn't it be in GD? Just saying. [editline]01:42PM[/editline] But personally, I found the games pretty fun, and the cartoon somewhat annoying. I never really liked how they were all like 'Oh no, he didn't die, he just went away!'. It's like when a pet dies when you're five and your Mum tells you they went off to live on a farm.
[QUOTE=Dan2593;24285133]Ash is dropping out of the main character slot. That means it's going to be shit.[/QUOTE] You mean it's not shit already? I mean they've apparently already even changed Team Rocket's Motto and they change Ash's companion every couple of seasons. The games are where it's at anyway.
The show was ok at best, even when I was a kid. I watched the first movie when I was 9 because I was a huge fan of Mewtwo, because he was fucking hardcore. He KILLED people, that was part of his origin story. Everything was going good until the end where Mewtwo went all "I SEE THE ERROR OF MY WAYS NOW AND I MUST HUG EVERYTHING" Then I basically said "well fuck your shit, I'm sticking with the games"
If you take anything in it seriously you won't like it.
I never really watched this or gave a shit, but I love Team Rocket. Best villians ever. A few months ago I went on TV to try and catch some new episodes for some reason, and there was one on where they actually managed to steal, and keep(!) a pokemon. Granted, it was from a total noob so they pretty much stole candy from a baby, but they did it. That was the shit man. There was also one where James' pokemon got hurt, and he had to take it to his grandparents who lived in a huge manor where they took care of pokemon. But he couldn't let them know he was with Team Rocket so he had to make Jessie and Meowth pretend to be his manager and secretary. The Ash and co. gang also found it, so he had to make peace with them to try and keep up appearances with his grandparents. They went along with it. But in the end Jessie and Meowth couldn't help themselves from trying to steal all of his grandparents' free roaming pokemon. And James ended up having to defend the pokemon alongside ash and co. out of love for his hurt pokemon. He finally admitted what he had done with his life before leaving it in their care and going off on new swashbuckling adventures. :3: Also, Pikachu is badass. He can even like, totally cook and shit. [editline]08:52PM[/editline] I also caught part of that Darkrai movie on Jetix or something. It was pretty hilarious that they actually have a fucking emo-mon now. But it pretty much fucking sucked. Like, balls. Except the cinematography, that was pretty impressive. And dat music: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksMM4h8OJbM[/media] [editline]08:53PM[/editline] Also, a bonus: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNTAEnDgqpU[/media]
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