• No Fap October V2, It's just getting started.
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[Quote=Ubergoose]Lets see who can make it an entire month without tugging the schlong. List of people involved Code: [code]Mikeyt493 Maximum Mod Ubergoose Beau Phos KD007 Thomo esrande Noobofdoom ken18 venn177 Lemmuel Arachnidus Zeldy runtime Wittmann Scope0 Limerick lum1naire Chief343 Ryenoru Diet Kane CackaDeTaros gnome sussurus Alex_DeLarge Akuma_lektro Gallus Roddy Dysentery Ribeeto Xmeagol DoritoBanditV2 RedBlade2021 Comtochus -hibiki- plokoon9619 Vipers7 Appolox Dedmytas GhetoGeek Carne Novangel Blynx6 Maucer i_speel_good Skinnyboi Psygo mu ha ha MirageKnight RaveRaze KILLERIKUONO KiwiSauces Hairbrush1 Gy.Gray Zeraxify T2L_Goose RatherAnnoyed s3xt0y Niko Bellic Anonymuzz Deadollie LordLoss fordlover89 ElBoricua Splices Darkomni xFluXx yuki WillerinV1.02 kidwithsword Bryanrocks01 Case-Sensitive Foda BnevolntElefant Spartan973 sebbonaparta Perfumly Helsye a-k-t-w GrayronV2 gazzer Visage h3lpm3 Voideye SuperHoboMan alexk PointPlace ||FlapJack|| Kinglah Crab Super_Toast clc666 reviewmad MoldFungus Sad. Generic Monk MetalToast Fishinator Hamushka11 Cortexmelon SAS0206 Systematik ep9832 mbutler2 Lexinator ItGoesSplat SuperDany Dronaroid Legolas Maddude7 KYJ power-mad Pikablu07 soupman345 Gubbinz96 NoseFinger Fruitbasket MongfromKong urbanmonkey Rastaboy Jakobi Van Gogh Bredirish123 Euphorium Lt.Patterson MC3craze Nallin pentium t man Tyler72493 Carbon123 Olarco Snowmang20 JacobG AJones meatballfash ghuh JoeSkylynx G71tc4 AY LEE Whalebang Adventbishop xESxKhaotik LedZeppelin Rageblood FunkyDisko77 Brosi Levakama AnemoneS2 MisterMooth Exilion06 TrulliLulli red pan Lexinator ameanberg -Jesus- Wish I wasn't an 09er FMF-lolwot Num Lock Elements entace DeadlyDusk loony383 thereisno132 haloguy234 Hatsune Beelzebub wewt! Split3ndz Arvuti luke7dude iPope Crabface Canuhearme? Nyaos Tainton Muggi 2goood EcksDee IDTL Holmeslad ChaosUnleash Joxalot Asrue2 Rex_Rex DarkSpirit05er valiant1k Madmac10 bigdoggie daniel42 CaptainObvious1 J0E_SpRaY LCMeals TheJiggler Metroid Umi-hebi Silversoda _Nerdy CloverField trey_awsome Flash_09 Muffinbuster bravojr GMOD ftw Uberman77883 luishi5000 Some 09'r Fag B-RAND Omnimancer Tetsmega G-Strogg DeadorK Alfalfa140 wolfblade12 dutchah Machette301 Oxu365 AzzyMaster Roktarok InUndenial t-man RAWRrrr Acolyt3 Profanwolf Trounark Kamigawa ragawaga Tazers Hurt Hypershadsy Dark_Skater SlickBlade yellowoboe skylortrexle AteBitLord skylortrexle fireknite11 p0rnflakes Red Heavy LooperNor Lego399 K2cougar AverageIdiot CammyD AustinM ChicagoMobster Angua Atta|To|End billyman PoorFellow Member1 KataKlipse zepp- altrus Lady Gaga TeRRa4 DigitalySane Fancy Kitty LSK solid_jake killa101 cepko33 IRN Zombie Clayishere DChapsfield Guided Fabyano Saza hawkfight207x2 DrStalin xshadowtonx2 Mr.123 Lolerskins hijacker trevman Funnycat xXParanoidXx nunx Teclis01 Metal_Maniac00 Caboose17 Wallettheifv3 mynames2long Simpleboo Stripez E-hunter Souly AZKitty Punjon Hat-Wearing Man qurl Black-Ice HellSoldier ACupXOfXNoodles Anti-Citizen Kite94 steven688 Da King of Kong Robman8908 -=Storm=- Bonzai11 Raptros Jimangalanga NixNax123 Lt Kyle RJ102 BURG peabrain101 Oecleus DrPompo Oblivion470 DeathDance headshot hero QuickSnapz Luafox yoyojumpy wewt! ief014 chewybloke Matt PL imaguy Eight Bit misterv XSarcYX Lord Ivan Fang30 Kman1 PILLS HERE! iradz compwhizii ababs362 Bonzai11 Paradox7 PivotDJ[/code] I'll take people off the list when they say they have failed. Rules No fapping, No handjobs or blowjobs Don't lie, tell us if you fail. You are allowed to have sex, if you don't like that rule, don't have sex. You are allowed to look at porn, since people will be posting shit loads of it here.. :flashfap:WE'VE STARTED!:flashfap: Lets do this shit.[/quote] It's over, Well officially now I believe. Congratulations to those who made it... I guess, Unless your dick has died for now go find some good porn or some shit.
Bring on the porn.
Good thing I never signed up in the first place :buddy::fh:
[img]http://imgkk.com/i/ZWcjmF.jpg[/img] [img]http://imgkk.com/i/MT4edh.jpg[/img]
I did September no way can I do October too. And I would have lost just now to the above post.
I cant count how many times I've failed. :(
2 more months tell no fap decade whos with me?
Woot, 10 days and still going strong!
Yeah...when it finally occurred to me that I'm not even earning anything for this I said fuck it and gave up.
When will we have a fap month, where you fap every day of that month?
I lost a good 25 times.
[QUOTE=ExTek;17768800]When will we have a fap month, where you fap every day of that month?[/QUOTE] Wonder how long I could go doing that.
Can we go one month without one of these?
[QUOTE=ExTek;17768800]When will we have a fap month, where you fap every day of that month?[/QUOTE] For most FP users that's just normal. They don't need a special month to tell them to do it.
Im so secure with my masculenity that I dont need to participate in this challenge to consider myself a man.
Still in, but barely. The urge is powerful.
Hah I'm still In it! Almost lost it in the shower through ;)
[QUOTE=Spartan973;17771932]Hah I'm still In it! Almost lost it in the shower through ;)[/QUOTE] Dude that's fucking disgusting :barf:
Oh wow. I'm still in, but I'm seriously going through masturbation withdraw.
I failed within the first 12 hours lol
i'm not even going to try
Once a wanker, always a wanker. And if you stop, your still want a wank... forever.
[QUOTE=jcallan;17771946]Dude that's fucking disgusting :barf:[/QUOTE] Alot of people jerk off in the shower, Even Your Muzzer.
[QUOTE=jcallan;17771946]Dude that's fucking disgusting :barf:[/QUOTE] You're saying you don't? :aaa:
Feels good in the shower man
Yo you forgot me I'm still going strong, add me to OP
Still in barely i can do it
I lost two days ago.
I lost a few minutes into October without realising till a day after. Life is stressful, so no fapping is just self inflicted agony!
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